Message of the Day – Sacrifice

The day I read the half-page Chicago Tribune ad supporting abortion you see below, I was studying Isaiah.

Ad celebrating the passage of legislation in Illinois that codifies Supreme Court abortion rulings.

The day’s study guide by Sandra Richter was entitled, “The Idol.”

The Bible, of course, has God declaring that He is the only God and that Israel
“shall have no other gods before me.”

His people are repeatedly told to destroy idols.

Kings of Isreal did not obey.

King Azah and Manasseh burned their sons as sacrifices to idols.

Other kings allowed their subjects to do the same.

But, nowhere in the Bible does God condone the sacrifice of children.

Repeatedly condemned is the burning of one’s children.

So, what does that have to do with abortion?

In Isaiah the prophet talks several times about His forming us in the womb.

So, what are people who have abortions sacrificing to?

Fear of acceptance of a child without a married father?

Maybe once, but not so much anymore.

Fear of encumbrances that a child brings to one’s life?

That seems selfish to me, but more likely.

“Children are too much trouble,” I’ve heard young people say.

Can’t wait for the debate on this post.


Message of the Day – Sacrifice — 12 Comments

  1. Our freeloader ringleader asking for honest debate on abortion…because nobody is more qualified to guide you on faith issues than our irrelevant paparazzi sunshine blogger…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Abortion has been argued to be legal all the way up to birth itself.

    There are arguments death should be offered and assisted by The State as euthanising in certain cases(ill defined) is merciful.

    In a society voided of common values and morals what is to stop post birth abortions?

    Perhaps those with morals and values could be enlightened by the nihilists where the new lines against societally condoned killings stands and why.

    Without lines we may argue if killing at birth is acceptable then killing for the sake of any reason at any time whatsoever is offered and allowed by our New Society.

    This would make Illinois a most interesting modern social experiment as we have means to kill at a rate never before seen in history and without common social mores this killing could be justified.

    Very interesting possibilities in this path started by nihilist liberals.

    They seem to desire, work toward and offer themselves for their own destruction.

    No one should wish to stand in their way as the Darwinian justice would be most entertaining.

  3. Yes Angel you are relevant, The Poster Boy for Birth Control, kindly spread the word on why babies should be killed.

    You are the product of the Social Experiment, mentioned above, by Priest.

  4. Priest a person who prays for Darwinian justice on those who disagree with him.

    I wish you peace.

  5. Rather than wait for “Watching” for the self imposed 24 hour period we shall attempt to help someone who is neither watching, nor seeing, nor understanding their own worthless comment.

    If “Watching” read for comprehension then they saw very clearly the point was to allow death worshipping nihilists to have their wish… A society built upon a value of death.

    If “Watching” believes in a societal value of death then apparently this person believes those with a value of life need to step in to save the lives of the nihilists in spite of themselves.

    If “Watching” believes in a societal value of life then they want everyone to stop this nihilistic march toward a death worshipping society.

    Rather than forwarding any position, policy or argument “Watching” has made the decision to forward the idea a comment they neither read nor understood offers something to which they don’t agree but won’t say what.

    Let us keep this simple for “Watching”….

    If you believe in a societal value where there is no respect for life then the idea forwarded by the above comment was to simply allow you your way without impediment.

    Is this what you disagree with? And how?

    Should you believe in a societal value of life then the idea forwarded was to simply allow you to step aside momentarily to allow the nihilists the consequence of their own beliefs.

    Is this what you disagree with? And how?

    Are you against individuals feeling/experiencing the consequences of their beliefs and actions?


    The answers to these questions, “Watching”, are the beginning of the formulation of a position and conversation.

    Your comment above is so without content, merit, understanding or even fundamental conversational ability it is laughable.

    I’m sure you don’t think you are so stupid, ill educated or laughable,”Watching”, you would want to leave an incomprehensibly vacuous comment hanging.

    Try harder.

  6. That would be funny, Swordfish, had it not been our reality as we speak.

  7. Our own second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr., McHenry county’s ultimate freak, always entertaining with his/her pretentious search for praising, blaming liberalism for abortions. Very surprising! Too bad sunshine cheerleaders are off today…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Priest,

    Thank you for taking the time to deem my comment worthless, without content, merit, understanding or even fundamental conversational ability and of course, laughable.

    Someone with your depth of knowledge who must be in high demand in other more critical areas it is such a treat for you to spend so much attention on my prayer.

    But for you, I still pray, for peace.

  9. Do not mess with our very own second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr.! This freak needs to continue his/her mission of county-trotting in search of a liberal worth debating. Don’t you love it when this freak calls others “pumpkin?” State-of-the-art, old-fashioned, compassionate conservative brotherly love…or is it sisterly love? Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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