John Reinert State Senate Petition Challenge Continues Today

At 9 AM in Chicago the attorney for State Senate candidate John Reinert will be defending signatures so that the McHenry County Board member may stay on the ballot.

Leading the opposition is attorney Steven Robert Verr, who filed the challenge to Reinert’s petitions.

Just to give you some idea of what challenged petitions look like, two are reproduced below:

Page 109 of John Reinert’s State Senate petition.

Page 114 of John Reinert’s State Senate petition.

If Reinert’s petition total remains at 1,000 or above, he will remain on the GOP Primary Election ballot and face off against Craig Wilcox.

If the total slips below 1,000, Wilcox will have a free ride in the Republican Primary and he and Democrat Mary Mahady will contest the General Election in November.


John Reinert State Senate Petition Challenge Continues Today — 53 Comments

  1. Did anyone notice that 3 of the “signers” appear on both pages?

  2. Go figure …. LOL

    What could this be?

    Crooked politics?

    Look at who all the players are.

    Follow the money.

  3. Follow the money:

    Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC which is related to Intl Union of Operating Eng Local 150 State County & Local Area PAC has donated $70,400 to Pam Althoff.

    Remember all the Local 150 union members who came to the County Board meeting when the Board was voting on the Prevailing Wage ordinance in 2016? You know, that ordinance that requires YOU, the taxpayer, to pay $68.67 for a laborer – some of that money ended up funding the Reinert campaign.

    Pam Althoff has donated at least $10,000 to John Reinert.

    J B Pritzker has donated $10,106.25 to Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC, so you could say money went from Pritzker to Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC to Althoff to Reinert.

    The preceding begs the question: Why did Joe Gottemoller and his family get involved in this fiasco? Also, take note that County Board members Aavang, Smith, Gottemoller and McCann circulated petitions for Reinert?

  4. @Connect the dots..

    Don’t forget that Tina Hill also passed petitions for John Reinert!

    I think that she passed more than anyone of the County Board.

    Need to find out how many signatures from all the County Board Members if their signatures are any good!

  5. The Primary Petition form should be revised to landscape so that there is more room to fill in details of name, address, city, county.

  6. The first signer on the second page appears not to know what town he lives in.

  7. ALL of the McDaniels signature pages are fraudulent.

    Documentation will be forthcoming soon.

  8. Wow!! Look at line 1- Thomas Les on first page is the same on the second page, line 1.

    Donna Jett is same name and address on line 3 of the first page and line 2 on the second one.

    John Scott is same on line 9 and line 3 in a different handwriting!!

    These people should play the lottery !!!

    What are the “odds” that they would find 2 different people with the same last names living at different addresses, TWICE?

    Line 5&7, the Paul family AND line 4&9 the Herbert’s?


  9. McDaniels filed an affidavit with the Stare Board of Elections today stating that he did not personally obtain ANY of the 850 signatures he submitted and that his attestation to that effect on the 85 or so pages was false.

  10. It might be worthwhile to take that affidavit and shove. . . (no, nevermind)

    How about prosecuting him for perjury and/or forgery?

    Squeeze him until his leftover butt stash from his last stay in prison pops out and then cut him a deal to name names.

    If he didn’t get the signatures, somebody did so why did he sign as the circulator?

    Did the candidate ask him to?

    Did one of the candidate’s backers ask him to?

    How was he chosen for this dubious honor?

  11. Bottom line: Reinert submitted the petition sheets.

    Is it true that Reinert has the same attorney defending his petition that Steve Reick used when Jack Franks (his servants) challenged Reick’s petition.

    BTW while all this noise is being generated in the local state senate campaign, what is Franks up to?

  12. I think at this point we have to ask Pam Althoff and the McHenry County democrats to stop engaging in Cook County slimeball tactics and let Republicans prove themselves in the process.

    850 invalid signatures- holy crap. The old guard needs to go.

    Who was advising John to use this guy?

  13. 85 counts of perjury hmm somebody should be facing jail time! Althoff should resign from County Board race drain the swamp!

  14. Then Lake In the Hills Village President Tina Thornrose was prosecuted by McHenry County States Attorney Gary Pack in the 90’s on three felony counts for submitting three petitions on an ADVISORY REFERENDUM that she allegedly didn’t circulate. (All of the signatures on those were valid, by the way).

    She eventually pled guilty to 3 misdemeanors so she would not lose her elected position by having a felony conviction.

    McDaniels has now admitted to over 85 felonies.

    Also there are indications that some, if not all, of the signatures here were actually forged.

    Is anyone going to prosecute him for this?

    If so, who, as Cook County, McHenry County, and Lake County, all potentially have jurisdiction.

  15. When will it stop talk about trust altoff is involved in this.

    They sinking real low they get any lower they will have to reach up tie there shoes

  16. When will it stop talk about trust altoff is involved in this.

    They sinking real low they get any lower they will have to reach up tie there shoes

  17. Good luck getting Kenneally to go after these corrupt crooks.

    Our State’s Attorney will turn a blind eye, corrupting the Office.

    When asked about the status of the Jack Franks falsification of Statement of Economic Interest Disclosures for more than eight years, Edgar County Watchdog Kirk Allen replied “All the information is in the hands of the States’ Attorney and I don’t believe he will do anything.”

  18. Gasser is to blame for this. How hard did Gasser work for the current SA?

    Didn’t Gasser promise us that this guy was “better” than Regna?

    Gasser had “his” people work tirelessly for Salgado and Bianchi.

    This will never be prosecuted because this is McCrook County.

  19. You all are genuises here.

    Let’s indict everyone over conspiracies rolling around in your heads.

    Maybe find something productive to do, like making tinfoil hats.

  20. These petitions are obviously mass produced forgeries.

    What a joke these people are! From the backers to the Candidate to the supporters to the defenders.

    Tina Hill and Pam Althoff are involved.

    That’s all I need to hear to know there’s something not right with this campaign!

  21. 2018poop? You seem to be an idiot saying things like tinfoil. What the Hell is that? When was the last time you saw anything made of tin? Do you know how utterly stupid you sound? Maybe you are just Mad as a Hatter!

  22. You are correct Factsplz.

    The forgeries on Reinert’s petitions are blatantly obvious.

    Makes one wonder—is Reinert stupid, lazy, incompetent or does he just not care?

    We now know the kind of representation Reinert brings to the County Board for his constituents.

    And the amount of ‘work’ he does.

  23. Re: “McDaniels has now admitted to over 85 felonies.”

    What do we know so far?

    McDaniels has signed an affidavit which is rumored to state that the petitions with his name on them were not circulated by him.

    Can we assume that a person posing as McDaniels created the petitions and then got a notary to sign them?

    If so, the notary is on the hook – not McDaniels, right?

    Was McDaniels set up?

    To repeat: Bottom line: Reinert submitted the petition sheets.

  24. No, the notary is not on the hook. The only responsibility of the notary is to ask for ID and watch while the person signs.

    From looking at the petitions, it does appear that the signatures were largely forged.

    From looking also at the attestations, the handwriting of McDaniels on those appears similar to that used on the petitions.

    He may therefore have perjured himself again by submitting the affidavit in order to try to avoid the larger crime of forgery of 850 signatures.

    In Cook County the States Attorney may be too busy to prosecute this type of thing and the SA’s in the collar counties may not want to damage fellow Republicans so he may skate by.

    In the meantime he had to have been working off of some type of petition sheets from prior elections, otherwise how does Karen Tirio’s name get in there and how is Steve Rooney’s address on there 3 times?

    When you check out the petitions from the State Board of Elections, a record is created of who requested them.

    If you didn’t get it that way, then someone had to give them to you who did, or you have to have gotten them from the candidate, who would have retained copies.

    So if you can match up these pages to prior petition sheets, you have some idea

    Follow the petitions.

  25. Look at these idiots supporting a candidate who has proven himself, to be lazy and ignorant on the county board.

    Better start denouncing Reinert or forever have your public persona connected to this fraud.

    Remember these faces and never vote for one of them. They clearly are in support of everything that’s wrong with Government.

    Add Tina Hill and Chris Yaeger as they are defending the fraud.

  26. From our local fake news via email today:

    Real. Local. News. From The Northwest Herald.

    Steve Verr’s petition challenge might work

    Welcome to the Northwest Herald’s McHenry County Board newsletter. Each Friday, reporter Ed Komenda (@ejkomenda on Twitter) will provide exclusive content from what he’s been reporting, seeing and hearing from the county board members.

    It’s not looking good for John Reinert.

    The McHenry County Board Member turned 32nd District Senate candidate could soon be knocked off the March primary ballot.

    In early November, Reinert filed 2,028 signatures – more than double the 1,000 signature requirement.

    Enter Steve Verr (pictured above): The attorney and head of the Republican Party in McHenry Township who filed an objection to Reinert’s petitions, claiming many of them were forgeries. Well, it seems Mr. Verr was not far off.

    Of the 2,028 signatures, 1,290 were contested. Of those contested signatures, 974 did not survive a records examination by officials at the State Board of Elections in Chicago.

    That leaves Reinert with 1,081 signatures – only 81 above the total required to run for Senate. But there’s a big chance Reinert’s signature will fall below 1,000, knocking him off the ballot.

    There are more objections pending to more of Reinert’s petitions and the people who circulated those signatures, according to an attorney close to the matter.

    On Monday, the State Board of Elections is expected to have a 9 a.m. hearing to bring the matter to close.

    Reinert and his attorney, John Fogarty, were not available for comment Thursday afternoon. We’ll soon know how things shake out for Reinert, keeping you updated along the way.
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    Shaw Media PO Box 250, Crystal Lake, IL 60039-0250

  27. Re: “No, the notary is not on the hook.”


    Is a notary not required to obtain and record a valid picture id if the person presenting documents to be notarized is NOT personally known by the notary?

    If the notary is so-required and McDaniels was not the person submitting the documents, who did present those documents to the notary?

    Did the picture id of the submitter match McDaniels?

    Is there a record of who received payment for the signatures?

    Re: “Follow the petitions.”

    Anyone have a copy of past petitions circulated for Pam Althoff?

  28. Notice Demarcus signatures which were both done on the same day.

    Not an expert here but they apprear to be quite differnent.

    That notary needs to verify under oath who submitted those peititions.

  29. Whoa nelly!

    Reinert creepout campaign gonna be exposed as typical Cook County dirty politics and fraud!

    Hey, Joe Gottemoller what was your involvement in the lies and voter fraud?!

    You sold out!

    Now you can answer for it all!

  30. Tina Hill, she’s another ultra-feminazi who masquerades as a Republican!

    Hey tiny Tina, why do you support Jim Reinert?

    Because Althoff told you too?

    Because Reinert visited you in rehab?

    He’s far to lazy to have done that!

    — Just can’t wait until the whole Reinert-Althoff house of cards collapses from its own criminality!

    Did Rienert even go to the hearing?

    That’s my question.

    If not, why not!? S

    o, he couldn’t be put on the stand?

  31. How come none of this is being followed in the Herald?

    What’s this newsletter thing they run?

    It’s strange. If the Petitions were false you’d think it would be newsworthy.

    I guess bc Wilcox is the conservative, they won’t put anything out that makes Reinert look bad. But if the actual situation was reversed and Wilcox did half of what Veer says Reinert did, the whole thing would splashed across the frontpage headlines of the paper to make Wilcox look like sh**.

    That’s why I only get the paper when its free at Centegra!

  32. ‘Justin’, the Herald is a tabloid.

    It’s not real news.

    They sprinkle some in now and then but it’s not news and it’s not investigative reporting.

    They are a slacker’s rag and also very biased.

    Their Newsletter is something you have to sign up for and it’s supposedly for news on local govt.

    They sure don’t report the hard hitting news under ‘local news’.

    It’s a way of covering a story half=heartedly and burying it where few will see it.

  33. Been away for awhile from McH Co. I see nothing has changed for the better.

    Rotten crooks like Rienert and Althoof prance triumphantly despite all the exposes.

    Good luck Wilcox and Wheeler!

    How did Joe Gottemoller get wrapped up in all the crookedness?

    He was Mr. Nunda Clean.

  34. But Oak Harp, I get it, but why do they keep up the false pretenses?

    It’s not like it’s getting them new subscribers or advertisers?

  35. Is Gottemoller representing Reinert at these State Board hearings?

    If not, who is?

    the real clue is who’s paying for Reinert’s representation.


  36. Who is Reinert?

    I never heard of him.

    Why all the fuss about perjury and voter fraud?

    It’s been going on in McHenry County for many years.

    Kathy Schultz replaced by McClellan: pancreatic cancer replaced by terminal AIDS

  37. The NWH “Newsletter” is apparently being done so they can claim they are covering local news but are putting it somewhere few people will see it.

    The first “story” on this seemed to focus on slamming Verr.

    Now they are being forced to eat their words but are soft peddling it.

    All they do now is cover “bleeds it leads” stories and local prep sports, plus run Craver’s press releases lauding Franks.

    I signed up for but don’t get anything, possibly because I won’t subscribe.

  38. If Verr is right, who’s asleep at the switch at the State’s Attorney’s office.

    Is this a state police matter?

  39. The Republican party in McHenry County has always been pathetic until people like Anderson, Wheeler, Wilcox, etc., came on the scene.

    No wonder the fatcats hate them so much.

    Oh, I forgot Gasser, Verr, Evertsen and Thorsen.

    The Tina Hills, Tryons and Jack Franks of the County should be thrown out on their ears, if not their rears.

    I voted for Walkup, too, to reign in the Nunda Township, which is out of control and makes the Miller dynasty in Alg. look good.

  40. Excerpt from

    (10 ILCS 5/7-10) (from Ch. 46, par. 7-10)
    Sec. 7-10. Form of petition for nomination.

    “The petitions, when filed, shall not be withdrawn or added to, and no signatures shall be revoked except by revocation filed in writing with the State Board of Elections, election authority or local election official with whom the petition is required to be filed, and before the filing of such petition. Whoever forges the name of a signer upon any petition required by this Article is deemed guilty of a forgery and on conviction thereof shall be punished accordingly.”

  41. FORTAS v. DIXON, 122 Ill. App.3d 697 (1984) “The sheets purportedly circulated by A.C. Kelly clearly evidenced a pattern of fraud, false swearing, and total disregard for the mandatory requirements of the Election Code.”

    “Accordingly, all the signatures on these sheets should have been stricken by the electoral board since the sheets did not contain the notarized affidavit of the actual circulator.”

  42. It cost thousands of dollars to collect affidavits and certification to prove that fraud and forgery occurred.

    I believe the only recourse available is in a criminal prosecution for forgery, judge may order restitution.

  43. McDaniels could be prosecuted on the admission that he committed perjury on the 85 petitions alone.

    Some states have tried to ban pay per signature arrangements because it encourages fraud.

    However, there have been successful constitutional challenges to most of those laws.

    This is why the candidate has to be watchful if he/she is going to use paid circulators, particularly if they are not known quantities.

    Submitting petitions that have been secured through fraud is going to be damaging even if the candidate’s name still appears on the ballot.

  44. My address was listed on 3 separate sheets.

    I have never even heard of the signer.

    I was busy defending McHenry Township Committeemen from fraudulent petitions, but then I looked a little closer into THIS petition…

    I went to Springfield to ISBE…

    100s of non-registered voters, 100s more non-existing addresses.

    I have yet to find 3 potentially valid signatures.

    Why is Gottemoller family driving to Springfield defending Petition?

    I asked his nephew “Are you ok with this? How can you defend fraud that is this bad?”

    He said “I’ve got no problem with it”.

    “Ive gotten plenty of jobs from him (Reinert), He’s helped me lots, why wouldn’t I help him?”

    Pam Altoff appears to have donated another $5k 12/23 AFTER the petitions were challenged…hmm.

    Tina Hill?

    That one doesn’t surprise me…

    Open HillaryClinton supporter.

    Thank you “connect the dots” “swamp buggy” ” truth2power”.

    Next step…States Attorney?

    ….Write-in candidate against Altoff for county board?

    As a concerned citizen, I would suggest Reinert should do the honorable thing and step down.

  45. It’s getting better.

    Further examination of petitions past by

    Aavang and Smith both show duplicate signatures.

    This fraud goes deep into the heart of our County Government.

  46. “Reinert should do the honorable thing and step down.”?

    He’s wallowing in the flattery that Althoff would actually give him $5K more in beer money!

    We need a Write-in Candidate against Althoff for sure.

    Write-in Candidate against Tina Hill too!

    Who’s up for that in Dist. 5?

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