Second Anonymous Email Attack on Mary McClellan

The anonymous web site calling itself McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC is at it again.

Via email came the second attack on McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, who is running for the much higher paying job of McHenry County Circuit Court Judge.

When one clicks on the “Read more” button, here is what comes up today:


McClellan and Gil’s No Good Very Bad Day

Bipartisanship is rare these days.

One of the few bipartisan moments of 2016 was the Election Day disaster presided over by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan and her husband, Edward Gil.

Elected officials on both sides joined newspapers in denouncing McHenry County’s handling of the election.

Polls were late to open. Voters were delayed or turned away.

The disaster led to a judge ordering the Clerk’s office to extend voting hours, the only voting jurisdiction out of 109 in Illinois to have to do so, and yet many polls were still closed at 7 p.m.

“The problems caused so many complaints to both Democratic and Republican officials Tuesday that they jointly asked the office of State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi to intervene,” said the Chicago Tribune.

“This was the worst election I’ve seen — not by a little, by a lot,” said McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett.

Even County GOP Chairwoman Sandra Salgado said, “This was not a small incident. I think it is serious, because now we have people who didn’t vote.”

State election official confirmed that “Some voters might have been prevented from casting ballots in the March primary election in McHenry County because of problems with the county clerk’s voter database and lack of adequate communication with poll workers and the public.”

McClellan was force to issue an apology.

“I’m very unhappy that voters were denied the right to vote,” McSweeney said Friday.

“We need to make sure that it never happens again.”

What led to this debacle and incompetence at the county level?

One could assume nepotism – Here’s why.

One of the many problems with nepotism is that it can lead to hiring unqualified individuals.

Which explains County Clerk McClellan’s hiring of her husband, Edward Gil, as Election Administrative Supervisor.

Does Edward Gil have a background in elections or as an administrative supervisor?


His qualification for the job could be described that he is the husband of Mary McClellan.

Let’s not forget how uneasy this hire made the county board.

Is it any wonder that McHenry County has faced unprecedented problems with our elections ever since?


Second Anonymous Email Attack on Mary McClellan — 20 Comments

  1. Wait until you see hundred of cars trying to access the Fair Grounds on election day!

    That hundreds translates to thousands at a complex on Algonquin Highway.

  2. I can’t believe that there are enough people foolish enough to vote for McClellan to make her a serious contender, so my guess is that someone is worried that she will draw enough votes to act as a spoiler.

    I have my suspicions as to which campaign is doing this, but I have no proof, so I will keep them to myself for now.

  3. One can only see that the only good candidate for county clerk is Janice Dalton and not Tirio

  4. Cal looks like these are photos of McClellan taken by you so it loooks like you are the one posting these email attacks and promoting them.

    Do tell why?

  5. Andrew Gasser is behind this website.

    He was overheard bragging about this.

    Andrew Gasser is lying about the Millers and anyone associated with them.

  6. She wants to be a Judge? really???

    When she took office she got ride of most her staff.

    Then She hired her hubby with no experience with elections.

    The first election with her in charge was the biggest disaster in Mchenry County Elections history.

    She wants to be a JUDGE???.

    She makes so many bad decisions now.

    And she thinks she is qualified to sit on a bench and make life and death decisions over other people lives.

    NO WAY!!!

    The truth hurts!!

  7. I Blame Gasser, you are too funny.

    Nice try.

    No to Mcclellan, for ANY position, to stay on topic.

  8. Re: “I can’t believe that there are enough people foolish enough to vote for McClellan to make her a serious contender”

    Naive comment.

    She is the only ‘declared’ female in the race up against ‘declared’ males.

    Statistically she will win unless the truth about her reaches those who actually vote.

  9. Mary got into office in the first place when she drew top ballot position in a crowded field for County Board District 3 which featured two other candidates also named “Mary”.

    In the confusion she won by around 50 votes.

  10. Mary, Mary, quite contrary
    to her PR puff pieces,
    is not a nice clerk, a nice person, or an honest person.

    But she’s just the ticket to keep the judicial bar in McHenry very low.

  11. This is amazing.

    When (presumably) Jack Franks puts out anonymous attacks on a candidate you like, you all freak out and call it dirty politics and worse.

    When someone (Andrew Gasser?) puts out anonymous attacks on a candidate you don’t like, you all support it. #Hypocrisy #IShouldntBeSurprised

  12. When the shoe fits any honest politico should approve.

    This shoe fits.

  13. Andrew Gasser is a diligent, effective leader.

    However, to give him claim to every bit of behind the scene opposition, is quite the stretch.

    But, that’s what progressives do, isn’t it.

    I’d bet there are many who don’t want to see Ms. McClellan in a black robe.

  14. I am pretty sure Gasser is responsible for world hunger, polio, HIV, and dyslexia.

    I have it on good authority from the Miller team that Gasser hates old people, panda bears, and the WWE.

    This shit is comedic gold, political porn.


    Seriously if you do not have a facebook account you need one.

    It is better than a $12.95 all you can eat buffet at the Golden Coral.

    Make sure you follow Melissa Victor, Robin Mohr, Andrew Gasser, and join Cary-Grove Politics.

    LMFAO you are all crazy.

  15. Onlythefacts is McClellan.

    Who else would be upset because of a picture used in a truthwebsite.

    Notice she’s not denying any of this.

    She can’t it’s all documented.

    She also thinks she’ll “win Judge’ simply because she has a ‘good sounding Irish name’.

    Spread the word!

    A disaster by any other name, is still a disaster.

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