Gasser Fires Another Salvo at Miller Clan, This Time at Anna May’s Overtime

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser has dug out the overtime that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s wife Anna May was paid in overtime from 2012-17.

The article on Gasser’s web site is entitled \

Nepotism: Anna May Miller Hauls in $94,638.76 in Overtime and Other Pay

Anna May Miller

This is the summary:

“Payroll reports show that Anna May Miller, wife and employee of former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Robert J. Miller, was paid $94,638.76 for 1,374.64 hours of overtime and other pay between 2012-2017.”

Gasser produced the chart below showing who \got how much overtime during the five-year period.

Further analysis of the data finds:

“Every week that Anna May Miller was employed at the Algonquin Township Highway Department se was paid 5.27 hours of overtime on average.”

Algonquin Township Road District overtime from 2012-2017.


“I am not questioning any of the overtime accrued by the guys,”Gasser writes, “but I do question how an administrative assistant can accrue more hours than a guy who plows snow 17 hours straight on the Saturday after Thanksgiving or responds to an accident at 2:30 in the morning.”

Gasser also analyzed what he calls “other pay,” which he defines as “sick pay, vacation pay, clothing allowance, and miscellaneous pay.”

Again Anna May Miller is on top.

“The friends and family plan at the Algonquin Township Highway Department is over,” Gasser declared.

“Nepotism paid handsomely for the political elite,” he continues, “but when you elected me we ended it… together.

“Not only did we end it but we are showing Illinois just how screwed up the Illinois Township Code is.

“How can we allow highway commissioners to get away with things like this?”

Adding a little humor, the Road Commissioner says,

“The standing joke about highway commissioners is the following:

‘What is the difference between God and a Highway Commissioner?

‘One of them gets a truck.’

Gasser concludes with criticism of the Northwest Herald:

“The Northwest Herald continues to refuse to report the real news.

“The Algonquin Township Highway Department cut taxes by five (5) percent and has only spent 48.2 percent of its budget through eight (8) months.

“This only re-affirms to the majority of America, and our community, that our media is corrupt.

“There has been a very calculated decision to demonize the transparency effort at the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

“Why doesn’t the Northwest Herald put just as much energy into investigating the past 24 years of unethical behavior as they have in criticizing the township in the last six months?

“The only reason the Northwest Herald has even begun to report this story is because of websites like McHenry County Blog and the Edgar County Watchdogs. This is called ‘forced media’.

“The paper would rather run softball editorials instead of addressing real problems that need correcting.


“It is ok.

“We press on and continue to expose it all because ‘the media’ will not.


Gasser Fires Another Salvo at Miller Clan, This Time at Anna May’s Overtime — 31 Comments

  1. Bring on the complete aduit, is there a better way to end this?

    A list of legislation changes for all township functions would be helpful also.

  2. Many nights she was called out during snow storms and other urgent matters…why is Andrew compounding 5 years at this time other than for political purposes.

  3. Nob,

    Be careful what you ask for.

    The audit numbers are not favorable to your friend Doodie!

  4. How can any defend that much overtime for a secretary?

    Almost twice as much as the guys that actually are out doing the plowing etc…..

    Thats insane!

  5. Citizens were under the impression that her position was a part-time position, despite the over the top full time pay.

    Where is the job description and the minutes of approving the position?

  6. Frank, when it comes to taxes and politics, I have no friends, only the expectation of larger taxation.

  7. I’d love to see her time sheets, if they exist.

    She was on the County Board for most of this period, so presumably, she spent a fair amount of her time performing the duties of a Board member.

    Presumably, she would have had to make up that time to the Highway Department if she had to work on Board business during Highway Department business hours.

    She must have been quite the busy bee if she was able to serve on the County Board, make up the time that she lost due to Board duties, and accrue so much OT.

    She sounds like Wonder Woman.

  8. Township slug gifts herself $19K yearly pay raise.

    Did she need the overtime to order those purses and book Disneyland trips?

    Township proponent idiots, need to explain to me again, how getting rid of Townships will cost Taxpayers more.

    Because you can’t convince me that this crap doesn’t occur in every Township in this County.

  9. She was a salaried employee.

    Salaried employees are exempt from overtime are they not?

  10. Get rid of townships altogether.

    We need an Army of Joe Tirios to run and dismantle this patronage system.

  11. really??????

    OMG how can anyone justify such a blatant abuse of our trust???

    clearly no regard for the office

  12. Despite the uproar over the payment of legal fees that would bankrupt the township.

    Mr Gasser reports operating substantially under budget.

    It appears that he is on track to have reduced spending nearly 30%.

    Perhaps there’s something to be said with respect cleaning house in Algonquin Township this last election.

  13. Fair Play, no one is saying get rid of townships, altogether nor should they.

    Out in the boonies they are needed.

    Smack dab in the middle of municipalities we don’t.

    And any township that went Union, lost the only thing they had going for them.

    What’s an army of Joe Tirios?

  14. If she was a salaried employee then she shouldn’t be allowed overtime.

  15. An “exempt” salaried employee who makes more than $455/week is not legally entitled to OT pay under Illinois or US law.

    As an administrative assistant, Anna May Miller would probably fall under the administrative exemption, so she would not have automatically qualified for overtime pay if she was indeed paid a salary and not hourly.

    I don’t think there is anything to stop an an employer from paying OT that is not required by law, though.

  16. She was probably working overtime because she was holding down a job as County Board Member and Chairman of the Transportation Committee at the same time.

    It would be interesting if she kept time sheets for the regularly worked hours or if those were just assumed.

    And, yes, salaried employees generally do not get paid overtime.

    Any overtime pay just went right back into the Miller family bank account so authorizing it was a conflict of interest on Bob’s part.

    This is why you should never have spouses working for you in a government job.

    You can just divert more of the taxpayers’ money into your own pocket with no oversight.

  17. Since Anna the Crook never worked at all, how can she even claim ‘overtime’?

  18. I have one question.

    Who at that time was responsible for HR/payroll, or time card reporting, if an outside agency was used?

  19. It is not.

    Township Road Commissioners are virtually autonomous.

  20. McHenry County’s own ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’
    Not many brain cells between them but they sure got rich off a whole bunch of suckers!
    And the fools they’ll drag down with them…

    And the Northworst Herald covers page 6 gossip like it’s news, ignoring the real story! Bueler? McFly? Anyone? Hello?

  21. ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ without the guns, of course. Getting rich off the taxpayers was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

  22. Anna May Miller was an Administrative Assistant with the Algonquin Township Road District.

    She was also a McHenry County Board Member for District 1.


    Following are the Open the Books widget pay records (pensionable income) for Anna May Miller.

    Open the Books currently has only 3 most recent years.


    Algonquin Township

    2016 – $83,601

    2015 – $82,106

    2014 – $82,403


    McHenry County Board

    2016 – $18,577

    2015 – $21,808

    2014 – $21,000

    +++++++ > State > Salaries > Recipient Name > Illinois > Miller Anna M


    Lifetime pensionable income itemized by year and employer can be obtained by submitting a FOIA request to the IMRF pension fund.


    The IMRF rules probably allow the above referenced overtime earnings as pensionable income.


    One more reason why board agenda packets are important.

    Algonquin Township does not currently have a board agenda packet for board meetings.

    A board agenda packet is one pdf document containing all the documents to be discussed and voted on at the board meeting.

    This benefits both board members and the public.

    The board agenda packet should have the following characteristics:

    – searchable (allow use of Adobe find feature)

    – allow copy from the packet and paste to another document for consolidation purposes.


    Then for instance the public can request that monthly payroll be included in the agenda packet as an embedded spreadsheet or better yet as an accompanying standalone spreadsheet.

    Of course that would still require a watchdog to monitor the pay records.

    But it is much easier than a watchdog having to submit a FOIA request for the records.

  23. All I can say is “Wow”! Biggest scandal is once again the NW Herald doesn’t see a reportable issue here.

  24. The Northwest Hysteria would rather report Fake News about a fake Facebook message, than cover any news on corruption on a friend of Jack Franks’ and someone he was touting for a County Board seat!

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