Andrew Gasser Posts Highway Department Bills Online – Demands Don Kopsell Resign

Andrew Gasser

Andrew Gasser came out of his blog hiatus and posted this article entitled: In the interest of transparency…  Gasser has somehow managed to put at least some of his bills online and takes a few jabs at county board members who voted against transparency in the past.

Gasser who is claiming he keeps 100 percent of his promises states the website will be live by December 13th which would be just in time for the next Algonquin Township Board Meeting.

Gasser also made special mention of former Nunda Township Highway Commissioner and McHenry County Board District 3 Member Donald Kopsell.  He pointed to a Northwest Herald article where Kopsell is quoted:

“Andrew Gasser is the biggest mistake ever made in the state of Illinois,” Kopsell told the Northwest Herald. “He’s going to bankrupt [Algonquin Township] and put them out of business. He’s the perfect example of why people should get rid of townships.”

Gasser then calls for Donald Kopsell to resign claiming he is not fit to hold office.  His contention is that no one could possibly take Kopsell seriously when there are individuals who are in prison.  Gasser states:

Don Kopsell

Donald Kopsell should never be taken seriously if he thinks Andrew Gasser is worse for Illinois than Michael Madigan.  Don Kopsell should resign from the McHenry County Board immediately – he is mentally unfit for duty.

When I talked to Gasser he stated told me, “Michael Madigan has been in office for 45 years… longer than I have been alive.  Kopsell is not fit for office and should resign.”

Gasser then pointed out how many elected and former politicians are protecting unethical behavior.  He openly asked how people could condone such behavior.  Gasser then stated he would be much more vocal on social media and ensuring local politicians take a stand against unethical behavior.  He specifically cited the Townships of Illinois (TOI) and how non-existent their ethics are.

Gasser then stated he never lost an election but ensured other did lose.

“It is time for me to become much more active in the political process.   I have been muzzled but I don’t need to be anymore.  I will ask all of those who are running for office if they will term limit themselves and if they will vote to reduce taxes.”


Andrew Gasser Posts Highway Department Bills Online – Demands Don Kopsell Resign — 26 Comments

  1. All Andrew Gasser needs to do is keep his heart humble, continue doing his job well, and he’ll forever have the legacy of ending over a half century of Miller-family rule over Algonquin Township.

  2. “A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions.

    Fascist traces to the Italian word fascio, meaning “group, bundle.”

  3. Nob is obviously connected, in some way, with the Miller rats or township hierarchy, and feels emboldened by the Franks Herald to snipe.

    Yet I do wonder what the little darling McCracken will say under oath about her connections to the Millers’ Operation Strangle Gasser.

    … at least the Herald printed this way down the story:

    “Kopsell is the former highway commissioner of Nunda Township and a good friend of Bob Miller. After Miller lost the election in February, Jennie McCracken picked up a phone and called the losing road boss to commiserate.”

    Wait till her phone records are subpoenaed!

    Jacko Franks isn’t immunized from ARDC complaints, is he?

    How about all his legislative conflicts of interest and the foreclosures of the Blunder (Wonder) State Bank …..

    Did Jack, like his Daddy, own the Bank?

    Then Jacko’s law firm (also owned by Daddy) foreclosed on saps by the dozens during the post crash-time after 2008 …..

  4. If you like smash mouth politics you have to like Gasser. We get what we vote for. It is obvious of nob’s agenda to discredit Gasser.

    Gasser is like the drug you drink before you get a colonoscopy – everything is being flushed and its a nasty mess. Who else will be caught up in this local township “scheme and artifice”?

    I do have to chuckle… gasbagger is holding no punches and the reaction by some here, and in private facebook groups, is hilarious. The facebook rants by some are truly entertaining.

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame gasbagger.

  5. Enjoy your 12 mins little lorax.

    You do know that the lorax was an ugly, recombinant DNA chimera, don’t you?

    Guess it all fits somehow!

  6. Gasser is correct, when I ran for MCCB in 2013 and raised at the forum the 34 Million Dollars squirrelled away at Valley Hi, incumbent Don Kopsell asked me how do I know of these funds, my response, how could you not know. Uninformed individuals like Kopsell represent everything wrong with MCCB, but we deserve the government we Promote and Elect.

  7. Glad to see that Andrew is stepping on the gas. The NW Herald continues its irrelevance tour every year subscription numbers come out, besides like MSNBC it is preaching to the choir girls and boys who remain subscribers, so its opinions and articles mean little. In the meantime, the Millers and know nothing supporters such as Don will eventually be taken down due to Gasser’s welcome approach.

  8. Just like Trump hes taking the trash out and the establishment can’t handle it

  9. The Herald is really digging their heels in the sand in support of the old boys club. Will this finally be enough for the paper to go down with them? One could only hope. Their readership has been slashed and they’re becoming more and more like the local enquirer tabloid.

  10. Nitwits Herald is more like a shopper paper. Nothing to offer. They don’t take a stand, they don’t do investigative reporting. Hell they don’t do reporting half the time. Pathetic little shopper.

  11. How can anyone not love that the township hwy dept. bills are publicly posted online, for all to see.

    Why would anyone criticize that?

    Obviously dreaming, but wouldn’t it be great if every governing agency did that.

    This is true transparency.

    Probably beyond even what Mr. Gasser’s supporter’s expected.

    Good job!

  12. Joe so negative all the time, no one is complaining about Alg Twh billing on line, it’s a good thing.

    Perhaps since both men are quite emotionally over the top in their comments, they both should submit to Psychological testing?

    Andrew retired from the military, Don was in Nam and earned a Purple Heart.

    Military service at times has it’s draw backs on some mentally.

    Maybe both should resign as unfit?

  13. A inexpensive start whould be for both men to release their military psychological testing results.

  14. Now THAT was breathtakingly stupid!

    You have outdone your idiocy scale, Nob.

  15. Just about every time I see some article that quotes Gasser, he refers to himself in the third person at least once.

    He needs to chill out on that.

    It’s annoying at best, and at worst, many headshrinker types think it can be an indicator of narcissism.

  16. Don Kopsell just proved what side he stands on.

    He will sink with the Miller Klan. Good to know.

    He’s a disgrace.

  17. When did old Kopsell wake up to make a comment?

    This dinosaur just showed us he thinks honesty, transparency and ethics are ‘the worst mistake of McHrnry County”.

    He needs to be investigated!

  18. Kopsell’s a disgrace.

    I guess we know what side of the law he’s on!

  19. I love the Franks Herald’s full front page hearing aid ads.

    Tick, tock, tick tock … closure coming!

  20. Inane Doodie again:

    ‘Sounds don k has a great slander suit over the mental comment’

    Booby Miller, aka ‘Doodie,” truth is a complete defense to slander!

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