Pro-Life Group Puts Unwanted Pregnancy in Perspetive

McHenry County Citizens for Choice held a demonstration in Crystal Lake last week against State Rep. Allen Skillicorn because he did not vote for the bill that would enshrine in Illinois law the right for a woman to have an abortion up until the day of birth.

It also mandated taxpayer-finance abortions to those on Medicaid.

On the other side of the issue is Informed Choices, a Pro-Life organization who counsels young women and men when a pregnancy is unexpected.

My wife and I contribute to the organization and my wife was on the committee that brought the organization to Crystal Lake.

Informed Choices, operating out of Crystal Lake and Grayslake, sent the following fundraising email that tells of one of its clients:

Rachel is a single Mom with a 7 year old daughter who was happy to be able to take a vacation with her boyfriend.

A few weeks later, however, she was facing the possibility of pregnancy.

When she shared this news with her boyfriend, he said he did not want a child and instructed her to get an abortion.

Afraid to tell her mother and her friends about the situation, Rachel called Informed Choices looking for information about abortion procedures.

Our advocate talked with her to learn about her situation and explained all her options.

Then our nurse offered her a free ultrasound.

Informed volunteer nurse shows a client her baby on one of the organization’s ultrasound machines.

Rachel was very quiet as the nurse began her scan and explained what she was seeing as Rachel watched on the monitor.

When our nurse showed Rachel her baby’s heartbeat, she said “that’s my little peanut”.

Seeing the image of her baby provided the connection this mother needed to make the choice for life!

Thank you for your generously supporting our ministry in 2017 and making so many stories like this possible!



Sarah Van Der Lip
Executive Director
Informed Choices


Pro-Life Group Puts Unwanted Pregnancy in Perspetive — 8 Comments

  1. One of the pics posted on this blog showed a sign “Pro-choice = Pro=life”.

    I have a problem with that.


  2. So, cal, what have you done to support this young lady, since you posted her story?

    ust asking.

    If you could provide some proof that would be great.

  3. Tom, you are a moron!

    Can you read?

    He clearly states his wife and he support this organization.

    Why can’t Tom read?

  4. Compassionate conservatives are staunch pro-lifers until…you guessed it! When they see large Latino families, they accuse minorities of bringing too many people to this world and begin pontificating about parenting skills, personal responsibility, and all the other nonsense…but we know them too well. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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