Melissa Victor Responds to Rebecca Lee Phone Records At Algonquin Township

Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Victor responded to Andrew Gasser’s blog post. You may read it below.:

The Dominique – Melissa Victor palm card displayed in Facebook post by Victor.

As I understand there are many rumors going around facebook regarding misuse of funds with the Millers and the township. I found that many of these accusations were not accurate. Please see below, there is a lot to this, but the truth needs to be heard. Thank you in advance for your support and for taking the time to read, I am happy to discuss with anyone in person, please feel free to contact me to meet as I will not partake in the facebook negativity:

Bob Miller

The account was in Mr. Miller’s name and on his personal account, he chose to put the township on it as the township rarely uses tolls. Once Mr. Miller lost the election, he called the company, attempting to take the townships name off of his account. This took place in March of 2017. It was not until November of 2017 after going on a family vacation, when he received an updated IPASS bill that he realized they had confusing accounts and came to find out that Mr. Gasser cancelled his account, took his money by stating the transponders were stolen. Mr .Miller then mailed the transponders back. At no time did the township pay for the township vehicles or his personal vehicles from township funds. Mr. Miller was actually paying for the township vehicles to use his account for many years.


Rebecca Lee

Two years ago for Christmas, the employees all chipped in (with their own money) together and bought Mr. Miller a “Gear 2” version of a smart watch. This was NOT public money. Derrick Lee, being the foreman at the time, was tasked with picking it up. He delegated that to his wife, Rebecca Lee. When she arrived to pick up the phone, she paid for it as Verizon made her attach it to her account. It was then given to Mr. Miller for a Christmas gift and it was agreed upon that Mr. Miller would transfer the cellphone to his account. For the two years he had the phone, it was paid for out of his personal account, NOT THE TOWNSHIP.

Mr. Gasser currently bills the township for his personal cell phone bills monthly.

The Algonquin township replaces sweepers every 5 years.
There are three ways a township can sell equipment:
1. Sell by an intergovernmental agreement at a mutually agreed price
2. Advertising and putting it out for a sealed bid
3. Ebay, Craigslist or auction house

The sweeper was sold by entering an intergovernmental agreement to Island Lake Public Works. The sale of the sweeper was negotiated in July of 2016- long before it was known that Mr. Gasser was running for office. This was not a done last minute as Mr. Gasser claims. It was also agreed upon that whenever the Algonquin Township needed to use it (while waiting for the new sweeper to be ordered and arrive), they were free to use it at any time. The Algonquin township took the lowest responsible bid in the best interest of the road district.


Anna May Miller

Every township received money between the township and road district to attend educational seminars and for American Public Works Association conferences which Mr. Miller has been a part of for the past twenty years. Policy was that if a family member wished to attend, the township would pay for the spouse. The entire township was at each one of the seminars and every one of these bills was open for inspection, properly presented to the board and voted on very carefully and unanimously by EVERY board member, including Larry Emery, who diligently went thru every bill. If there was ever a question, it was answered. Not one trustee from the board questioned one of these bills.

I was extremely disappointed to find that as I was attending sessions at the last Township conference in Springfield two weeks ago, Trustee Racheal Lawrence, walked into two sessions I was in, I witnessed her sign in and leave within fifteen minutes of BOTH sessions. When I walked out of the session, I personally saw her sitting on the floor outside the door on her laptop with her facebook page open. Is that an appropriate use of our tax payer dollars? To pay for someone who cares more about her image and attention then participating in educational sessions and actually cares about our township? I learned so much during this conference and was very saddened that she deliberately missed out on two opportunities to learn more about bettering our township.

Mr. Gasser, in my opinion, was also an embarrassment to our township by getting into a heated argument at the Banquet dinner with numerous other state legislators. We should be making postive connections with others and learning from them, not arguing with them and making our township look like a joke!

Each and every worker received a minimum allowance of $400.00 for clothing each year. All got paid for appropriately thru the township and Mr. Miller was generous to all of the township workers.

Gift cards were purchased for damage reimbursement for road projects to replace bushes and trees.

KEITH (IT TECH)/ Billing for Computer Usage:
Anything the IT tech person did for Mr. Miller was billed directly to him personally, NEVER to the township!
Once again, this needs to stop. Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusion before getting the facts straight. Could it possibly be a big misunderstanding. YES. Mr. Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, along with myself are all newly appointed elected officials.
However, I now have THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTED proof of all of the above and am happy to meet with anyone in person to discuss and show. I will not cave into the fights on facebook with those who like to hide behind their computers but are unwilling to meet in person.

The Millers have given their entire heart and soul to the township for many years, do we need to make some updates and changes? Of course. But let’s stop bringing down the people who have made a positive impact on our township and with several community partners for decades.

The election is over and it is time to move forward and continue to do what is best for the township and tax payers! We all need to work together for our community, the tax payers. The union workers who were unlawfully let go due to political vendettas need to all be rehired. The law suits need to end. I am still hopeful that this all can still be forgiven and can still be turned around for the greater good of all people. Please like and share the TRUTH with all you know.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am still optimistic for a much more positive meeting in December!

Trustee Melissa Victor


Melissa Victor Responds to Rebecca Lee Phone Records At Algonquin Township — 46 Comments

  1. Well the Miller puppet came out and had an excuse for everything. Imagine that. What people really want to know is how a trustee friendly to Bob got “THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTED PROOF” documents but others cannot?

    It is hilarious Gasser is charging the township for his personal cell phone use. Jesus Christ Gasser you are an idiot. What the hell is wrong with you?

  2. rpst:
    Looks like Victor is doing her best to cover for Miller.
    Miller selling vehicles when they still have a strong bluebook value, is at least, a waste township money.
    We need to find out what motivated him to waste township money in that manner?
    Selling or Buying anything costly on your way out the door is just wrong.
    Again, the motivation of such last ditch actions?
    In regards to this latest thing: Intertwining personal and township funds/property/services is just stupid!
    His Lawyer-Kid should have known better.
    Leaves me to wonder how long she will be employed by local law firm that doesn’t need ‘Big Daddy’s bad press’.
    Instead of waiting to see the end result of a thorough FBI investigation, Victor & Lukasik like to gang up on Lawrence to discredit. Why?
    It’s as though protecting the Miller Klan Empire is the most important function they have.
    That in itself would be curious enough (if they were just friends of Millers or recipients of township favors but…)
    The fact that they are (newly) elected officials of the Township and their main function is to defend Millers is REALLY suspect, IMHO.
    Victor is only a Trustee, and doesn’t know everything that has been found in the investigation.
    Victor, Lukasik and others may look foolish and/or complicit when it’s all revealed.
    Not a good look on anyone.
    Just a few things I’ve studied in this township debacle.

  3. How about that! Two sides to every story. Thank you for sharing the other side!

  4. Who’s the idiot, “Lorax”? You think you’d demand proof before believing Victor, who you outwardly claim is a Miller puppet!

    To Victor I say PROVE IT!

    Victor who parades around with a self proclaimed Witch should surely be able to ‘ Conjure up some proof’ of just about anything, right?.

    This should be fun!

  5. Gasser looks like such a fool. And he continues to waste money on silly lawsuits. His attorney tells nwherald to pound sand. Real professional. Threatening Facebook commenters with more silly lawsuits. Turning a once respected township into a complete circus.

  6. Can anyone here honestly say that Millers intent hasn’t been to try and make Andrew Gasser look like a fool? I’m guessing Miller thought he had all of the loose ends tied up and nothing would come out. The man lost as Commissioner, but he also won a few key areas. He helped get the Clerk elected, which only benefits him since she handles the records. He got almost the whole board elected, which benefits him. He also has the Progressives behind him, which is telling in itself, but nevertheless their purpose is to cause disruption. Now this is no big deal for most of us on here because we know the whole Miller thing stinks, but your average joe doesn’t know any better.

  7. Gasser a fool?

    How about the Miller Clan of Crooks!

    The taxpayer funded gravy train is O V E R !

    What about the Disneyland tickets?

    What about the steak dinners?

    What about the missing ledgers and receipts?

    What about all the free postage?

    What about the ‘extra’ asphalt and gravel?

    Way back in 2001, Booby Miller tried to assuage his guilt a bit, and officially rename Algonquin Township to Crooked Township.

    But, state officials denied his request bc it was too similar a name to an existing Illinois township.,_Jasper_County,_Illinois

    Folks, he did at least try to be a little transparent.

  8. She should explain the “lowest responsible bid” referring to the sweeper.
    I would just like to hear the argument.

  9. It’s FakeBook.

    Opponents of Rachael Lawrence made a fake profile page of her and it was despicable!

    Details of that to come out later.

    Point being, these people aren’t beyond crap like making this up.

    So Prove it was Gasser’s legal council that bothered someone at midnight on FB!

    Details of that to come out later too.

    And “Pound Sand” was an ingenious response to a biased rag pretending to be a Newspaper.

    No wonder their readership is in the toilet.

    The Miller Band just has to get a sense of humor.

    “Pound Sand” – love it

  10. I was also at the taxpayer funded lobbying tool TOI ‘boot camp’.

    There was no ‘check in’ at the ‘learning sessions’.

    With that one statement from Victor, I question the truth of all of the above.

  11. The people of not only this county but of the whole country say they are tired of Politicians being corrupt.

    They are tired of the taxpayers footing their own personal agendas and benefiting both financially and personally.

    Now you have not only a person, Bob Miller, but his whole family that appears to have done it for probably a long time.

    How many times does someone get caught doing something but just happened to get caught that once.

    They almost more than likely had been doing things for a long time.

    Remember the Eddy family in Dorr Township!

    But now we have an opportunity to find out the truth and people just want to turn a blind eye!

    If Andrew Gasser can legally show that what we all knew is probably true than I support his efforts.

    This kind of stuff has to stop in the political arena!

    Politicians need to understand that if you are dirty with taxpayer money,then you need to pay the price.

    The NWH is a biased newspaper that is run by Jacko.

    Don’t turn a blind eye to corruption!

  12. I’m pretty sure that the IT guy, Keith Seda, is the son of local accountant Mary Miller.

    Same last name, more nepotism?

  13. 1)Publius is correct on the relation between accountant Mary Miller and Keith Seda.

    2) Andrew Gasser’s personal cell line is NOT taxpayer-paid. False.

    3) There was no check-in at the TOI conference workshops, and I only left one panel early (after I had asked my questions at the “Ask An Attorney Panel”) in order to catch a different workshop with overlapping times. False.

    4) There was no altercation at the conference banquet, either. I was there. Victor was not. False.

    5) No, the road district cannot sell equipment willy nilly on eBay and Craigslist. False.

    I’ll stop there for now.

    What I would like to see is the “actual DOCUMENTED PROOF” she claims to have and ask why she didn’t post it, and where she got it.

    How is it possible that this brand new trustee who only attended one single township meeting in her life prior to election has all this knowledge of the “facts?” from years past, but expects us to just take her word for it. Hmm.

    I wonder if her close friend Rebecca Lee might have helped “educate her.”

    I asked her to email me the “actual DOCUMENTED PROOF,” but she hasn’t.

    For a gal who claims to dislike “Facebook negativity,” she sure likes to dish it.

  14. You’re implying that former McHenry County College Board member Mary Miller is related to former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller?

  15. I guess the $400 clothing allowance included his wife’s purse, what a guy.

  16. Melisa please post this proof!

    We all want to see it!

    That will finally end the discussion and free bob from further examination.

  17. Melissa is a idiot that spreads gossip and rumors, stop the crap and please stop embarrassing your husband,

  18. CP,

    First when looking to replace any equipment or vehicle, you demo so you can see what has changed since the last time ya purchused.

    The operators, mechanics, and the bosses look over the demo for user friendly, service, and they talk to the demostrator about getting parts and etc, then even use the demo.

    Then once ya have the one you like you take their specs and write it directly into the bid so you get what is best for your needs.

    That’s why bid laws permit not taking low bid, to not force you to buy what you don’t really want.

    Things like sight problems, locations of controls, ease of repair and known parts availability add to it.

    Unfortunatly Elgin has dealer protection on areas, so other Elgin dealer can’t under bid the local supplier.

    Elgin is local and the industry leader in volume of machines in service, the low bid was a newer outfit and out of Alabama.

    One posssible break down of the fan blades and the difference in costs on the bids is no longer a issue.

    Perhaps in a few years the new outfit will gain in popularity and reliablity, but it has no hat to hang on that yet.

    It’s a reponsible purchuse not to risk our tax $$$$ on hope cheap is better than proven.

  19. Andrew just bid out two new plow trucks and did approximatly the same technique.

    State bid specs on truck chassis and box I believe, and those specs were done as stated above.

    Andrew changed his bid a tad to change from the state bid to require the spreader box to be a specific brand only produced by one company to keep all spreader boxes the same.

    I here he also bid out one of them to be Pink, not a standard color, which could of costs more perhaps.

    Andrew like Bob and almost every other gov person by some peoples definition, bid rigged.

  20. Thank you, it was explained to me at the County that you don’t have to take the lowest bid for many reasons but that you have to be able to defend your choice.

  21. Melissa Victor shoulda stuck with the PTA.

    Now she’s mixed up in something that won’t look good for her.

  22. The real financial hit on a pink truck would come when it’s time to sell or trade in.

  23. Joe S, it’s called education, the facts behind gov bidding.

    Ignorance is not bliss anymore.

  24. Keep spamming the blog with all your garbage a nonsense Nob….it’s laughable at this point!

  25. More garbage for ya Joe:
    On the subject of economies of scale and gov:
    6. Conclusions
    For the major issue in the introduction, mergers, it would
    be appropriately inferred here, as well as in the quadratic
    tests, that mergers are generally contraindicated. In fact,
    because the computed optimal populations in the translog
    tests is less than in the quadratic tests, the appropriate
    sizes of communities where mergers may be cost-reducing
    is smaller. The conclusion reached in regard to the
    market power effect is still operative; even if the sizes
    appear appropriate for merger consideration, the exploitative
    results of a merger for all the communities in a
    county may well imply that a merger is socially undesirable.
    The bottom line in all of this appears to be that, for a
    very wide population range as seen in New York State,
    the average cost curves for the core municipal functions
    are U-shaped. Further, the population level at which the
    cost is minimized is relatively small. Therefore, it can be
    confidently determined that it follows that mergers of
    municipalities of over 25,000 population should be discouraged.
    Further, it appears that the merger of two municipalities
    each of 12,500 population would also not be
    cost effective using any of the estimates.
    The existing average population size of 10,795 ………………/economies-scale-and-government-run…/
    Economies of scale only work when they allow a leaner competitor to discover a way to provide the same or better service at a cheaper price.2 An economy of scale doesn’t automatically cause the same old processes by the same old business or government agency to suddenly become cheaper. If anything, large scale in a monopoly will cause prices to rise and quality to drop as competition moves from competing to reach more people and persuade them to purchase the service, to instead competing for turf inside the bureaucracy.
    This shift to bureaucratic infighting causes increased prices to pay for the extra soldiers in the turf war; and it causes lower quality service as the employees turn inward and pay more attention to the bureaucracy than to their customers. Why shouldn’t they? Their customers have no choice.
    A study from Norway that looked at both population size and population density adds to the lack of consistency associating these factors with efficiency (Revelli and Tovmo, 2007). These authors found a negative relationship between size and efficiency (larger governments were less efficient) and a positive relationship between the sparseness of the population and efficiency. Rural areas attained higher levels of efficiency.

  26. Looks like Nob finally learned how to copy and paste!

    Step away from your computer Nob and find a hobby!

  27. Nob will defend Millers at every turn.

    Wonder what will come out on him when Miller sings.

    Nob used to work at Alg Twnshp

    Bob also made sure Karen Miller Lukasik had a job there as a bus driver.

    It’s all so interesting and incestuous.

  28. Nob’s former boss in Cuba township had a few interesting things to say about him a little over a month ago.

    Remember that Nob?

  29. Yup, he loves me.

    I tend to make peoples skin crawl.

    Call it a gift.

  30. Actually I’m concerned your hate for Miller will raise my taxes.

    Can’t let that happen, nope.

  31. What in the green hell are you talking about nobber?!!?

    Gasbagger CUT taxes.

    Only the big round mound of rebound has had a bigger tax cut!

    My God Franks and Gasser leading McHenry County in cutting taxes.

    We live in one screwed up county when the best politicians we can put forward are Franks and Gasser.

    At least they get things done.

    More importantly, you Miller sycophants are over the top.

    Any casual observer sees the complete and total disconnect from reality. You, the Victor, “facts please”, and others completely lose all street cred when you say crap like Gasser is going to raise taxes.

    Everyone know, THEY KNOW, that shit isn’t true.

    You could say a lot of things about the gasbagger but raising taxes is not one of them!

    Jesus Christ nob you could actually get this fool re-elected.

    You big dummy nob all you have to do is talk about what an asshole Gasser is and everyone starts nodding their head yes!

    I am not a fan of Gasser and I find it repulsive I actually have to somewhat stick up for the teabagger.

    I need a shower.

  32. I see the emotions of the moment leading to a vote to get rid of townships when proper consideration to the effects of that change are not going to be properly considered before hand.

    The poorly done last consolidation effort is proof we need to prove elimation is the best approach.

    Prove it first, and I’ll be more than happy to vote for cheaper property taxes.

  33. Did anyone notice the claim on the clothing allowance that Bob was generous!

    He wasn’t supposed to be generous with our money.

    Bob was supposed to be prudent and cautious.

    Tell us Melissa where are the clothing allowance documents you reference.

    Illinois leaks reported the township was paying for underwear.

    And with one hand bag at $365 how is it that she ordered the rest of her clothing?

  34. I am new to this and trying to figure out what is going on with all characters.

    I have a question.

    If Mr. Miller lives in Wonder Lake and that is McHenry township, how is he able to come to an Algonquin township meeting and speak?

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