Wall Street Journal Features Norge Ski Club

The Wall Street Journal has found McHenry County.

Care to muse on why this photo is on the masthead of McHenry County Blog? I was searching for something unique to McHenry County. We have lakes, but so does Lake County. We have the Fox River, but so do counties downstream. But McHenry County has the only ski jump in Illinois. Hence the selection. (If you can think of anything else unique to McHenry County, please mention it in the comment section.)

While the WSJ does not have a skier jumping off the Fox River Grove ski jump, as does McHenry County Blog, it has published a big article on the Norge Ski Club’s being a training ground for perhaps a majority of the men’s Winter Olympic jumpers in Korea.

Norge will probably have as many ski jumpers on the team as the rest of the country combined, the WSJ writes.

Why is there a big ski jump in Fox River Grove?
The article explains how Coach Scott Smith found a way to get a ski jump that was up to Olympic standards.

The Norge ski jump towers over the Village of Fox River Grove.

It came from Ely, Minnesota, and the Club agreed to pay that city $1 for it, installing it in Fox River Grove.  (But no one can remember paying Ely the $1.)

The jumps at Norge.

It cost about $500,000 to disassembly, transport and install it in McHenry County.

Smith says it is unlikely any of the Norge jumpers will win a medal, but Norge’s presence is noteworthy.  No American has won since 1924, the first Winter Olympics.

So, who are the Norge jumpers who may be on the United States Team?

  • Kevin Bickner, holder of the U.S. ski-jumping record is from Wauconda
  • Michael Glasder, who resides in Cary
  • A.J. Brown, who lives within sight of the ski jump
  • Casey Larson, who also lives within sight of the structure

The Journal considers it “probable” three of the four-man team will have trained at Norge.

This is an expensive sport.

Besides the contests in summer and winter, there is a fundraiser for Norge each year consisting of a silent auction, wine and cheese.

The live auction participants competed for trees, a night on the town in Chicago, and other high end goodies.

At the event, jumpers demonstrate their skills.

Young men performed after dark but there wasn’t enough light for my camera to catch their 40-60 MPH jumps.

The latest invitation I could found had it in November.

If you would like to be put in touch with the organizers to provide an item for the next auction or to make a donation, there is contact information on the Norge web site.


Wall Street Journal Features Norge Ski Club — 8 Comments

  1. I guess Cal missed the WSJ Editorial two days ago, ‘Illinois Drives People Away’.

    Nice piece on how bad things really are in Illinois.

    The ongoing downward slide numbers are beyond belief and further proof the State is run by idiots.

  2. When everyone in Cary and FRG went to CLCHS, many moons ago, we use to go down the ski jump on togoggans….AND we all survived!

  3. No other county on this planet has such a sunshine blog committed to conspiracy theories, nonstop whining on taxes, immigrant bashing, fake prodigious research and recalcitrant libertarian pontificating operated by an irrelevant ringleader of ridiculous political gossip. What else we need to feel proud? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. A ski jumping event in Germany in 1970 was on ABC Wide World of Sports and the tv show captured the spectacular crash of a Slovenian ski jumper. The jumper tumbled and flipped wildly and then crashed into a retaining fence. He suffered a concussion and broken ankle. The clip of this jumper’s spectacular crash was used as an intro to ABC Wide World of Sports Shows for many years after the 1970 crash.

  5. Angel, you won’t find immigrant bashing on this comment thread.

    The lovely readers of this blog only hate brown and black immigrants.

    Let’s not forget the racist tirades against jews.

    But Norwegian (WHITE) immigrants are just fine and dandy.

  6. Angel, it’s a puff piece, pleasing filler – It’s a notable, local institution with some history.

    I plan on attending this Januarys Ski event, never been.

  7. That ski jumper who crashed spectacularly against the fence is now a sunshine blogger in a rural county near you. Take a wild guess. There is a reason why you are warned about head concussions…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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