Second Day of Challenge to John Reinert’s State Senate Petitions

Craig Wilcox

This is how McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox explained what happened in the second day of examining the State Senate petitions of his opponent for the office, John Reinert:

After a second day in Springfield with a full contingent of Record Exam watchers, one camp came home to McHenry feeling very good.

Rumors have people thinking somewhere between 950 and 1000 challenged signatures were sustained as invalid.

Everyone is awaiting the final Record Exam report.

The interesting part of the process for the State Board of Elections is the nuance of over ruling (deeming valid) signatures of people who don’t exist at addresses that might be made up.

There may be a couple hundred or more of these examples.

Two were relayed to us.

If Santa Claus signed a petition from address 1 North Pole Way, Crystal Lake, the SBOE staffer attempts to locate both the name and/or the address in the statewide database.

When they are unable to find the person or address, they often comment that “I don’t think Santa Claus even exists, but without a signature to match, we must over rule the challenge of signature not genuine.”

So the SBOE process asserts that Santa Claus is a valid signature.

Another example, if someone well known is purported to have signed the signature (but did not) the SBOE process finds the name and address match, then are required to compare signatures.

They will sway towards leniency in hand writing and often over ruled the challenge of signature not genuine.

Another example of an SBOE asserted valid signature that is known to not be valid

Affidavits and other evidence would then be required to be presented at the upcoming hearing scheduled for Jan 4th to over turn the decision of the SBOE.

Members from both camps believe these types of scenarios may have occurred a couple hundred times or more over the past two days.


Second Day of Challenge to John Reinert’s State Senate Petitions — 25 Comments

  1. Lie cheat and steal is all the old guard of McHenry County Republican politics has left in their bag of tricks.

    Such a terrible shame that so many once great Servants of our democracy have sunk so low to achieve so little with a candidate such as this who brings us nothing.

    The worst case of all and what we see clearly in this upcoming primary is it that this is not just confined to the senate race in the 32nd District these people these octopus these political octopus with their tentacles in every bit of our political system reach out to subvert nearly every race and every District in order to continue to exert the un-owned and unjustified control over the body politic which they have enjoyed for decades in this County.

    Without exception these people are not Republicans they do not adhere to the Republican code they do not subscribe to the Republican platform they are not in their hearts real Republicans in fact what they are is RINOs.

    Fix the problem hire a RINO Hunter.

  2. The word of the legion of justice has spoken. Amen. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. My primary concern is how many petitions have been filed in the past by Pam Althoff (primary donor to the Reiniert campaign) that had similar content?

    If a petition is not challenged, NOBODY verifies the veracity of the signatures in a petition.

    Based on what I have read on this blog and others, is there a way to look at her petitions to determine is similar petition gathering conduct occurred?

    Should we start to challenge all petitions?

    Apparently out of four challenges of committeemen petitions, all four were found they contained inadequate HONEST signatures and the petitions were thrown out.

    Think about the impact of what Wilcox wrote:

    “The interesting part of the process for the State Board of Elections is the nuance of over ruling (deeming valid) signatures of people who don’t exist at addresses that might be made up.”

    In other words, the SBOE can in effect rule that someone who does not exist as listed on the petition is a valid signer of the petition!!

    My response is WTF?

    Is the election process in this state that corrupt?

  4. Connect these dots:

    Based on information gleaned from this blog and elsewhere, the ‘Reinert camp’ consists of the following plus more: Pam Althoff, Tina Hill, Reinert, Mary McCann, Larry Smith, Michelle Aavang (the county board member one), Joe Gottemoller, Mark Daniel, Aaron Shepley and at the top of the heap may be Chicago Land Operators Jt Labor Management Pac which I consider as a cover for Operating Engineers Local 150.

    Records indicate that Chicago Land Operators Jt Labor Management Pac has contributed $70,400.00 to Althoff.

    Mark Daniel is the Treasurer for the Alhoff campaign committee.

    Aaron Shepley is the Chairman of both the Althoff and Gottemoller campaign committees.

    Fred Roediger is the Chairman of the Reinert campaign fund and he is the chairman of Citizens to Elect Mike Chmiel – the treasurer for that committee is Kathleen Narusis.

    Latest campaign committee reports show that Althoff has $154,676.80 in her campaign fund. We know that she has donated at least $10,000 to the Reinert campaign fund.

    Can’t wait to see the next batch of committee reports due by January 15.

    Whether Reinert loses his place on the ballot or not, Althoff is running for McHenry County Board – remember this post if you live in her district.

    I suggest everyone who can, cast a ‘ bullet’ vote for Chuck Wheeler (you will be able to legally vote for two candidates in the Republican primary but if you only vote for one, your vote has a greater impact).

    We will never get rid of Prevailing Wage laws, reform public sector pensions or reduce the power of public sector unions in this state unless we quit voting for candidates who are financially under the thumb of groups such as Operating Engineers Local 150 and the teacher unions.

  5. And, it costs a significant amount of money to obtain certified lists of registered voters from County Clerk office (which is fine, so taxpayers aren’t footing the bill, but illustrates that there is a significant burden on those who play fair up against those who do not play fair).

    There is a solution: blockchain technology (which underlies Bitcoin among other crypto-‘currencies’) enables a trustless open ledger of activity–whether money transfers, contracts, voting–and this tech is already being deployed in Russia for use in municipal government.

    How could Illinois legislators object to a decentralized (meaning: no central authority may rule arbitrarily one way or another based upon human relationships), open-ledger, provable chain of evidence for ballot petition signature collection?

  6. When are you people going to get it that all computers, all AI is run by Satan. Stop giving him your soul!

  7. I have never seen our sunshine blogger being attacked so ruthlessly…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Shepley is a fork-tongue rat from way back.

    Maybe Rienert also had the help of Chicago streetgang ‘Gangster Disciples’…. DeMarcus McDaniels’ pals.

  9. “According to the courts commission, Chmiel conceded that in retrospect his conduct created the appearance of impropriety and that he was “sorry for all the turmoil he had created.”

    McHenry County Chief Judge Michael Sullivan, who referred to the case to the inquiry board, said Friday that Chmiel would continue serving as presiding judge of family services.”

    “Appearance of impropriety”!!!???

    Please don’t make me laugh!

  10. This blog is so racist.

    If a white guy from Chicago wanted to help out a McHenry County campaign, nobody would say boo!

    But when a great candidate attracts help of a black man from Chicago, all hell breaks loose.

    How dare this blog attack him or try and run down our excellent State Senator Pam Althoff.

    This blog should be closed down by the authorities for hate speech, lies and fake news.

  11. Thanks ‘Connect the Dots’. Very enlightening

    Wrong-o ‘TaxpayerNo1’.

    You’re officially full of sh!t.

    What people are objecting to is, Reinert hiring a bunch of Chicago Democrats with criminal rap sheets to collect his signatures.

  12. TaxpayerNo1:

    Re: “This blog should be closed down by the authorities for hate speech, lies and fake news.”

    Please give us just one example of hate speech, lie or fake news included in the posts.

  13. How about all attacks and derogatory comments against undocumented immigrants and other minorities? I know, those are just well intentioned comments by patriots whose only concern is the rule of law…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. Tp1, the signatures are being painstakingly examined and certified false, at great expense.

    If you are interested to learn the details of the process, say so, or inquire at State board of elections or county clerk.

    The reason the signatures were questioned in the first place was that there were obvious forgeries (persons seeing their own name used), obvious fake name/address pairs.

    If you are suggesting that election laws should be changed, please detail your proposed new protocol and supporting arguments.

    If you are trying to advance a vague generalized emotional accusation to spare yourself the trouble of researching specific details from primary sources, I hope you will try to change your own mindset.

    This emotional reaction to events is encouraged by bad actors of the political class, both parties.

    It is what drives decent people apart and keeps us from working together to improve our world, while enriching the bad actors while we squabble.

  15. The race of the ciculators is not the issue.

    One look at the petition pages tells the real story.

    Almost every address , for example, was neatly printed in what appears to be the same handwriting.

    People who didn’t sign saw their names appear, in some cases multiple times.

    And that’s just for starters.

    Clearly the candidate did not review these before he submitted them.

    The buck has to stop at the candidate, especially when it’s his bucks paying for it.

  16. Undocumented immigrants?

    They’re here illegally.

    They’re criminals.

    Do you refer to dope dealers as unlicensed pharmacists?

  17. **Do you refer to dope dealers as unlicensed pharmacists?**

    Did you notice that you didn’t refer to the “dope dealers” as “illegal dope dealers?”

    You refer to murderers as “illegal murderers?”

  18. Hope someone runs against Mark Daniel for chairman of the Republican party

  19. Party politics may be a thing of the past soon; blockchain/DAO technology renders arbitrary human intervention (based-upon political favor-trading) obsolete.

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