Post-Christmas Negative Piece on Mary McClellan

The McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC, run by person or persons unknown, sent out another negative email about McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan the day after Christmas.

Featured this time was information about a suit published (only) >on McHenry County Blog.

If one clicked to the text on the second page, this is what one found:

Mary McClellan’s Fists of Rage

In 2016, Mary McClellan was sued by a former employee for assault, as reported by McHenry County Blog. The former employee, Maria Ramos Warnecke, alleged that Mary McClellan, in a fit of rage, thrusted her hands and arms towards Maria’s face and made her fear “imminent battery.”

The lawsuit claims that Maria was injured by Mary McClellan’s conduct and had suffered damages resulting from Mary’s actions.
McClellan Assault Complaint from Warnecke 4-29-16 p1McClellan Assault Complaint from Warnecke 4-29-16 p2Maria, the former employee, who was fired by Mary McClellan after the alleged incident, also sought $50,000 in damages.

Ultimately, the case was closed, and one might assume it was settled outside of court.

However, that does not mitigate the disturbing trend of improprieties from Mary McClellan.

Everyone gets angry from time to time.

However, it’s not acceptable to lose control of your anger to the point where someone is either scared or in fear of you.

This is especially troubling for someone who is running to be a judge.

On a daily basis, judges deal with frustrating circumstances. I

t’s their job to deal with individuals who are, most likely, frustrated because they are in court.

If an individual is short-tempered or is incapable of dealing with their emotions maturely, than that person does not have the judicial temperament necessary to preside over a courtroom.

If Mary McClellan can’t calmly and maturely deal with an employee, can she deal with individuals, on a daily basis, in a tense environment like a courtroom.

= = = = =
Instead of running for re-election for McHenry County Clerk, McClellan is on the ballot for judge and is running against three men.


Post-Christmas Negative Piece on Mary McClellan — 23 Comments

  1. We are posting these false rumors because we are afraid of Mary. We know this was a frivolous lawsuit and was dismissed with no settlement. This is the only way we can win is by attacking the only woman in the race.

  2. We are posting these false rumors because we are afraid of Mary. We know this was a frivolous lawsuit and was dismissed with no settlement. This is the only way we can win is by attacking the only woman in the race.

  3. And you are a liberal nitwit! Only a progressive moron makes the issue all about women in their post. Women belong at home raising the family. You progressives have ruined family life for way too long with your silly women’s lib nonsense. If she wasn’t a woman she would still be the poorest choice ever for a judgeship.

  4. The sunshine blog: where you find the truth as to where women belongs in society. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Unfortunately many women bring their emotions from home to the workplace.

    In all my decades of working I have had a couple of good female bosses.

    Nobody wants to talk about how most females allow their emotions to dictate their decisions at work.

    Obviously it is not PC but females in general make poor bosses and in most cases, poor Judges.

  6. Where is a straitjacket when you need one (or more than one)? Stay tuned for more nonsense on women…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Yes, let’s talk about bringing emotions into the workplace.

    Like the percentage of workplace shootings perpetrated by men: 100%!

  8. Sunshine blogger: I feel that last comment was an attack to our cherished second amendment rights…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. CP only gets the point slightly, the rest of you are out of your minds with the Satanic brainwashing you have received for your whole life. Women were NOT created to be in competition with men. Period! women have a much greater purpose that men could never ever fulfill. They have dropped that beautiful purpose because they have been lied to and told that they must strive to be smarter and have more worth than men. The simple truth is that they were already worth so much more than they could ever achieve in their own imaginings. This has nothing to do with emotions. This is creation truth that mankind has been beguiled into not understanding.
    Warren! You are a moron perpetuating more enmity with your vapidly stupid remark!

  10. **Nobody wants to talk about how most females allow their emotions to dictate their decisions at work.**

    Oh good god.

  11. It has been a slow decline for this blog for what seems the past year but damn has this blog jumped the shark.

    The content of the articles like the comments have really gone down hill.

  12. Hey I’m a woman of 60 and have been in the workplace for 47 yrs.

    I can say without a doubt that the majority (over 50%) of women bring emotion and reaction to their jobs.

    It’s what most are made of. And some bring entitlement too.

    Look at Clinton who can’t stop talking about her loss!

    And look at the McH county board member who ran for State Rep that whined for months after losing saying “but I’m a nice person”.

    Are you kidding me? Go home and stay home!

  13. The Clerks job was a financial boon for McClellan and the unemployed husband she hired. (who she then gave a big raise to by taking away pay from other employees)

    I can see why she’s pushing the ‘Woman’ narrative to try to win this race. It’s all she’s got. Don’t fall for it tho!

    McClellan doesn’t have the legal mind, ethics, nor the temperament for Judge.

  14. This isn’t a false rumor.

    It is a fact that a case was brought against this Clerk by an employee for assault.

    The dismissal is the eventual outcome.

    You have to prove damages to get a settlement.

    Thats no easy task.

    Someone suggested that the case was dismissed due to absence of Plaintiff’s Atty.

    That’s it.

    Doesn’t mean this didn’t happen.

    The fact is, this elected official has a terrible record, is clearly unethical and is a risk to the County and anyone who would employ her.

    I wouldn’t hire her for assistant dog catcher.

    She thinks that her “good Irish name and her sex” make her a shoo in.

    You can’t make this stuff up! She thinks people are that stupid.

  15. Everyone should be afraid if this woman were to get into our Court system.

    This is just proof positive that practically anybody can run for practically anything.

  16. Cindy – you are “out of touch” Women can only stay home if their kids aren’t starving.

    Yes Dinah-Mite she is mighty Nasty with a capital NNNNNNN.

    She certainly doesn’t belong in our court system.

  17. Veronica? You do not see that that exact precise end was by design? You have been duped into thinking you need to buy things to be happy. I am not out of touch. I am sincerely trying to explain how you got in this situation.

  18. Hey, “unethical”, author of the first two comments on this thread, tell us what evidence you have or know of that either Judge Wilbrandt or Mr Tsilimigras is unethical.

    If you have none, then you are not just an anonymous coward, you are a slandering anonymous coward.

  19. I think it’s obvious who posted the first two responses! UnEthicalMcClellan is not known for subtlety or keeping her reactions in check!

  20. If you have ever been a party to a lawsuit, particularly a divorce, it should scare the hell out of you to think that someone as crooked and inept as McClellan could have sway over your life.

    She would be an embarrassment to the entire county.

  21. McClellan leaves a trail of slime everywhere she goes. Like a slug.

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