Analysis of John Reinert Petitions — 18 Comments

  1. Note that Gottemoller, Smith, Aavang and Hill will be on the ballot for County Board. Also, Gottemoller will be on the ballot to be a Republican Committeeman.

  2. Anyone know how many affidavits Reinert’s attorney produced to object to Election Board sustains of objections?

  3. So lets go back and look at this picture:

    No signatures from Eileen?
    No signatures from Chris?
    No signatures from Melissa?
    No signatures from Mike?
    No signatures from Pam? (Excused, Pam is funding this whole damn thing)
    No signatures from Donna?

    This picture is the perfect example of what the Democrats want from a Republican Party that is a Republican county… a photo op.

    This is what always pissed me off about Eileen telling the young kids to “wait their turn”. Meanwhile, the Democrats empower the hell out of their young talent.

    Wilcox has assembled an Army to work for him, help him get elected, and actually build the Republican Party here locally. You will never have to worry about bullshit ballot petitions and Cook County circulators with Craig Wilcox. You will have to deal with the reality of being held accountable (and politicians never like that but retired USAF officers don’t mind it – especially Colonels).

    INTEGRITY FIRST – Reinert or Wilcox
    SERVICE BEFORE SELF – Reinert or Wilcox
    EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO – Reinert or Wilcox

    Nothing personal against John – I just think Craig is the better guy for this job and you are who you surround yourself with.

    Sometimes brother you need to stand alone… like a pillar of salt.

  4. Yes Andrew.

    It is interesting that the people who were supporters who were also running for C0unty Board themselves, and had to get at least a couple of hundred signatures for their own candidacies, did not simultaneously circulate for R.

    He had five people who should each have gotten him 200 sigs, Smith, Aavang, Althoff, Joe, Tina.

    It would have taken no further effort on their parts to carry two petition sheets.

    That would have been about 1000 sigs right there.

    It also appears that R didn’t go door to door but relied on train stations where you get a much higher failure rate, particularly where the stations straddle the district boundaries such as in Crystal Lake.

    You need to get your basic number with door to door using a list. Then if you want to pad it you can do train stations and stores at the end.

    There is no substitute for door to door campaigning.

    The Democrats are doing that, the Republicans largely are not.

  5. Pure Gasser right here. This is like a 1990s soap opera. Narcissistic, self promoting asshole who rises up the ranks but never quite makes it. Any unethical relationships “Andy”? Who died and made you a czar? All you do is run your mouth and tear down anyone who isn’t a tea partier like Joe Walsh.

    Keep doing what your doing Gasser. If it is your intent to destroy yourself and the Republican party you are doing a magnificent job. Jack Franks couldn’t do it any better. You will never win dog catcher! I hope Lawrence and her crew takes you out! Miller needed to go. You should have just shut up and collected the check.

    Maybe Algonquin Township could get in touch with McHenry Township and abolish the highway department. If Gasser keeps going down this road the entire Republican Party in McHenry County is gone.

  6. Quinta says “The entire Republican Party in McHenry Country is gone”

    Which would have zero effect on anything other than the appetizer & beverage sales at local GOP frequented establishments.

    Any real reform or betterment of government that has come about in MC has had nothing to do with the Republican Party.
    More accurately, one could make a strong argument that any real reform or betterment of government has come about DESPITE the obstructionism of the Republican Party.

  7. ……. and here’s Ms. Sleazoid, Pam ‘The Scam” Althoff, tomorrow:

    “I’m not responsible for the John Reinert Campaign or it’s massive corruption
    and fraud on the voters, I only endorsed him and financed him! He just wouldn’t listen to me, Mary (McClellan) and Joe (Gottemoller). We showed him how to do it ‘right,’ but hew was just so damn lazy.”

  8. Mark Daniel, Hill, Aavang, Gottemoller, McCann, Smith: All the usual suspects of warped values and corruption.

    I thought the Parrishes and Joyce Storey were good!

    How the hell is Perle, Keif, Zavorski and Conroy?

  9. I think we all know what Camp put Reinert’s hat in the ring and who he is representing
    I am not at all surprised at some of the people who helped him on the signature drive….But I am very surprised at a few who did help him and now wonder were they mislead or were they always left leaners…

    you know who you are..who led you astray?..please think it over and reevaluate your position…..
    I am certainly going to reevaluate alliances………….

  10. I want to know how all this can happen and nothing happens to the malefactor(s)?

    If there was no objection, you mean Rinert would have completely skated?

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