Nob Questions Algonquin Road District Tax Protest Loss

Let’s start with Nob’s comment and, then look at Judge Thomas Meyer’s Court Order.

Nob’s Comment

Another half the story post by Cal.

The Road levy was also part of the lawsuit and that was excused.

It was excused because there was extra funding being saved for a major intersection improvement which had been scheduled to start in 2018.

The township levy and the building/equipment levy were both hire because AT is on well and septic and both are presenting issues than need addressing.

The estimate for hooking to Cary for W & S was around $1,000,000, check the minutes if you want.

Problem is that AT lawyer Kelly didn’t present that fact are part of the defense, so the judge had no choice but to rule against with the info he had.

Why didn’t Kelly have take the 5th Chuck testify about that or ask Miller that question?

All the lawsuits have the hands of Chuck the 5th, and Kelly all over them.

The Algonquin Township Tax Protest Decision

Draw your own conclusion as to whether my article was accurate or not.


Nob Questions Algonquin Road District Tax Protest Loss — 7 Comments

  1. Why are the majority of Algonquin Township taxpayers (who live in incorporated areas) paying for water & sewer for the unincorporated areas?

    That’s double taxation.

  2. No ome said your info wasn’t accurate Cal, just didn’t tell all the facts because you didn’t and don’t know all.

    If AT ever does hook up to Cary, they would either pay the same rate for W & S as every other customer or a slightly hire rate.

  3. Most people in unincorporated areas have wells and septic tanks.

  4. True, although there is one unicoperated housing area by E Main at Hickory Nut that force mains sanitary to Cary.

    They pay extra for that privilege.

    Cary’s board said no more of that without annexation from that point on, 20 years ago about.

  5. Good ole Nob!!!

    Seems we lost more with the old sweeper debacle then everything Gasser has done so far.

    But you haven’t complained about that.

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