Petition Challenging Phase of Campaign Starts Monday

Campaigns have various phases.

First comes the time when candidates try to intimidate potential opponents.

Next comes the petition passing.

Filing of petitions is only a week long.

And Monday is the end of another week long time when opponents can file objections to petitions that have been filed.

Sometimes the challenge period extends almost to the election, if the issue goes to court.

The final phase, of course, is the campaign itself.

That usually starts after filing, but some candidates, especially those with deep pockets, start far ahead of then.


Petition Challenging Phase of Campaign Starts Monday — 8 Comments

  1. What’s a tease Cal.

    How ‘bout dropping a hint.

    How do the petitions for Tirio’s opponent look?

    Will there be a challenge?

  2. Translation…..

    Time to see how many “signatures” on the democrat’s petitions happen to belong to the recently deceased.

  3. Leeeeeery,

    If I recall correctly, you can request candidates’ petition packets from the Board of Elections for free through its website or via email or fax or something.

    Cal or someone in the know, how about you post instructions for how private citizens can do that.

    Cal, you should submit a request and publish the packets for the most interesting races.

  4. No, Cal, you should not publish the packets for the most interesting races.

    All those signatures are accompanied by all those persons addresses.

    Such information does not belong an someone’s blog.

    The main reason people sign a petition is to help a candidate get on the ballot so that there is a choice come election time.

    Candidates can be considered fair game for whatever, but the names and addresses of the many signers is not.

  5. Who appointed Ms. ‘Bergan Schmidt’ our Township Censor?

    Kathleen, YOU’RE FAIR GAME, for an Idiot-hunt I’ll be be conducting in darkest Nunda Township.


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