Message of the Day – Global Warming — 9 Comments

  1. Global Warming legislation is strictly to make the elite richer and us poorer.

    Cap and Trade? If the Leftists really were concerned about the environment, it would just be Cap (no trade bs)

    Global warming is real but it’s not man-made. It’s cyclical

  2. Yay for ignorant memes/cartoons that show a total lack of understanding of what global warming and climate change mean.

  3. Climate change is real and cyclical.

    What is different about anthropomorphic climate change is the RATE of change.

  4. Come on, Cal.

    You know it’s not nice to make light of other people’s religious beliefs.

  5. Waiting for the Global Warming Clergy to accuse us of confusing Climate for weather.

    We all know it is only they, the anointed clergy of the Global Warming Sect who can do this.

    Case in point, Hurricane during Hurricane season? Scream Global Warming.

    Cold Temperatures cited by non-believers response from the church of Warming is to accuse us of the blasphemy of confusing weather with climate.

    Nice little racket really. In the meantime the earth goes through its climate change which until recently was known as seasonal cycles impacted by solar activity not humans.

    The Earth seems to be ignoring the Working Class Tax dollars left at the altar of the chief priest Al Gore.

  6. Everyone knows science is a liberal conspiracy. And these liberal, commie CEOs of these companies are part of the conspiracy..
    3M Company
    Allianz SE
    Bank of America Corp.
    BROAD Group
    Campbell Soup Company
    Cargill Inc.
    Citigroup Inc.
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Corning Incorporated
    Cummins Inc.
    Dana Incorporated
    The Dow Chemical Company
    E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company
    General Electric
    The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    Harris Corporation
    Johnson & Johnson
    JP Morgan Chase
    Morgan Stanley
    Newell Brands Inc.
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    Procter & Gamble Company
    Royal DSM
    Tesla Inc.
    Virgin Group
    The Walt Disney Company has the list published by the left wing Chicago Tribune

    AND even the Pope and the Pentagon are part of the anti-American, atheist plot! Look it up.

  7. Stop acting like hippies you people? Rephrasing something as “it’ll be 40 in January” is baseless as “it’ll be 10 below for a few days(wow, super chilly)(where’s young Billy?)” ————- Smoke some grass and calm down — and don’t let Donald Trump do anything without the supervision of many adults.

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