Tom Allen Picked New MCC Board Member — 6 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Tom Allen endorsed by the teachers union this past election for MCC school board, which he lost?

  2. Not only was Tom Allen endorsed by the teachers and now sits on the Board but another lackey of the teachers is now the Chairman!

    We can thank those of you who voted for anyone other than Schenk.

    Yet again, it was the residents who voted that chose to ignore you, the taxpayer.

    Currently the MCC Board only has two taxpayer representatives, four teacher representatives and one member whom I believe should be removed due to the onslaught of age.

  3. Out of Towner, that’s what is known as ‘agism.’

    After all, a 93 yr old vet just got elected as NJ Mayor yesterday!

    The guy you’re talking about is about the same age as Trump!

    You’d never know it by comparing the two, physically/mentally.

    Capability is in question, not age.

  4. You stated it much better than I did.

    Some retain great functioning gray matter longer than others.

  5. I thought mr. Alan had some brilliant ideas as brought about in his campaign.

    Spend tens of millions of dollars growing the college and don’t worry about tax increases, simply cover these costs by increasing enrollment.

    I heard of “keep it simple stupid”

    But that one takes the cake!

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