Two More Candidates for McHenry County Office

Leslie Schermerhorn

Toward the end of the filing period, two more people filed for McHenry County Office.

Incumbent Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn presented petitions for re-election.

She is a Republican and, unless Democrats decide to slate a candidate, Schermerhorn will be running unopposed.

Andrew Georgi

Joe Tirio

Janice Dalton

Democrat Andrew Giorgi will be running as the Democratic Party candidate for County Clerk.

His opponent will be the winner of the Republican Party Primary Election.

It will pit Joe Tirio, now Recorder of Deeds, and former McHenry City Clerk Janice Dalton.

Georgi served on the Hebron Village Board.

He will appear on the ballot as “ANDREW ‘DREW’ J. GEORGI JR.”


Two More Candidates for McHenry County Office — 8 Comments

  1. I know Dalton, and to know her is to shake your head.

    I’d even vote for crooked Mary McClellan and all her nepotism than her.

    Linda Fitzgerald, Deputy Clerk, got the shaft.

    She runs the office not Mary “Where is she?” McClellan.

    I wonder what Dalton has on her?

  2. Was McClellan’s deputy clerk going to run and then was told not to?

  3. Hey Rachel Lawerence (camp lake )Linda Fitzgerald never had any intention to run for county clerk she has seen the way you treat McClellan and she respects Mcclellan and all McClellan has done for the county clerks office and why would good people subject themselves to people like you.

    You were lucky to have McClellan dedicated to McHenry county clerk’s office and the county willl be better served for all the hard work that McClellan did during her term

  4. Truth 2 power you have no clue how the clerks office is run as your statement that McClellan is absent is clearly deficient and void of an statements of reality.

    You are delusional and without any reality

  5. I comment under my actual name, so no, I am not “Camp Lake.” FYI.

  6. Because the trolls in here have so many aliases they think the real commentators do so also. Sad pathetic losers that they are.

  7. Onlythefacts is McClellan.

    A disgrace to this county and she thinks she can elevate to Judge?

    Ballsy and Entitled just like her friends the Millers from Alg. Township!

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