Roskam on Income Tax Reform Conference Committee Report

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Rep. Roskam Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Committee Opening Statement

Washington, D.C. — The House-Senate Conference Committee for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act met today to reconcile the bills passed in their respective chambers. Representative Peter Roskam (IL-06) delivered the following opening statement:

Peter Roskam

“Fifty years from now, economic historians and social scientists are going to look back at this moment. What we’re actually talking about right now is bigger than tax reform because if you peel this discussion back, what you will see is two views of the economy that are competing for the affections of the American people.

“Two entirely different world views. In my opinion, one of them is a cul-de-sac; it is basically the economics of envy and that was the description in a nutshell of Senator Sanders a minute ago.

“By contrast, there is the economics of invitation and opportunity and, in my opinion, that is really what this debate is all about. And that’s why it is so hopeful.

“Look, the American public has been told in the previous administration, ‘You’re stuck in your station in life and the only way you get out of your station in life is if some federal program comes over the hill and pulls you out.’ I’m not against federal programs per se, but you take my point – we need a generation of millennials who are coming to fruition and coming to maturity in an economy that is growing and vibrant and dynamic.

“I think what is so interesting is the American people, in my opinion, are longing to be kindled and to be coaxed and cajoled out of the cul-de-sac of envy and onto a highway of opportunity. And when it all comes down to it, the proof is that is who the American people are. We have not been a jealous people. How do I know that? Because when people are successful around us, what do we say? ‘How nice for you.’ Here’s why we say that: We think, ‘That could be me; that could be my kids; that could be my grandchildren.’ And we know time and time and time again the stories of people who have gone from incredibly modest backgrounds – some of whom are sitting at these tables – to incredible success within a lifetime and so forth.

“So tax reform matters; it is at the foundation of this. But we are talking about a trajectory that is going to impact our nation like no other vote that congress is going to take. In closing, let me make this point: We all long for America to be a strong diplomatic power. In order to do that, America needs to be a strong military power; in order to do that, America needs to be a strong economic power. We can do incredible things if we focus on and recognize where we are and where we need to go.”


Roskam on Income Tax Reform Conference Committee Report — 8 Comments

  1. Peter continues to lie.

    Peter continues to believe in voodoo economics (President Bush’s words describing trickle down economics).

    Peter lies about reforms.

    Peter just can’t help himself.

    Peter can only parrot speaking points given to him.

    Go away Peter.

  2. A very fine statement by Roskam.

    The usual leftists and liberals will of course trash Roskam or any Republican’s tax proposals.

    They are goofballs and useful idiots of the Democrat Party.

    They have no feasible alternative ideas to the tax plan talked about by Trump this afternoon.

    Trump had 5 families of income levels from low to higher middle income give examples of how the tax plan would positively affect them.

    Of course, the leftists at CNN immediately said the new plan was no good.

    This cable network spends a good majority of their daily broadcasting time in criticizing Trump or Republicans.

  3. I do trash this tax cut proposal.

    I also trash Roskam for not representing his citizens.

    Those who are “sitting at this table” got there because of education; not tax cuts for the 1-5%.

    I ask, bred winner, what is good for the the younger generation, seniors, and his voters?


    For Seniors? They won’t be penalized with the Estate Tax. This will encourage the successful ones to keep producing. That helps us all.

    It lowers Corporate Tax and that will keep jobs here, encouraging growth, product, research and development. This also, helps us all.

    Consumer confidence and continued rise in the stock market, also, good for us all, even those Who have no stocks.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention, the Tax Reform Plan also gets rid of the individual Obamacare mandate, which hurts the Millenials and lower working middle class.

    Merry Christmas!🎁

  6. Dear peter roskam: Lean forward. Can you hear the whisper? It is the blue progressive wave coming you way next November. You’re right, the one that washed through Alabama on Tuesday…and the clock keeps ticking…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Peter Roskam has easily defeated his opponents from the Democrat Party in his last 5 elections. That Party ran terrible candidates to oppose Roskam. The Democrat Party is about allowing open borders, embracing illegal aliens, massive government giveaway programs for freeloaders and making unrealistic campaign promises such as free 4-year college for everyone.

  8. First, people who say “Democrat Party” are using a childish slur dreamed up by Lee Atwater.

    It has no basis in history or fact, but when you start with a childish insult you pretty much undermine anything that comes after.

    Second, ANYONE would be envious of the special treatment Roskam et al have given to greedy special interests in the tax overhaul, instead of paying attention to the economic security of the Middle Class.

    The $1.5 TRILLION added to the debt will require massive cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, by any serious analysis.

    Third, no major civilization has engaged in such a massive tax break for the ultra rich and corporations at a time of economic stability.

    And this is not even counting the economic disaster that will befall healthcare markets because of the spiteful decision to end the ObamaCare individual mandate.

    People like Roskam cry “class warfare” anytime shows how the levers of power are in the grasp of Wall Street, LaSalle Street and people who don’t really work for a living.

    Well, if there’s “class warfare,” Peter Roskam surely is showing us which class is winning.

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