Algonquin Township Highway Department Adds Salaries/Wages Online

Andrew Gasser continues to make good on his campaign promises. Gasser has now added his salary as well as employee wages online. It appears as though the new Algonquin Township Highway Department website is becoming much more more functional with new pages and forms constituents can use.

All financial information is predominantly linked on the home page.  You can also FOIA the highway department and navigate to the recycling program, bus service, and request brush pickups.

Still missing on the website are things that could be helpful such as a snow removal plan.  One of the things that makes the sight unique is the large text and easy navigation.  The highway department has also ditched the old logo for a new modern look.

Have a look at the payroll of the Algonquin Township Highway Department:


Algonquin Township Highway Department Adds Salaries/Wages Online — 2 Comments

  1. For comparison purposes, what benefits do these employees receive?

    Anyone care to post what the hourly wages and benefits are for County MCDOT employees?

    Municipal Public Works employees in Algonquin township?

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