Illinois Leaks Focuses on Bob Miller’s Illinois Railroad Museum “Salt Gate”

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township -“Salt Gate” – Motor Fuel Tax laws violated


McHenry Co. (ECWd) –When the government takes your money in the form of taxes, use of that money is bound to specific laws.

Spend it outside those restrictions and it is considered a violation of the law.

Algonquin Township receives Motor Fule Tax (MFT) based on the road miles in the Township.  Although the road miles stay the same, MFT continues to drop as it is based on gallons of fuel purchased and with vehicles getting better and better mileage, the amount the Townships receive has steadily declined over the years.

You can read the law regarding how MFT is collected by the Department of Revenue at this link.

We have confirmed that MFT funds were used for the purchase of Salt in Algonquin Township.

We have also confirmed, at least two truckloads (10 cubic yards) of salt was given away during former Highway Commissioner Rob Miller’s time in office.

Illinois Railroad Museum

With MFT funds on a steady decline, it is more important than ever to ensure every penny is used for it’s intended purpose as outlined in the law. 

The law is clear, Motor fuel tax funds are allocated for use in road districts and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the Illinois Railway Museum is not in the Algonquin Township Road District.

Even if it was, they don’t have any roads!

You may note after reading the MFT law, there is no provision where a Road District is permitted to give away anything, let alone two truckloads of salt.

Algonquin Township Road District salt dome.

And for those who are going to claim it was not MFT funds used to buy the salt as a form of disputing our findings, let’s assume for the sake of argument you’re correct.

What funds were the salt purchased with?

The fact remains, no matter what funds were used to purchase salt, it was taxpayer funds and nowhere in the law does it permit taxpayer funds to be used to make purchases and give those items away.

In this case, it was salt!

Once again we call on the citizens of Algonquin Township to file a formal criminal complaint with the Local Police Department, McHenry County Sheriff, and the State Police so that a proper criminal investigation can be conducted on public property being given away in violation of the law.

If any of those three refuse to take your complaint, please contact us ASAP!

Even more disturbing in this matter is the confirmed fact the person who received the salt knows such a practice is not allowed by law.

He is the Highway Commissioner for Riley Township. (Riley Township website).

Considering Bob Miller was the former Township Officials of Illinois President, is this yet another example of the failed leadership for Townships across this state?

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Illinois Leaks Focuses on Bob Miller’s Illinois Railroad Museum “Salt Gate” — 23 Comments

  1. WOW. 2 whole loads of salt, a huge loss of salt.

    Now this is serious.

    I mean that has a value of at least 150 buckskis.

    I mean menopausal Cindy should really zero in on this one.

    Thank God psycho commissioner pinky has the time to write letters on this one.

    I mean we need to get this back, let’s grab a train.

    2 whole loads of salt, my God!!!!

  2. Sexist much Doodie? (Miller) and what do you have against Breast Cancer Awareness?

    The way I see it is Andrew is handling himself in a business-like manner.

    Both you and Diamond should have known better.

    Yeah ‘2 whole loads of Salt.’

    Hope it was worth it.

    Was this your way of teaching him everything you know about being a Township Hwy Commissioner?

    God help that township and their taxpayers!!

  3. A cubic yard of salt weighs a little more than a ton.

    I’m sure there are lots of municipalities who would love to know where you can buy salt for $15/ton-it was close to $70 the last time I checked.

    Mr Diamond would have to be a major league idiot to answer that letter.

  4. Doodie as a former highway commissioner you should know better.

    I can’t imagine any other Townships giving away the people’s assets.

    Did Cuba or Nunda Township give away its assets too?

    Since Bob was the poster child for Highway departments, the press would be well served to examine these other townships.

    However, that Rag NWH lacks the mental capacity to actually investigate and report on Township government.

    What on earth were it’s local government reporters?

    Sounds like even an examination of one month of records would be enough to write a book.

    Yet they report bruised feelings.

  5. Nunda did. They hired Miller as a $40 Hr consultant and his idiot Son In Law didn’t they?

    Get rid of these crooked Townships.

  6. The NWH is now coming out formally against townships citing the AL township debacle.

    This is what happens when you allow 19th Century forms of government to persist into the 21st Century without looking critically at them.

    The situation is similar for county wide elected officials.

    Road Commissioners in particular have been unaccountable by design. Even the Township Supervisors and Township Boards can’t do anything about them.

    The only difference between a Township Road Commissioner and God is that one of them has a truck.

  7. More Miller mischief ?

    It never ends with this guy and his family.

    Taxpayers should take him and his family to court for
    reimbursement of STOLEN assets.

  8. Abe:

    All of this happens because we don’t have institutional checks and balances on township Road Commissioners.

    Then you have partisan primary elections which are scheduled at obscure times so no one attends them and the dynasties can be perpetuated.

    Your namesake spent a lot of his time as President interviewing office seekers for civil service jobs and government contracts.

    Corruption, nepotism and influence peddling were rife in those days.

    Townships are a hold over from that period.

    There are no provisions for accountability or transparency.

    They have a powerful lobby in Springfield which has a stranglehold on almost all of the state legislators.

    So it will never change unless people take things into their own hands, which they can do currently under existing law, by getting a petition circulated this Summer to be placed on the ballot for the Fall election asking the voters if they want to abolish the townships.

    This can be done on a township by township basis.

    You need what amounts to about 4% of the registered voters to sign the petitions (8% of the number of people who voted for Governor in the last such general election.

    There was a little under a 50% turnout for that election county wide).

    It can be either binding or advisory.

    The current Township Code only addresses the abolition of all of the townships in the county.

    They don’t want you to know you have this option.

    As there is no precise statute on the abolition of a single township, any type of language can be used. However, the suggested language would be “Shall township organization be continued in ___Township. Yes, No.”

    So the solution is in your hands already.

    What’s stopping you?

  9. Nearly 80,000 in McHenry County voted for political hack Franks to chair their County Board.

    That tells me 6 out of every 10 voters in this County are blithering idiots.

    Do you really think you can convince this throng of nitwits, to let go of their rediculous fiefdoms called Townships?

    Good luck with that.

  10. Getting rid of a township does nothing to solve any of this.

    Making a formal complaint to your sheriff or local police would be the proper way to handle this.

    People you need to contact law enforcement.

    Get this ball rolling now!

    The state’s attorney is waiting for you to do the basics.

  11. Reminder to Doody:

    The proverbial “they” went after Bianchi for a few bags of candy.

  12. Connect’s comment jogged my memory relative to Anna May Miller working diligently to site a huge COUNTY salt storage facility in Crystal Lake.

    Any connection?

  13. What should be stopping you Mike is not having a plan in hand before going to a vote.

    Transparency is the game, and that takes numbers related to the facts that need to be dealt with first.

    Last effort you voted on was a tax increase, are you so willing to raise taxation again?

    Form a committee to form a plan, 12 members with you and I as members, 6 on each side.
    Then lets put the info out and revise the plan as needed, then we all,can vote.

  14. The Gasser letter was snail mailed the 6th, kind of soon for a reply.

    I’d hope we’d hear a reply by the end of the week, but holding my breath isn’t a option.

  15. The letter was snail mailed November 6, Nob.

    I’d say that there’s been more than enough time for Diamond to reply, if he were inclined to do so.

    It would be in his best interest to ignore the letter, unless is answer is “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about”, or something along those lines.

    It’s generally a really bad idea to admit in writing that you may have taken part in a criminal act.

  16. Nob is a chameleon

    I’d rather have menopausal Cindy covering my 6

  17. Billy Bob yup on the date.

    I should of added to early for most politician’s.

  18. Tom Gooch aka Doodie. I think it’s time for you to get a new alias.

    All you have to do is google Thomas Gooch, attorney or even Gooch Cuba Township, or search this page for “Doodie” to view exactly the caliber of person that Bob Miller chooses to represent himself with.

  19. Doodie you are a complete moron. You can quit with your lies about change of life feminine problems. You seriously do not know the meaning of the word you are using in trying to out me. You have peppered every post here with your lies. You are completely off base. You think you are irritating me, but the truth is that ALL stupidity irritates me. You have no choice. You will always make my stomach turn. You have no idea who you are talking to. I suggest you button your big ugly flapping lip before you get yourself into a libel suit.

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