Anonymous Web Site Criticizes Mary McClellan’s Ethics

Here’s the fourth in a series of emails questioning McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s ethics with links to a web site identified as McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC.

The PAC is not registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections, but doesn’t have to be until $5,000 is spent or raised.

When one clicks on the button, here is what one sees:

Being a judge requires a strong moral compass.

Judges, and candidates for judge, should avoid any appearances of impropriety.

At the bare minimum, one hopes that they would know the law and follow it.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mary McClellan either doesn’t know the law or is purposely choosing to not follow it.

Neither is acceptable.

A prime example is her campaign for McHenry County Judge.

The Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct clearly states that a candidate for election to judicial office shall not “solicit funds for, or pay an assessment to a political organization or candidate” and “A candidate shall not personally solicit or accept campaign contributions.”

The code lays out how a candidate for judge is to run their campaigns, creating a committee that is to solicit and handle funds on their behalf. See the Code of Judicial Conduct here (specifically Rule 67 – Canon 7).

Every candidate for judge meticulously follows these rules, since they are a clear indicator to the public of the ethics (or lack thereof) of the potential judge. Every candidate except Mary McClellan, that is.

On August 8th, McClellan amended her committee to support her candidacy for judge.

In that amendment, she specifically listed herself as both the Chairman and Treasurer of her campaign.

This clearly violates the Code of Judicial Conduct, since the Committee’s entire purpose is solicit, accept, and spend campaign funds on behalf of the candidate.

You can see her August 8th filing here, and see that she is still listed as Chairman and Treasurer as of December 11th, 2017.

A very troubling pattern of behavior is emerging for McClellan.

One wants to give her the benefit of the doubt, that she simply does not know the law, which is problematic for a judge but at least not malicious.

But time and again her actions are showing a potential disregard for the law.

Look back to previous posts on this site for specific examples.

While we will refrain from assuming intent, the voters will make their determination on March 20th, 2018.


Anonymous Web Site Criticizes Mary McClellan’s Ethics — 34 Comments

  1. I get the hit job on Mary–she’s the obvious front runner because she has name recognition and she’s the only woman in the race.

    But why now?

    You’d think the week before the election would be better.

  2. Having a female name is a plus, but in her case, name recognition is a bad thing.

    Very few people who are acquainted with her actual record will vote for her.

    As for the timing, it really doesn’t cost much to set up a minimalist website and send out blast e-mails.

    I imagine that the people behind this campaign just want to drive their point home early and often.

  3. But Beware!

    A lot of the females are more corrupt than the males.

    They often lie and plead ignorance then suffer little to no consequence.

    Sick of the double standards.

    We need only ethical and competent people.

    She’s neither.

  4. Women should have never ever entered the workplace. I keep telling you, but you don’t want to listen. A woman’s gift is to nurture a family, not become a judge! Disobeying God’s laws gets you into all kinds of a mess. Plus the woman is a disgusting liar.

  5. Disagree Cindy. Don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not. (?)

    But just incase, Agree with Grapevine.

    The 5% advantage that goes to women candidates is because people’s general and erroneous perception, is that women are less corrupt than the establishment good ol’ BOYS club.

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. They can be and are just as corrupt.

  6. There are 4 qualified lawyers running for the 2 judgeships, at least that is what every lawyer I have talked to says, they are both Tiffany Davis and Joel Berg, both running in the western part of the County for the same seat and Wilbrandt and Flavin for the other seat, I have not talked to one lawyer who thinks either McClellan or Dmetri are qualified.

    Most lawyers will be happy to explain their reasoning, but you need to ask one or more that you know.

  7. I agree with you with respect to Wilbrandt and Flavin, but I don’t think either Berg or Davis have any business being a judge.

    I was really hoping that Ray would jump into that race, where he’d have a much better chance of winning.

  8. Putting Detri and McCellan in the same category should be a crime.

    Detemri is honest, experienced and consiouious.

    We all know what MccELLAN is all about, and I wonder if she will hire her husband to clerk for her?

  9. Wilbrandt is a Democrat under the Republican name only!

    Can someone please tell me anybody that is in Theater that is a Republican?

    Yes Wilbrandt does plays.

    So tell me does anyone know a conservative that is in the Theater world?

  10. The clan of deep thinkers sure showed their collective beliefs on this thread.

    Keep them in the kitchen.

  11. Cindy do tell what lies I am not aware of anything other than lies on this blog and Mis information

  12. Wonderful lesson on the role of women in our society!

    It is not a coincidence this sunshine blog rules when it comes to cyber-parallel universe nonsense…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. Cindy! Huh?? No!

    Read it again!

    McClellan would be a disaster!

    She will have a 5% advantage tho due to the Voters misperception that women don’t go to the dark side of corruption!

    They are wrong!

    She also was bragging that she believes she’ll also win votes because of her ‘good Irish name’!

    So basically she’s calling the voters stupid .

    Flavin, Wilbrandt, Ms Davis, McClellan are really Democrats!

    Berg, eh!

    Demetri! Is the only truly honorable and clean among all six candidates.

    At this point Demetri for the 4-way race.

    I’ll hold my nose and vote Berg in the 2-way race.

  14. That’s great now we know no woman should work in the work place stay home and have kids.

    What a joke this blog is and to allow such sexist statements and moronic statements.

    Where is the idea that Women think differently than men and provide a different perspective that can be beneficial.

    A female judge can be both compassionate and understanding and apply the law sometimes better than men can on the bench.

  15. Only? Apparently, you do not understand the meaning of the word lie.

  16. No Joseywhales, just Your wife!

    No intellect, no temperament, no integrity to be a Judge!

    They don’t call her McClusterfnck for nothing!

    Now Go let the dogs out, that’s about all you’re good for.

  17. Moral relativists like Josey will be the death of everyone. Have you seen the world? When are you going to admit that you have all been very wrong! God gave women glorious gifts that men do not have and yet they threw them away because they listened to Satan’s lies. When are going to stop listening to him, Josey?

  18. If she gets elected, can her husband continue to avoid getting a job.

  19. “God gave women glorious gifts that men do not have…” Don’t you love it when women are supposedly praised to then justify being oppressed? We know these compassionate conservatives too well…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. More compelling argumentation from conspiracy theorists scholars you will only find here in our glorious sunshine blog…Stay tuned…Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. Cindy is a glorious commentator who is the most compassionate stat-at-home lady of the year.

    Most of us would have loved to grow up in a house with so much nurturing.

    Well, and the tin-foil hats would be cool too.

  22. My four adult children and eleven grandchildren are all fully functional in the world. Can’t say as much for some in here.

  23. Does ‘fulfilling her dream to be Judge’ include hiring her tobacco chewing husband as her bailiff ?

    She gives women in politics a bad name.

    They are friends of the Miller Klan after all.

    Wouldn’t expect anything else.

    Birds of a feather.

  24. Is there any truth to the whispers that MacLellan is unionizing the Clerks office before leaving? following in Bob Miller’s footsteps?

    After all she always was a union rat RINO.

    Public sector unions are the antithesis of lean and efficient government. but what does she care?

    one term as a judge and she rakes in a cool $100K+ pension for life.

  25. There is some truth to this whispers.

    The final contract hasn’t been signed. (probably to avoid the news getting out there).

    She and the Miller clan are friends.

    She HAS NO JUDGEMENT if she follows in their footsteps!

    Hell she’s proved she has no ethics or judgement anyway.

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