Algonquin Township Clerk Overdue on Replies to FOIA Requests

Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik is not meeting the deadlines in the Freedom of Information Act.

FOI Officers have a week (five working days) to reply to requests or to informer requesters that an additional week will be required before an answer can be provided.

On December 13, I requested,

Karen Lukasik

“Under the FOIA I request Road District legal bills for Feb., March, April and May of this year.”

The same day, Lukasik emailed Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser the following:

“Please respond to this request.”

Gasser replied to Lukasik on Decembe43r 14th:

“We do not have those records. Those records are preserved in the monthly board packets. We do not know where those records are presently kept.”

No information about the legal bills has been sent by Lukasik.

= = = = =
Earlier, on December 11th, I requested,

“Under the FOIA I request documents concerning the old street sweeper, which I believe ended up in Island Lake.

“Please provide bid and purchase documents, documents concerning the street sweeper’s disposal, any photos of it, the agenda for the annual township meeting seeking permission to sell the street sweeper and the annual meeting minutes showing approval for the sale.”

No reply so far.

= = = = =
December 7th, I made this request:

“Under the FOIA I request electronic copies of all FOIA request made to the Algonquin Township  since May 15, 2017.”

No reply yet.

= = = = =
There are more, but you get the picture.


Algonquin Township Clerk Overdue on Replies to FOIA Requests — 6 Comments

  1. Another scandal uncovered by our very own sunshine blogger; this time FOIA-gate, the story that never ends and keeps on giving…stay tuned, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. What is the remedy for missing the twenty-day window? Is it consistent with federal penalties for going beyond the twenty-day allowance?

  3. I am so ashamed of our community , we allow corruption, theft, embezzlement and so many other accusations to go without a thorough investigation,

    what have we become?????

    why have we become that township the whole state is laughing about????

    we are the township of bad examples ,Nunda township is in line to become another.

    We should stand up and in our loud voices demand the records, demand a answer to these accusations, I for One am not loyal enough to ruin my family name , my personal reputation or my freedom for anyone..

    Stand up and be heard.

  4. She keeps cashing paychecks …. a municipal vampire sucking our money for absolutely nothing, but hell, that’s 93% of Township leeches.

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