Four GOP Precinct Committeemen Candidates Soon To Be Removed from Ballot

The petitions of four Republican Precinct Committeemen candidates were challenged as having insufficient valid signatures.

Only ten people registered in a precinct need to sign a petition to get a person on the ballot for Precinct Committeeman.

Previously, Erik Sivertsen’s petition was published.  Find it here.

Sivertsen, a McHenry Grade School Board member, was being challenged by McHenry Township’s former Road Commissioner, Leon Van Every to be Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry 29.

Van Every gathered sixteen signatures, but only five were determined by the McHenry County Electoral Board to be good.

Joseph Ziemann challenged the petition of Michael Collins.  Both wanted to be the GOP Precinct Committeeman in McHenry 5.

Walter Tynis successfully challenged the petition of Robert Gray.  (Karen Tynis is currently the GOP Precinct Committeeman in Nunda 16.)

Lisa Keller challenged the petition of BJ Barrett Irwin.

All four candidates whose petitions were challenged will be thrown off the ballot once the official paperwork is completed.

The four challengers were represented by attorney Robert Hanlon.


Four GOP Precinct Committeemen Candidates Soon To Be Removed from Ballot — 7 Comments

  1. Did Hanlon actually show up this time for these challenges?

  2. The battle for the hearts and minds of ‘REAL’ Republicans builds to its natural conclusion.

    The fight for Senate dist 32 and the gunfight against RINOs in County Board D2 are only two examples.

    GOD save the Republic

  3. Cindy, the smelly fish was van Every ……. that stinking fish was finally thrown on the landfill … it was too toxic to be used as fertilizer. The old Township whore couldn’t figure out that it only took ten good signatures … really only eight (considering he and his wife would be signers).

    But alas, he couldn’t find anybody in his precinct who’d sign for him, so he got Jim Condon’s township drones to sign — but they didn’t live in the precinct although the claimed to.

  4. Erwin and Collins, both petitions were researched by myself.

    I could not file objections without living in the precinct in question.

    Erwin, only had 8 valid.

    He himself is a Democrat and is Condon’s township Employee.

    Check out his hairdew!

    Collins, had 7 bad signatures out of 12.

    He is the guy pictured in all of the annonymous vile anti-anderson McHenry Township Facebook posts.

    I would have never found out who he was had he not decided to run for PC.

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