Karen Lukasik’s Reply to FOIA Request Worth Reading

The day before Christmas I sent Algonquin Township Clerk the following Freedom of Information Request:

“Under the FOIA I request documents showing annual compensation for officials who took office as a result of last spring’s elections.
“Thanks for fulfilling this request.”

Karen Lukasik

Here is the reply I received:

“These records would come from the Treasurer’s Office.”‘

Here is how I replied:

“I thought you would understand that I was looking for compensation for Algonquin Township officials, since they were the ones elected last spring.

“County officials, are elected in even-numbered years

“Please provide the information that I have requested.”

= = = = =
Lukasik says she has a master’s degree in Public Administration, as do I.

Mine is from the University of Michigan.


Karen Lukasik’s Reply to FOIA Request Worth Reading — 35 Comments

  1. Frank?

    Apparently you are wrong.

    Either that or she is subtly telling Cal to go f**k himself.

    If she really is that dumb, may we hope that she turns her “cluckship” into a full time job thus sparing the children she teaches her idiocy?

    @Cindy? That makes two of you: You AND Karen!

  2. John? You are nitwit for suggesting that I am anything to do with that disgusting liar!

  3. Dec 24th the day before Christmas she was boarding a plane at ORD at 05:30 according to her Facebook posts.

    Did you mean Friday the 22nd three daus before, or is someone else playing games at AT?

  4. She should keep it up.

    These games make her non-compliance with FOIA look intentional when she gets sued. $$$$$

  5. With all of the FOIA non-compliance, it’s just a matter of time before any of the rejected requests produces a full on avalanche of FOIA lawsuits.

  6. Why wait ?

    Let’s turn the lawyers lose now and
    get the new year off to a good start

  7. @Cindy

    Try reading it again. You said “I don’t get it.” Obviously, Lukasik doesn’t get it either.

    Hence, my comment “That makes two of you: You AND Karen!”

    Please try and keep up! 😉

  8. Just adding more Joe to the story Joe, search it if you feel the need.

    Being informed matters, ignorance is no long bliss.

  9. John, you moron! You put me in the same box with a nitwit. THAT is what I said. Go back and read what I said. You have no reading comprehension and you are certainly not funny. Being sincerely flummoxed and outright subterfuge can never stand together. Get a clue that your off-the-cuff remark makes you suspect!

  10. Cindy’s derangement continues. Being at the bottom of the social bucket for whatever reason drives people to become overly-emotional in regards to local politics, which is a quite sad symptom of most commentators of the Pulitzer winning Blog.

  11. Sunshine blogger: I can’t come to terms with the fact that some people insist on making fun of this prestigious media outlet, pride of our forever rural McHenry county. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock..,

  12. Angel, I sincerely apologize for mocking.

    Clearly, I have not been quite enough inculcated with the idea that Jack Franks is an international liberal communist lackey.

    Cal, could you please, please, please, post some more deranged propaganda to satiate my need for confirmation of my own importance in that center of the universe, McHenry County?

  13. Sorry Cindy. You lost the game just as soon as you started with the name calling (your forte). Get back on your meds and rejoin the real world.

    Did you know that all that tin foil you have wrapped around your head makes you look silly? Well, sillier I guess would be the more correct phrasing.

  14. You are an idiot, Kevin/John. That is NOT name calling. It is an astute observation!

  15. Cindy is dealing with menopause. Be kind to her she can’t help The way she acts

  16. “You are an idiot, Kevin/John. That is NOT name calling”. Sunshine blogger, this is where recorded laughter comes handy…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  17. Real men do not attack women anonymously from the shadows with juvenile accusations. Next thing you will hear from these morons is “I know you are – but what am I!”. That is where their mentality is. Real men are not simpering snowflakes that lean on juvenile retorts to get their jollies.. Real men are leaders; they are moral and upright and positive. They are uniters, not dividers. Real men can be trusted. Real men are secure in their identities. Doodie and John/Kevin are not real men. You two negative wussies need to grow a pair and step into reality. I am embarrassed for you by your utter ignorance. Shake hands with the complete moron Angel.

  18. I got what. JohnWhine was saying, cindy. It wasn’t an insult. You are over the top sensitive or defensive.

    Lukasik is obviously willing to do Anything to protect the Miller Clan.

    She’s a beast that shouldn’t be teaching and she’s both devious and dumb as a rock!

    What a combo!

    She needs to be sued or arrested for obstruction of justice, but I gather that’s coming.

  19. Russelville? I didn’t take it as an intended insult. My objection was very clear. I take umbrage at the way I was treated AFTER I objected to being put next to the name of a disgusting liar.

  20. Stupendous! Right after a reminder as to where women belongs in society, comes this lesson of what it means to be a real man. More free enlightenment from compassionate conservative sunshine blog intellectuals…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. It’s called morality and integrity, not intelligence. You are truly the biggest clown in the county.

  22. Old man, your funny!
    Swordfish, your right!
    Cindy, your the best!

  23. Trust, —-‘Your’ in need of grammar school. Did you graduate from MCC or something?

    I know Ms. Lukasik, at least a little bit.

    One day during the election season this year she was at the hairdresser’s ahead of me and kept saying how good Bob and Anna Miller were, what terrible persons Gasser and Ellen Mueller were, how she and Lutzow were what was needed now to reign in the Millers, the whole bit.

    I asked her point blank, if the Millers were so good why’d they need reigning in? She said to keep the checks and balances in township government.

    When I said the Millers have been in too long, she quickly changed the topic back to her and said she was the new blood everybody needed. When I said I’d never vote for Bob Miller, and if she was with him, then I couldn’t vote for her. Then she got all weepy and said she really wanted to do a good job and would I vote for her. I asked who she was running against. She somebody called “Sanchez” … I asked if it was a man or woman. She said she ‘didn’t know’, which I found impossible to believe.

    The laugh is on me though, I did vote for her because felt sorry for her in a strange way and the fact that I at least saw her and talked to her.

    IMHO she’s in over her head.

    And I could kick myself for voting for her.

  24. It’s called anonymity, it makes fools brave. And it allows them to avoid punishment.

  25. Ex Scientologist, are you trying to tell us this woman goes to a hairdresser?

    Her hairdresser ought to be arrested too!

  26. I’m with I Love Stupid Criminals, on Ex Scientologist’s comment.

    I had to take a minute to let that sink in.

    I’d love to know what salon this took place at?

    I agree she is in over her head, but worse is that she’s mean.

    She was mean before the election, she’s mean now.

    Well, and a liar.

    I don’t feel sorry for her, it’s all an act.

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