All Garbage Trucks Not Running in Huntley

Look what the Village of Huntley announced today:

One man collects recycling in Crystal Lake on a warmer day.

We received a report from MDC Environmental Services that Mother Nature is winning the battle today. Due to the subzero temperatures, they are having issues with the diesel fuel gelling up in the trucks which makes it impossible to keep the trucks running.

At this point, only about 30% of the MDC fleet is picking up garbage and it is now apparent that MDC will not get all of their routes finished today.

MDC has a few trucks working in Huntley but there will be work left undone. MDC reports that first thing tomorrow morning, they will resume where they leave off today and work forward from there. Huntley should be completed by the end of day tomorrow (Wednesday).


If anything changes drastically from the above projections we will let you know ASAP.


All Garbage Trucks Not Running in Huntley — 15 Comments

  1. I must say in the more or less 40 years that I’ve done business with Hanks company the service has always been above good.

    The excuse on the diesel fuel however reminds me of an old saying that my Marine drill instructor told me many years ago.

    “Excuses are like assholes everybody’s got one”.

  2. What the Hell is wrong with these fools ?

    They knew far in advance that the temps were going
    to drop low enough and for a long enough period of time
    that anti-gel additive in the fuel would be needed.

    Somebody really @#$%*! up big time.

  3. These people are morons. They don’t care about their customers at all. They like to treat their customers like trailer trash. I long for the days when we had three companies to choose from.

  4. I just spent 11 days in far northern Wisconsin.

    The diesel they sell in winter is blended with the anti-gel additive.

    Trucks from small to logging semis were all running and it was colder for more than a week straight.

    They are using fuel from an in-house tank and didn’t mix it right.

  5. I have a small Kubota diesel tractor that I use to plow my driveway.

    I park it outside, and I never have gelling issues unless I leave old fuel in it that I bought during the summer.

    The diesel fuel that I buy during the winter never gels on me.

  6. All you wannabe diesel mechanics should also know the complicated hydraulic systems on refuse trucks run much slower in frigid weather.

    Cut the refuse companies some slack.

  7. Gassers start better in the cold, but they don’t have enough torque to push a heavy truck.

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