John Reinert’s Petition Passers — 20 Comments

  1. The guy who runs Prairie Star Sentinel seems to have a man crush on Jack Franks.

    It seems kind of odd that he’d go so hard after one of Jacko’s most reliable sycophants.

  2. He only needs 1000 signatures.

    Even if 90% of the paid signatures are bad, he still gets on the ballot.

    It’s very rare for collectors to be be thrown off in total.

    Also, Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady will pay to defend Reinert.

    It’s a sad use of resources, but that’s why RINO leadership keeps losing battles in IL.

  3. Franks would want Wilcox to win so he can replace a staunch opponent with someone more compliant.


  4. So the pro Franks comments coupled with the exposure of Reinart would be consistent.

  5. Expect that if Wilcox wins the GOP nomination that Franks will not lift a finger to help Mary Mahady.

  6. Bald Eagle you assume Reinert has a high percentage of good signatures.

  7. No crush on Franks.

    I’ve wrote negative and positive articles about him.

    Still, an 11.2 percent cut along with challenging schools to cut is worth a congratulations.

    Franks is a better Republican than a lot of Republicans on our board.

    I also give him credit for being a clever politician, whatever that is worth.

    The hearing involving the challenge is set for the 19th.

    Wilcox camp is expecting nearly 40 percent of the signatures collected by Reinert himself to be bad.

    5 board members who helped Reinert with over 150 signatures are expected to have a fail rate of about 25 percent.

    If the first half of the petitions has a 75 percent success rate, the second half would need at least 25 percent.

  8. “Joe”, you don’t realize that the 11.2 % cut is not a cut?

    It’s an abatement that can be reinstated.

    Read Cal’s blog on it and learn something before you write something that isn’t actually true…like the Northworst Herald!

  9. @Joe

    Jack Franks is slight of hand to many and you have been suckered in!

    What he is doing is slight of hand.

    An 11.2% cut was nothing but taking reserves but ask how to get a 10% cut that is sustainable?

    That is the question!

    Going after the schools is another slight of hand!

    Jack Franks was in the State Leg. for 18 yrs. and during that time he did absolutely nothing to fix any of the problems that this State has fiscally!

    Absolutely NOTHING!

    The only thing he has done is help the state go insolvent!

    He gets out in time before the bottom falls out, comes back to McHenry County, and claims tax fighter for doing SOUND BITES and you and every other Republican are falling for it!

    He has learned from Mike Madigan well and will slowly take this County to the same as the State!

    With Jack Franks it is about POWER!

    Reduce the County Board equals more power!

    Change or just ignore ordinances equals more POWER!

    Jack doesn’t care about money he has enough but if he can get more and more POWER that is all he cares about!

    And the Gottemollers, Skalas, Reinerts, Althoffs, Smiths, Aavangs, Bates, Yensens, Nowaks, McCanns, Wilbecks, Jungs, Hills, Kopsells, of this County are part of it and are helping him achieve it!

    Why is the question?

    What is in it for them?

    McHenry County will not be better under Jacks or anyone that was mentioned above control!

  10. If Reinert’s petitions are that fraudulent he would be smart to step down and not run.

    He will get hammered just on this alone as well he should!

    How can you be any good in Springfield if you put forward that many fraudulent signatures and say you are a good candidate!?

    Good luck trying to convince Republicans that you will be good for government and will stand up to Mike Madigan!

  11. Joe? You are a writer? Where are these articles you’ve written? Why don’t you post the links?

  12. John can’t win this.

    Even if he were to miraculously manage to get on the ballot, he will be open to being pinned to Madigan for using Chicago circulators.

    The petition challenges will make news for being so poorly done.

    John is going to have to explain how he didn’t notice that dozens of pages of signatures were from towns that were obviously out of district and yet he filed the petitions anyway.

    He needs to withdraw before even the NWH, which just ran his picture with a story about providing a pension option for elected officials, is forced to cover the story.

  13. I never understood the business of challenging petitions.

    I suspect that Steve Verr filed this challenge in coordination with or for the benefit of the Wilcox campaign (both being students of the Joe Walsh school of anarchy in local government).

    How does this look for Wilcox?

    If the challenge succeeds, he looks like someone who knew he was going to lose to Reinert if both appeared on the same ballot.

    If the challenge loses, he looks like someone who knows he’s going to lose to Reinert.

    It’s a terrible tone to set, and you had better be sure the upside is worth it before playing games like this.

  14. Plubius,the only one who will look bad in this is the candidate who submitted fraudulent petitions.

    The NWH can stall on this story all they want to protect Reinert (or wait until the GOP lawyer tells Reinert to withdraw) but it doesn’t change the facts:

    1. Reinert doesn’t have the support to get on the ballot.

    2. Reinert is too lazy to do the work to get on the ballot.

    3. Reinert is to dumb (or again lazy) to check the petitions HE submitted.

    4. Reinert would be poor representation in Springfield.

  15. Publius,

    Any pol in his right mind will avoid a primary fight if he can.

    Primary elections can be fickle beasts with low turnout, and in any case it’s far better to save your resources for the general election.

  16. According to the State Board of Elections site, there were 767 candidate filings and 146 of them have been challenged.

  17. Reinert, or RINO-ert?

    He’s a sad sack from way back.

    Why did he have to use jailbirds to circulate his damn petitions?

    He is the establishment hack, we can’t take him back

    And he’s backed by Jack!

  18. John Reinert is a good and excellent choice for Illinois Senate.

    Wilcox knows he can win the primary so he tries to throw him off the ballot.

    There’s nothing illegal about Chicagoans circulating petitions.

    Quit being so racist!

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