Still Another Anti-McClellan Post by McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC

The McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC, which has not filed identification papers with the Illinois State Board of Elections, has posted another article criticizing McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

McClellan is foregoing a run for re-election to seek the much higher paying post of Circuit Court Judge.

Here is the front page of the PAC’s post:

Conflict of Interest

Should McClellan and Husband Recuse Themselves from Primary Election?

Conflict of Interest: “A conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust.” –Merriam-Webster

Conflict of Interest: “A situation in which someone cannot make a fair decision because they will be affected by the result.” –Cambridge Dictionary

There is a significant conflict of interest in the upcoming election for McHenry County.

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan is running for judge.

She is also the chief election authority for the county.

Mary McClellan is running for judge, and she will oversee her own election, while her husband oversees the election machines.

That certainly sounds like a conflict of interest.

In light of everything revealed on this site about Mary McClellan and her husband regarding their lack of integrity, this should ring alarm bells for all McHenry County voters.

Would it be possible for the chief election authority to rig an election?


Here are just a few possibilities out of many.

Unfortunately, voting fraud is real, and there have been eighteen proven voting fraud cases in Illinois since 2010.

With those eighteen proven cases, most involved improprieties with absentee ballots.

Absentee ballots and ballots by mail don’t go directly into a machine like when you vote in person. There are a number of ways to either alter, discard, or submit fraudulent absentee ballots.

In close races, absentee ballots or provisional ballots often decide the winner.

As if right on queue, Mary McClellan just mailed voters in McHenry County urging them to vote by mail. Of course, she did so using taxpayer funds, which should come as no surprise.

That’s not the only case of voter fraud. Take a look at this recent case in which an election worker altered ballots.

Feel free to Google the topic yourself, because there are hundreds of these cases all over the country.

Even if you don’t think McClellan would partake in outright fraud, there are still plenty of ways she could impact the election in her favor, just by the basic duties of her office.

The chief election officer can have a direct influence on polling locations, whether polls stay open late or close, an even what machines are sent to certain polls.

Imagine, if Mary McClellan sent malfunctioning or older machines to her opponents’ strongest precincts.

The machines could cause delays and lead to people not voting.

Just like it happened under Mary’s watch last year.

Election day complaints and violations get reported to the chief election officer. Do McHenry County voters trust Mary to respond appropriately to reports of violations by her campaign?

Mary could also extend voting hours in her best precincts which would unfairly benefit her campaign.

Unfortunately, there are so many ways that Mary McClellan and her husband could affect the outcome of the election.

Think this is below her?

Well, with Mary McClellan’s history of nepotism, FCC violations, being unethical, campaigning with taxpayer funds, allegations of assault, and being sanctioned by a federal judge, does altering the outcome of an election to benefit herself seem beyond her?


Still Another Anti-McClellan Post by McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC — 7 Comments

  1. “Should McClellan and Husband Recuse Themselves from Primary Election?”

    Should she ever been elected in the first place? She’s proven to be a disgrace!

  2. Re: “Should she ever been elected in the first place? She’s proven to be a disgrace!”

    Based on what appears to be coming out of the Reinert petition, should the same question be asked relative to Pam Althoff?

  3. Heinrich: Have you ever tried a case?
    Mary McC: No.

    Heinrich: Have you ever tried a case in Federal court?
    Mary McC: No.

    Heinrich: Have you ever tried a case in state court?
    Mary McC: No.

    Heinrich: Have you ever tried a case in the Peoples’ Court?
    Mary McC: No.

    Heinrich: Have you ever argued an appeal?
    Mary McC: Yes and I won $35,000.

    Heinrich: No Mary McC, you actually were fined $35,000 for lying to the trial judge.
    Mary McC: Oops.

    Heinrich: Does your husband sexually harass your employees?
    Mary McC: Res ipsa loquitur.

  4. @conservative voter, how does the wrong doing of another erase the wrong doing of the topic subject?

  5. misdirection is such a favorite ploy in politics when truth can not be argued.

  6. How did McHenry County get beset by so many rotten ‘Republican’ politicians?

    Bruce Novak said it started a long, long time ago.

    He’s right!

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