Illinois Leaks Publishes More on Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Huge Deferred Sick Leave Payout

The most recent expose on Algonquin Township by Illinois Leaks appears below.  It is published with permission.

Algonquin Township – Up jumped the devil…in the details –

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller claimed a now-deceased man signed a letter in 1997 that reports an audit was done pertaining to Bob Millers sick time.Mysteriously, two copies of the letter reflect slight differences while still representing the same information.

We covered that in this article.

The letter claims an audit was done of Miller’s past employment.

We are awaiting a copy of the claimed audit.

It also claims accumulated sick days are restricted to 240 days according to IMRF and those accumulated days can be applied towards service credit upon retirement.

We are awaiting IMRF information to see if such credit was applied towards any retirement claim.

Note the letter said nothing about cashing those claimed days out 20 years later.

Then came the bookkeeper’s letter to the Auditor that reported there were no accumulated absences for the road district that we exposed inthis article.

Bob Miller

And just about when you think you have seen it all, up jumps the devil in the details.

According to the minutes from the meeting in question where Miller milked the township for a parting gift, they state; 

Hwy Commissioner Miller explained how the sick pay policy worked and that the issue was fully researched by the Township Attorney.”

We would love to know how Miller explained the sick pay policy when there was no sick pay policy.

The only policy the Township has been able to produce was Miller’s policy from June 2012 and we challenge anyone to find anything in it about sick days, accumulated or otherwise.

The policy manual does not contain any language that permits the accumulation of sick days. In fact, the only reference to the accumulation of days is under the Vacation heading and it says;

“Vacation time may not be accumulated.”

As an example of how out of touch this policy is, may we ask how you have a policy that says vacation time may not be accumulated and then two points lower it says;

“All accumulated leave credit will be voided at the end of each fiscal year.”

So Mr. Miller, how does one void accumulated leave when the policy forbids the accumulation of that leave?

In reality, who cares about the vacation time policy because the point is there is nothing in the policy about sick days.

Once again we wonder what “fully researched” means as it relates to the attorney who supported this payout.

Considering the statement pertaining to accumulated leave credit does not state that it is for vacation time, even though it’s under that heading, let’s assume it applies to sick days as well.

If it did, there would be no accumulation past each fiscal year, thus no way for Miller to accumulate the days he claimed from 24 years ago.

It gets better.

There is a section in the policy titled; “OTHER LEAVES OF ABSENCE”  

I would contend sick days could fall under that category.

So what does that mean if applied to this situation?

“All other leaves of absence, for whatever reason, are solely at the discretion of the Highway Commissioner. These absences will be unpaid.”

In addition, a point of interest unrelated to sick days is found on page 16 of this PDF, or page number 12 shown at the bottom of each page of the policy, it outlines employees are basically not allowed to text and drive in accordance with Illinois law.

Now while most agree we can never legislate stupidity from the ranks as is evident by all the texting and driving we all witness, we do find it very curious as to why a June 2012 policy makes reference to a law that was not passed and put in place until January of 2014?

Is this an indicator the policy had been updated without changing the date?  

If so, still no reference to sick days or the accumulation of them Mr. Miller, and this is your policy!

= = = = =
Find the Algonquin Township Road District’s Personnel Policy at the end of this article.


Illinois Leaks Publishes More on Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Huge Deferred Sick Leave Payout — 16 Comments

  1. Cal Skinner where the hell do you take these pictures?

    Gasbagger is being very quiet.

    Did anyone die on the roads after gasbagger and his incompetent crew failed miserably at the two dustings?

    One of the new guys had a truck in the ditch and salt was spilled all over the road in Fox River Grove.

    And Jesus Christ did anyone see lake killarney?

    The USA Hockey team could have had tryouts on those roads.

    But good news gasbagger – Cal takes the best pictures of your political foes.

    That one of Karen is disgusting and Bob looks stoned.

    I wonder if these are photoshopped?

  2. I found the Township Roads to be in good shape vs the others.

    Went through FRG Cary ALg Township and State maintained roads at tail end of snow.

    The only ones that were treated at that time were the Township Roads.

    As always the State Maintained roads were ignored well after the snow stopped.

  3. I live on a Township Road District street and I found the snow removal to be better than it has been in years!

    Thanks Andrew!

  4. I could be mistaken but I don’t think IL Leaks gives a crap about the condition of Algonquin Township roads.

    Looking forward to hearing Miller’s response–in court–to what this article was actually about.

  5. I love the one lady in Lake Killarney who is complaining non stop about her road not being done one second after it snowed.

    She complains about everything little thing.

    Her life seems pretty sad!!

    As for the big payout….hopefully they get to the bottom of it.

  6. Lorax, I’ve seen the videos of the meetings.

    The photo is not lying.

    She’s rather disgusting looking but Luckily she doesnt have to look good to do this job.

    Usually the pics of Bob Miller are of him with a big goofy smile on his face.

    And why wouldn’t he be smiling ?

    His family was raking it in with all the perks and privvies you can imagine!

  7. Roads were fine with the pre-treat they did before the snow!

    Lorax is just a miserable crank who can’t be taken seriously.

    (Nice way of saying full of crap)

  8. Illinois leakes just ran another story that the sweeper sold to island lake has 15,000 miles on it now after it was sold,

    We should we care?

    Simple math

    Township paid $212,000 for the old perfectly fine sweeper less sale price $70,000
    Equals the shaft we the people got – $142,000!

    Amount Township overpaid on new seeeper 297,000-253,009 = shaft on new sweeper

    Total sweeper shaft = $186,000!

  9. The Lorax is incorrect on so many fronts.

    Normally I would just ignore this; however, in light of so many people (and politicians) grandstanding I figured I should set the record straight:

    1. The Algonquin Township Highway Department didn’t have any vehicles in a ditch in Fox River Grove.

    2. The Algonquin Township Highway Department didn’t dump salt anywhere.

    3. Yes there were streets in Lake Killarney that were icy. When we looked at why this happened we realized the truck was indicating 500 pounds of salt per mile but only dispensing 200. While that got the job done initially it did not stop the freeze back. We fixed it.

    The trucks will be ready for tonight should snow hit and the guys and gal will be ready.

    I do not believe Lorax would make statements if they knew the guys.

    The guys know their stuff.

  10. Subject the mysterious 20 year old letter to forensic analysis.

    Then draft the criminal charges.

  11. Andrew?

    You mistake the Lorax for someone with two brain cells and a legitimate complaint.

    That person is a subversive troll.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Love how you have the fortitude to drain the swamp!

  12. Lorax did you bother to make an effort to take any pics of these things?

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