NWH Missed Big News–the 5% Tax Levy Cut–at Algonquin Township Meeting

Th meeting adjourned at 8, but not until after the Board cut the Town Fund tax levy by 5%.

Following up on Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s five percent cut in the Road District property tax levy last month, Supervisor Chuck Lutzow presented a five percent cut in the Town Fund tax levies Monday night.

But the Northwest Herald article did not mention next year’s tax cut, which was probably of more interest to subscribers than the call for a cut in Gasser’s salary by Mick Chirikos, the Democrat he beat for the McHenry County Board and fired after outgoing Road Commissioner Bob Miller hired him.

And the article did not point out that the Illinois State Constitution says in Article VII, Section 9(b):

“An increase or decrease in the salary of an elected
officer of any unit of local government shall not take effect
during the term for which that officer is elected.”

The article could just as well (and probably more properly) brgun by pointing out that former County Board member Chirikos did not know cutting (or raising) the salary of an elected official during his term is prohibited in Illinois.


NWH Missed Big News–the 5% Tax Levy Cut–at Algonquin Township Meeting — 14 Comments

  1. Perhaps it was past their (NWH) bed time when the tax levy cut came up ?

    You are welcome to draw your own conclusions.

  2. If the blog is such a niche, valuable, influential, important source of “news,” why do you need the Herald to cover the story? Surely the legions of citizen politicos are already consuming this valuable information here. /s

  3. The NWH tabloid hasn’t been able to find a real story if it jumped up and bit it.

    NWH employs young emotional kids that wouldn’t know where to even look for a story.

    That takes work and research.

    The kid that wrote the article should try researching his own stories as opposed to being spoon fed this kind of nonsense.

    The NWH would much prefer printing gossip.

    I hope it continues down this path so it dies as an ongoing concern.

  4. Was Ed Komenda even at the meeting?

    Judging by the lack of reporting I’m guessing no.

  5. It should not be too much to ask your local newspaper to be as accurate as possible.

  6. Why would the NWH publish such news?

    There would be no way to credit the “round mound”.

    In addition, the total tax reduction by the Township over two years of almost 15 % would diminish the claim to fame of his ‘ut 10’.

  7. Moderate, you sure tune in to the blog https://prairiestarsentinel.blogspot.com!

    The blog is a watchdog of sorts.

    It calls out Fake News or the fact that the Northworst Herald isn’t doing its job.

    It’s a little sad biased tabloid rag.

    All the emo millennials working there help to make it the joke it is.

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas to Alg. Township!!!!!!

    A REAL Tax cut (not like the joke the round mound is trying to play on the taxpayers at the County).

    On the first day of Christmas to the township Gasser gave to me, the promise of transparency!
    and so much more to follow….stay tuned!

    This is gonna get Fun!!!!

  8. Moderate hardly- great job pointing out another obvious story the Northworst Herald missed.

    That petition challenge is big news and little eddy wouldn’t know it’s even a story.

  9. Just when you think you have witnessed full retard along comes Ed Komenda and the Northworst Herald.

    I am pretty sure the IQ of the greater Crystal Lake area has an average IQ drop of 1.1 points when that rag hits the area for free.

    Many car dealerships have free copies.

    #1 How many times does gasbagger have to smack chirikos around? Dude just go away! You are the 71 year old walking poster child for #LOSER! Why does Mr. Ed refuse to report the background on Chirikos? I mean we could totally spin this around on gasbagger but why should we when its so obvious why Miller hired Chirikos… to fuck with gasbagger. Gasbagger just said fuck you Robert and fired his ass anyways.

    +1 to gasser for naming the street sweeper Robert. I spit coffee all over my windshield when a township employee told me that gasser had the name Robert tattooed on the ass of the street sweeper. Too funny.

    #2 Anyone who was AT THE MEETING saw what a tool Melissa Victor is. She was being coached by Lukasik and when the gassbagger confronted her on basic accounting she crumbled which makes me go back to Mr. Ed and the Northworst Herald… full retard. Does she even prepare for the meeting or does she just take her cues from her best buddy?

    #3 Miller lovers do not know the law. Good luck lowering the salary of ANY elected official. You can’t you idiots. You could focus on so many of gasbag’s mistakes but they play to gasbag’s strengths. Gasser just sits there looking like a the senior statesman as the liberals attack him.

    Honestly I thought gasbag was gonna blow and am completely shocked he ignored the attacks. But do you know who got totally pissed off?

    #4 No one knows if the clerk was drunk at the meeting but boy was she pissing vinegar when Lutzow refused to silence Lawrence! THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY! I am not sure if the replay shows it but she turned red, then purple, and there was Lutzow just sitting there allowing Rachel to speak smiling away. That was worth the price of admission right there.

    Sadly, lost in all of this is how corrupt townships are and worse this actually makes the pink freak look good.

    People all over town are talking about the local rag.

    Gasser is an adorable asshole we all love to hate.

    His arrogance knows no limits but we all, privately, cheer the hell out of him when he makes the fools look like the nincompoops they really are.

  10. The paper version of the paper had Chirikos on the cover with a headline that read something like “Algonquin road supervisor pay scrutinized”…


    Because Nick took his three minutes of public comment to express his unqualified opinion, that rag runs THIS as the cover headline?!?!?


    Tomorrow they will show a fireman rescuing a cat from a tree and proclaim “Local firefighters caught putting pets in trees!”

  11. Like a 70 year old guy was qualified for that position……give me a break!

  12. Lorax refers to Ed komenda as “Mr. Ed”.

    Lorax was so wrong it’s little Eddy.

    Why you ask?

    Because Mr Ed was a talking horse with wit and intellect.

    These attributes are missing from Little Eddy’s articles. A

    nd it’s clear Little Eddy could never measure up to the anatomical gifts Mr Ed had.

    I’m sure there is a squirrel with bigger nuts than Little Eddy’s.

    So let’s all get on the same page with little Eddy.

  13. Hey Lorax

    I sure got your slimy motormouth in gear, didn’t I?

    If you had been paying attention to what I said instead of formulating your prosey response, you may well have gotten the point of my comments.

    You didn’t.

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