Merlin Goes Up in Smoke

What used to be called Merlin Muffler burned early Saturday night.

Flames were originally much higher than seen here.

Located on Route 14 between Country Donuts and the Open Pantry, flames were not brought under control until a snorkel was brought in by the Crystal Lake Fire Department.

Backup came from many local fire departments.

Route 14 between Keith and Virginia Street Road in front of CVS Pharmacy was closed about 4:45 PM.

Cars that were not snaking through the Crystal Lake Plaza to avoid the blocked street were parked watching the blaze.

Here is the press release from the Crystal Lake Fire Department, which, for unknown reasons, the department will not unlock, so I have to post it as an image or re-type it, which I won’t do:


Merlin Goes Up in Smoke — 5 Comments

  1. 4811 Northwest Hwy is NOT the convenience store next to Merlin’s.

    The one that was just robbed is the Shell station out by Manor Road, across from Menard’s.

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