Feds Indictment of School Superintendent Talks of Pocketing $30,000 in Unused Vacation Days and Retirement Bonus

The former Superintendent of Lincoln-Way High School District 210, Lawrence Wyllie, made the Chicago Tribune December 12th.

One paragraph stood out in the twelve-inch article:

Wyllie also pocketed in unused vacation days and a retirement bonus he wasn’t entitled to, the indictment says.

What has that to do with McHenry County?

Nothing except Wyllie’s was an FBI investigation and the agents looked at fringe benefits.

That brought to mind the $47,000 payment for unused sick days to retiring Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

Looking at the two documents that Illinois Leaks has published might prompt the FBI to have a handwriting expert examine the different looking signatures of former Township Supervisor Tom Schober.

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McHenry County Blog’s April 13, 2017, article on the sick pay issue is here.ck days to retiring Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.


Feds Indictment of School Superintendent Talks of Pocketing $30,000 in Unused Vacation Days and Retirement Bonus — 8 Comments

  1. All taxing bodies should seek legal opinions on all non-salry benefits as to their status as “taxable fringe benefits”.

    To add unsult to injury of taxpayers, we could all be on the hook for taxes, penalties and interest on inappropriate payments to public sector employees whose payment should have been considered a “taxable fringe benefit”, and thus subject to withholding taxes.

  2. The fake vacation debt was supposedly signed by Tom Schober, who conveniently (for Bobby Miller) died in 2004.

    Schober was another township crook (sorta a redundancy) from way back.

    A NJ Democrat, he right into Al Jourdan’s crooked nest of ‘Republirats’

    from Schober’s obituary:

    “Born and raised in Bloomfield, N.J., he graduated from high school and Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. …

    He was appointed to Algonquin’s Zoning Board of Appeals, was a village trustee from 1989-93, and Algonquin Township supervisor until 1997.

    “He thought the best way to change the system is to work within the system,” his wife said.

    He left his township duties to become director of consumer services for the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate, Community Services Division, a position he held until February.”

    source: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2004-01-28/news/0401280139_1_junior-achievement-politics-visiting

    What the obit neglects to report is that Schober was fired from that cush, do-nothing appointed State banking job when it was revealed he didn’t graduate from Rutgers U. after all!

    No Tom/Thomas Schober Rutgers graduate! https://www.rutgers.edu/alumni

  3. Miller should have had to sue the township to collect.

    The board was ‘above their pay grade’ when they approved that $47k payoff.

  4. It matters very little what was done to that superintendent as it relates to Bob Miller.

    Miller won’t get charged with anything.

    He and his Daughter are too tight to the people that control application of the law.

    Just a fact of life folks.

  5. SpareUs, you might be interested, that Tom Schober, was hired by the Village of Lakewood, to help clean up the mess from the Golf Course purchase.

    His resume, if I remember correctly, was produced by a Gal named Pam, at Rich Flood’s office.

    Yes he did have that he Graduated from Rutgers on his resume.

  6. I agree that Miller and his daughter are probably too connected to get charged by the locals, but I’d be shocked if they had any juice with the US Attorney’s Office, especially with a new administration running things.

  7. How does anybody know how many sick days were actually used by Booboo Miller since february 25, 1997?

    Oh that’s right his $97,000 a yr. secretary and wife Anna May kept impeccable records!

    Any day Booboo actually ‘worked’ was a day for the taxpayers to cecome sick after they saw what he actually did!

    Typical day: Around the Clock Rest. for coffee 8-10;45
    heckin w/ Anna at office, if she comes in at all: 11;10-11:15

    working lunch with atty Kelly (topic: how to cheat township legally): 11;30-3:00

    Check up on township employee Nicky as to how personal car engine overhaul is going: 3:20-3:30

  8. Bob can’t provide proof of anything that’s not in the public records.

    And the public won’t be able to ascertain what if anything is in the public record because lukasik wont allow access to the public records.

    There seems to be only a few people with any real insight here.

    They are: Hanlon, Gasser, the Millers, Edgar County Watchdogs and this blog.

    However, you would think the clerk would know something, yet she claims to be deaf dumb and blind.

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