NWH Notices Steve Reick Petition Against Jack Franks’ Attempted Power Grab

Here’s a summary of a Northwest Herald article that popped up in my inbox this morning:

A month ago today, McHenry County Blog ran a story with this headline:

Now, I’m not saying that McHenry County Blog always notices significant political things before the Northwest Herald, but House Bill 171, if signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, would radically change the balance of power on the McHenry County Board.

I’m glad the newspaper of record has run a story.

A link to Reick’s petition can be found in this article.


NWH Notices Steve Reick Petition Against Jack Franks’ Attempted Power Grab — 3 Comments

  1. It probably would have helped if Reick wrote up the story himself for the sleepy NWH reporters.

    Then again, Franks is the defacto Publisher of the rag. So, naturally, the story got spiked.

    This is the NWH motto:

    ‘All the news that fits, we print’

  2. You are fools if you believe that this petition would have any weight with the Governor.

    The online petition is a tactic that politicians use to gather your email address so they can self promote all of the things they have done to save you etc. and get themselves reelected.

  3. Poopy, you’re wrong in this case.

    Rauner wants to be re-elected in a county that worked hard to elect him and in a county in which he skates on thin ice.

    If he wants McHenry County votes, he’ll pay attention to Reick’s petition.

    And it lets him know others are watching.

    This isn’t going to be a political favor that will go unnoticed like pork stuck in the middle of a lengthy bill.

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