McHenry County Citizens for Choice Picket Skillicorn CL Chamber Appearance

State Rep.Allen Skillicorn spoke to a Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce group yesterday .

He was greeting by women wearing red from the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, whose Facebook page reported:

“Six McHenry County Handmaids braved freezing temperatures in the early morning hours to call out IL State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-66) when he appeared at a local Chamber of Commerce event.

“Skillicorn, an anti-choice legislator, voted AGAINST HB40.

“The Handmaids expressed their determination to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal, and reminded their male, anti-choice legislator that Pro-Choice IS Pro-Life.”

Part of 200-person demonstration against State Reps. Jack Franks’ and Mark Beaubien’s sponsorship of legislation similar to House Bill 40.

Not much of a turnout compared to the demonstration against State Representatives Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien when they were sponsoring similar legislation.


McHenry County Citizens for Choice Picket Skillicorn CL Chamber Appearance — 20 Comments

  1. I see we have Red Rauner (taxpayer funded abortions) supporters on the lose.

    What if it were they who were aborted ?

    MAGA !

  2. These poor deluded souls will find out how wrong they were too late.

    God forgive us for allowing the death cults to even take a hold anywhere.

  3. Murder is murder no matter what label you hang on it….

    If aborting a fetus is legal how came they charge someone who kills a pregnant woman for two deaths?

    ….we see that on occasion…

  4. I’m pro-life; and I have my 27 shotguns to prove it.

    Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Dressing up like a leftist inside joke is really powerful, ladies.

  6. Top pic ought to read ‘Freak Show on Parade’.

    Surprised one of them isn’t carrying a sign that says ‘Kill innocent babies just in time for Christmas!’

  7. Compassionate conservatives mocking the way protesters dress up…Hmmmmm…remember those ridiculous pseudo-patriots dressing up as revolutionary soldiers during tea party rallies? I know, just like our sunshine blogger’s daily outfit. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Notice those who think abortion is great, have all been born already?

    Think any one of them would volunteer to take a flesh dissolving acid bath?

    Raise their hand to get their neck snipped?

    Think it’s a walk in the park to have to writher around gasping for air on a cold stainless steel table, alone.

    And when they finally give up on life to frail to fight any long, get tossed in a dumpster like a piece of useless garbage.

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    But they’ll get dressed up like fools to promote others to go through!

    In their eyes, this horrifying kind of murder is fine for most innocent among us who may be an inconvenience to those not being responsible.

    The least among us pay the price.

    They’ll murder a baby but go ahead and scream because someone cuts down a tree.

    Twisted .

  9. Leeeeeery, you’re assuming there’s more than 2 braincells among the bunch.

  10. My self-righteous, pro-life friends are just like comic book collectors. they think the magazine has great value inside the package; but as soon as you get it out, it is worthless…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Angel, the ticking you hear is the countdown to the collapse of your pension fund.

    If you were smart, you’d retire now and start receiving benefits. It might be more difficult to trim benefits you are already receiving.

    The time to pay the piper is drawing near as it will be for idiots dressed in red above.

  12. What may be most instructive is the level of societal understanding a liberal may muster.

    One of many measurements of a civil society is the way the weakest among a society are treated.

    Liberals are pro death for babies(who cannot fight back), the poor(who cannot fight back), the sick(who cannot fight back), the elderly( who cannot fight back) and any other people deemed by a liberal too weak to fight back.

    The liberal should be leery of promoting a culture of death against the weak as every other idiocy they’ve promoted has come back to harm them more(the misogyny of telling all women they are victims of men while abusing and undervaluing women themselves, the generational attempt to train minorities they are too weak to fend for themselves without liberal plantation owners protecting them while murdering minorities wholesale with their anti minority policies, the stated wish all those who are pro society pro protection of life and property leave the liberals to their own devices while moving like locusts to conservative areas to take advantage of the prosperity and safety conservatives provide…).

    One day the ones who believe in loving their neighbor, protecting life and respecting property will give the liberals their wish…

    When the liberal is too weak to engage anyone in the arena of ideas to shape balanced policies they will be interesting to watch as they live in a world absent of safety, love and security once the society they won’t build leaves them to their own nihilistic choices.

  13. All Abortion articles must be accompanied by Priest carefully explaining that abortion is wrong, followed by him calling his theoretical opponents weak, dumb, stupid, etc.

    Priest, Thank you for being so instructive.

  14. Watching,

    Please do go on with the start of your thought by explaining:

    How are any opponents “theoretical”,

    At what point in the comment was “abortion” mentioned,

    Whom, particularly, in your mind are the “weak, dumb or stupid” you mention?

    And you are most welcome for the instruction.

    We are very thankful you are receiving this instruction and have manners enough to thank someone for it.

    How refreshing.

  15. oldManWinter, I usually see eye to eye with you on everything.

    I appreciate the forethought in Priest’s post.

    It is not only well written, but well thought out and accurate.

    Get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

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