Fourth Negative Email about Judicial Candidate Mary McClellan’s Ethics

Here is the fourth in a series of emails sent to at least Republican Precinct Committeemen by an unknown group calling itself the McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC.

Because it has not spent or raised $5,000, the Political Action Committee does not have file its officers with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The next page contains the following:

FCC V. Campaign Finance

If an individual consistently has trouble following the law, should that individual be a judge?

McHenry County voters will certainly decide with Mary McClellan.

It appears that she has a litany of issues that could be problematic for a potential judge.

One of those issues is a clear campaign finance violation.

State campaign finance law states that for any donation or loan of more than $1,000, the campaign is required to file a form called an “A-1” within 5 business days.

Section 100.70 of The State Disclosure of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures and Rules and Regulations clearly states,

“Every active political committee must file Schedule A-1 reports, as required by Code Section 9-10(c) when a contribution of $1,000 or more from a single source is received.”

Mary McClellan loaned herself $10,000 on 8/30:

As of the date of this post (December 15th, 2017 – 45 days after the loan was made), she has still not filed the required A-1 form.

What makes this extra egregious is the fact that she serves as her own Treasurer, so it is Mary McClellan who is actively violating campaign finance laws.

(Though, it is interesting to note that she amended her Statement of Organization two days ago to remove herself as Treasurer, after this blog exposed the fact that her doing so was a clear ethics violation based on the Code of Judicial Conduct.)

As usual, with McClellan, it gets better!

McClellan’s campaign has a habit of texting individuals without their prior consent, which is a major violation of FCC rules.

The FCC released an enforcement advisory:

“The FCC has stated that the restrictions on making autodialed calls to cell phones encompass both voice calls and texts. Accordingly, text messages sent to cell phones using any automatic telephone dialing system are subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (“TCPA”).

Long story short, an individual must give prior consent to receive text messages from McClellan’s campaign.

The individual who received the following text messages gave no such consent:

It appears that McClellan’s campaign has such a habit of violating these rules that an FCC complaint was filed against her campaign.

At the end of this post you can see an FCC complaint filed against her campaign.

It is quite concerning that a candidate running for judge would have this many problems following the law.

Or it could just be sloppy work on her end to fail to understand these laws.

Either way, it appears to speak to the quality of judge she would be.

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To read the complaint, click here.


Fourth Negative Email about Judicial Candidate Mary McClellan’s Ethics — 13 Comments

  1. Here comes the Judge here comes the Judge you better what out for the lies that you print as you all are subject to the laws of Illinois and how apply

  2. You people will not stop anything this is a classic attempt to legitimize an attempt to silence a true conservative

  3. You people will not stop anything this is a classic attempt to legitimize an attempt to silence a true conservative

  4. Why are you giving so much attention to anonymous attack emails?

    This is turning into McBully blog

  5. Mary McCellan is a public figure and her behavior is relevant to the people.

    This is not a bully blog.

    If you want tabloid then go to the NWH.

  6. That was a complaint to the FCC, not a FCC complaint.

    There’s a difference.

  7. People often give consent for their information to be sold to third parties for advertising purposes.

    It is possible that she just bought a list of targeted phone numbers.

  8. It’s a damn Red Flag that a candidate who is currently the County Clerk in charge of all sorts of documents and our Elections, has made a mess of both.

    A candidate running for judge shouldn’t have this many problems following the law.

    Whether she’s just sloppy OR fails to understand the law, it’s an indication of what kind of Judge she’d be.

    It was a mistake to elect her as Clerk. (and a mistake on her part to hire her husband!)

    Let’s not make a laughing stock of the courts like she and her husband made out of our Elections!

  9. There is no mess !!

    The Clerks office has never been in better shape.

    One of the issues that you wont admit is that Kathie Schultz ran the office into the ground there was not a proper cleaning of the voter rolls in over 20 years the county was the last county in the state of illinois to provide voter registration online.

    Mary McClellan hiring her husband saved the tax payer over 200,000 a year that a vendor would have charge for same services.

    The deputy and the clerk putting in countless hours at a salary that does not compensate any of them for overtime including her husband.

    Mary McClellan has done everything right, in this county no good deed goes without punish.

    Mary McClellan has followed the law to the letter unlike Kathie Schultz who depending on who was there bent the rules.

    You would be lucky to have a top notch attorney like Mary McClellan it would bring integrity to the bench rather than the good ole boys club in McHenry where even if you have no skills you get to be judge because of the law firm or who you know.

    Mary McClellan stands for none of these false allegations I vote for Mary and we need more people like her to run for office.

    Unfortunalty most people wont run for office because of the McHenry County is a bad place and you people make it untenable to run for public office unless you are a misfit.

  10. “Mary McClellan hiring her husband saved the tax payer over 200,000 a year that a vendor would have charge for the same services”.

    Words are cheap, Prove it?

  11. The County Clerk has sure did a bang up job with the tote board at the County Board meetings.

  12. Haha yeah Billy Bob you got that right! LOL

    Pacco is believed to be former union thug and friend of McClellans that relocated to Louisiana. Need I say more?

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