Jack Franks Continues Campaign to Erase His Promise to Cut Your Tax Bill 10%

And the 1984ish new speak campaign of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks to convince people he didn’t really promise to cut their homes’ real estate tax bills continues.

Today, in the Daily Herald.

McHenry County voters to weigh in on school district taxes

We are serious about this,” County Board Chairman Jack Franks said. “We did it, we’re happy to work with the other (taxing bodies), but they need to get on board.” The county board voted 21-2 this week to place the nonbinding question on the ballot. Though districts won’t be required to take action if the …
So what was the “this?”
Take a look at the campaign logo.

Here’s the Cut 10 logo used in Jack Franks’ campaign. It’s carries a promise that Lying Jack Franks has not begun to deliver.

Looks to me and I am sure it looked to most people who saw it that Jack Franks was going to cut next year’s tax bills by 10%.

The whole tax bill.

Not just county government’s puny share–about one percent of one’s total tax bill.

And look at what was left on the homes of those not at home when one of his paid campaign workers stopped by:

While most of these “Sorry I missed you” messages were probably stuck to doors by paid campaign workers, the message is pretty clear and nothing like the re-write McHenry County Board Chairman is trying to convey now that the election is over. Next spring, however, people’s tax bills will have not have gone down 10%.

The conclusion:


Jack Franks Continues Campaign to Erase His Promise to Cut Your Tax Bill 10% — 16 Comments

  1. Me thinks this is hilarious.

    Fantastic use of the strawman fallacy. “Looks to me … that Jack Franks was going to cut next year’s tax bills by 10%.” Since when is a logo or slogan equitable as an explanation for policy? If you then look at the flier, it clearly says, “efforts to reduce property taxes.” It doesn’t say, “there is only one step top reducing property taxes.” So, why not celebrate this first step? Franks is fulfilling a promise – to work to cut taxes. You pedantic obsession to nit-pick Franks and throw stones at his effort to cut taxes is as laughable as it is sad.

    Nice trolling, Cal.

  2. Let’s cut 10% from the county board.

    It may not make my taxes go down, but I’ll feel beteer.

  3. See the TV ad that was run by Franks last year: http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2016/10/18/jack-franks-rolls-out-tv-ad/

    In it he has developed a fake header above a property tax bill with the County logo and the words “McHenry County” emblazed in large letters across the top, to make it appear that the county government is responsible for the entire property tax bill.

    The real property tax bills don’t look like that.

    His entire campaign was clearly and deliberately designed to create a false impression and capitalize on voter ignorance about where property taxes come from.

    Now he is doing a shuffle and saying that he was only talking about the county PORTION of the property tax bills when he used the phrase “McHenry County Taxes”.

    Most people would not read it that way, and he knew that.


  4. McHenry County Blog

    Cutting Property Taxes Jack Franks’ Style

    September 12, 2016


    The article discusses a Jack Franks letter to township officials.

    The following is an excerpt from the letter.


    “The centerpiece of my election effort is my Cut 10 campaign.

    The idea is so simple that it just might work.

    Every taxing body should cut their levy 10%.

    The reduction in the levy would reduce our property taxes, but we will only see real reductions if all the taxing bodies participate.

    I am committed to cutting 10% for every taxing body under the direct or indirect control of the county board and to using my bully pulpit until the other taxing bodies follow suit and also cut 10%.

    We can have lower taxes in McHenry County but it will require hard work and a willingness to make some tough decisions as we root our waste and corruption.”


  5. Until residents can vote on spending/levies and all other forms of taxation not much will change.

  6. Anyone who can listen to Jack Franks for more than five minutes without seeing through the bs has the same ‘sucker’ gene that people who send in money to tv preachers seem to possess.

  7. The only taxing bodies under the “direct or indirect control” of the county government are the county government itself, and the Mental Health Board, Valley Hi, Conservation District and Senior Citizens Grant Commission.

    All of the latter 4 have their own separate tax levies which were approved by the voters.

    The MCCD and MHB’s tax levies cannot be altered by the county board so that leaves only Valley Hi and the Senior Services that can be changed by the county government.

  8. Bred’s Logic:
    al’s masthead is a skier.

    This photo leads me to believe this blog should be about skiing.

    This blog is not about skiing.


    Erm… no

  9. The Return Of Moderate must mean that people are hitting some sore spots with this blog.

  10. Didn’t you learn in law school that correlation is not causation, Mike “Swampbuggy” Walkup?

    Or did the Catholic University of America not teach that?

  11. Looks like moderate is desperately trying to defend the heading on the flyer. Also puts in a cliche word of “celebrate” in his defense. I have too often seen this term used by management “dummies” in years past of my experience.

  12. You will also notice that Moderate and his cohorts are very quick to resort to ad hominem attacks (even to the wrong hominem) instead of focusing on an intelligent discussion of the issue at hand.

    This is the first sign that someone has nothing to say about a subject that will hold up to scrutiny and has effectively conceded the argument.

    Try to kill the messenger or change the subject.

    Oh look, a kitten!

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