NWH Features Bankruptcy Petition of McClellan Choice for County Clerk Successor

Janice DaltonMary McClellanThe Northwest Herald features a story on one of the Republican candidates running for the party nomination for McHenry County Clerk–Janice Dalton, also known as Janice Jones.

Dalton filed for bankruptcy, making her financial dealings fair game for the newspaper.

Highlighted was information on found pages 26 and 40 of her bankruptcy petition, plus page 34 of her husband’s petition for bankruptcy.

Page 26 shows a debt owed to her husband for $30,000 with the description “Withdrew money in husbands name from husbands annuity.”

The above is corroborated by text from her husband’s bankruptcy, wherein he states on page 34 “Wife misappropriated Annuity Funds $32,000.”

Page 40 of Dalton’s filing shows “$10,000.00 cash loss due to video gambling.”

Evidence that incumbent County Clerk Mary McClellan is supporting Dalton is found in the petition to get her on the ballot that McClellan passed.

A petition passed by Mary McClellan for Janice Dalton.

Another petition passed by Mary McClellan for Janice Dalton.

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio is also running for Clerk after basing his 2016 campaign for Recorder on doing away with that elective office and merging the Recorder’s Office with the Clerk’s Office.

The County Board put that question on the March primary ballot.

McClellan passed up the opportunity to run for re-election, deciding to run for the much higher paying job of Circuit Court Judge.

It is little wonder that McClellan is supporting someone other than Tirio.

Joe Tirio’sign says he won’t hire his wife.

After all Tirio created the slogan, “I won’t hire my wife” after McClellan hired her husband to run elections.


NWH Features Bankruptcy Petition of McClellan Choice for County Clerk Successor — 60 Comments

  1. I believe Cal is mistaken regarding the office Mary McCellan is seeking. Mary is running for Judge.

  2. Does this Dolt know it gets worse from here.

    Looking at her petition it looks like she gambled away the proceeds from a lawsuit.

  3. It would be interesting to cross reference the valid petition signers for Reinert with those of Janice Dalton.

    One must remember that signing a petition does not mean that the signer supports that candidate or that the signer will vote for that candidate.

  4. Note: Five of the signers on one of the petition pages above are Township Supervisors.

    I wonder how many Township Supervisors in total signed her petition?

  5. as a precinct committeeman you pass petitions that does not mean You endorse anyone it means You are helping them get on the ballot

  6. Re: “as a precinct committeeman you pass petitions that does not mean You endorse anyone it means

    You are helping them get on the ballot” or as shown by the Gottemoller page (30 % bad) maybe no so much :-).

  7. You would think Dalton would file the paperwork to withdraw from the race before it gets worse for her?

  8. A Notary Public is not allowed to certify documents relating to themselves.

    To wit ~ Impartiality is the foundation of the Notary’s public trust. They are duty-bound not to act in situations where they have a personal interest. The public trusts that the Notary’s screening tasks have not been corrupted by self-interest.


  9. Re: “A Notary Public is not allowed to certify documents relating to themselves.”

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that unless a petition is challenged by a third party, NO ONE audits / checks / verifies much of anything in the petition including who is the notary or who circulated / signed the petition.

  10. You are correct Out of towner!

    And now that we have seen the malfeasance on the 2 petitions, I’m sure
    complaints will be made and this issue resolved.

  11. There is no malfeasance. I am not here to educate you and hopefully your not Joe Tirio but this just shows your ignorance.

  12. Well Josey, at the least it doesn’t look good.

    And the voting public will decide.

  13. Of course McHenry Township Supervisor Craig Adams signed Crook McClellan’s petition for Crook Dalton.

    He’s crooked, too.

  14. Adams is as crooked as they come, same with McClellan, same with Dalton, same with Reinert.

    That’s the McGOP that’s rotten to the core and must be cut out.

    So Dalton forged her husband’s name to steal his annuity money so she could gamble on it and try to win back gambling losses?

    Dalton will make a great replacement for CROOKED, LYING Mary ‘Bahbah’ McClellan!


  15. Paul Revere, you’re right, a notary IS NOT SUPPOSED TO NOTARIZE ANYTHING HE/SHE has an interest in.

    But see, she’s already demonstrated her corruption as a notary; now she demands to be the County Clerk.

    Got that?

    Tirio!!! … or we all go back to Kathy Schultz/Mary McClelland corruption parade that’ll never end.

  16. I yawn.

    The crooks looting McHenry County, like this McClellan pawn Dalton, don’t give a hoot about truth, decency, honesty, etc.

    They don’t give a damn what people think of them.

    They are delusional and part of larger kleptocracy.

    That’s why I’m leaving these human-rat hybrids.

    Wake up people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ScWpCFji0c

  17. Paul Revere, Good Eye on her petitions noting “A Notary Public is not allowed to certify documents relating to themselves”.
    So She already shows a conflict of interest in her campaign by being the notary for her own petitions!

    And these are McClellans Petitions!!! LOL UnEthical McClellan strikes again.

  18. The notary only certifies the signature of the person before them. The fact that these are petitions for her are only relevant that the person who circulated them is certifying that to be true. You people are a bunch of idiots

  19. I notarize my petitions that other people pass all the time. There is nothing wrong with this.

  20. Compromised candidate
    1) Gambling junkie
    2) Awarded money from a lawsuit – pissed it away gambling instead of paying her creditors? Real Responsible!
    3 ) Withdrew $32K ‘in husbands name’ from husbands annuity. (isn’t that forgery and/or theft?) They’re still married but haven’t lived together in 8 yrs!
    4) Misappropriates those funds. That’s who we want in charge of Elections and Multi Million$ budget!!
    YOW! Here are the makings of another fraudulent IL politician and this is all before she’s out of the gate.

    It’s no surprise Unethical McClellan is behind her.

  21. “I notarize my petitions that other people pass all the time. There is nothing wrong with this.”

    posted above by “unethicaldemetri”

    Can’t you read, unethicaldemetri?!

    It’s not about notarizing, it’s about notarizing a petition FOR YOUR OWN CANDIDACY!

    Did you ever work for Bobby Miller or Al Jourdan?

  22. (5 ILCS 312/6-104) (from Ch. 102, par. 206-104)
    Sec. 6-104. Acts prohibited.
    (a) A notary public shall not use any name or initial in signing certificates other than that by which the notary was commissioned.
    >>> (b) A notary public shall not acknowledge any instrument in which the notary’s name appears as a party to the transaction.<<<

  23. HARRISBURG, Pa. — A former Republican state committeeman from Allegheny County wants the party to remove a committeewoman after she notarized her own nomination petitions, saying the offense cuts at the integrity of the ballot process.

    Mike McMullen filed a complaint last year about Cynthia R. Kirk’s petitions with the Department of State, which earlier this month found she violated the Notary Public Law. The department imposed a $400 fine, required her to attend a notary class and suspended her notary commission for three months — a decision that was immediately stayed in favor of probation.

    SOURCE: https://www.watchdog.org/news/gop-pennsylvania-committeewoman-fined-for-notarizing-own-petitions/article_c61561c4-e19b-5ebc-b8e3-f2072c8c5747.html

  24. With this disclosure, Ms. Dalton’s candidacy is already over.

    If I were her, I’d be asking myself if there were any other skeletons in my closet that I don’t want plastered all over the newspaper if I continue to run. She might still be able to salvage her current position by minimizing the damage.

  25. I feel obligated to put this whole article into some form of prospective
    Let me first start with the Election in Which Mary McCellen
    won At that time she was running against Nick Provenzano… Mary M. was under an investigation from the clerks office in Cook county…but Hey who cares about that…however Nick being an OK guy, but not all that well liked …lost and in walked Mary…first thing she did was put her Truck driving Husband on the payroll as an I. T. Expert at a high rate of pay (thats our money folks)…Fast forward…..Mary M is campaigning and /or helping Jan Dalton with her campaign for Clerk.. against Joe Tirio by having present Clerk employees pass out literature and garner signatures for Dalton
    all this is illegal …but what the hell,,,this is I can do anything I want Mary M. …warning to All… Mary M is now running to become a judge in our county …So now we have Jan Dalton who files for candidacy and bankruptcy on the same day…and is under investigation for miss appropriating funds from a fund her husband has,or had…
    Now enter Andrew Georgi a Democrat from Hebron..an unsuccessful mayoral candidate….now Andrew some times known as Drew wants the steady paycheck from having a political office…I am not sure of what “Drew” does for a living now, but I have heard, he closed down his online Lingerie sales so it wouldn’t embarrass him if he wins office
    We have two unqualified paycheck seekers with questionable backgrounds looking for steady a Paycheck plus benefits and retirement…
    We have one good Qualified honest Candidate In Joe Tirio I have no doubt in my mind who I will vote for
    Good grief I forgot this…Part of Jan Daltons bankruptcy was her $10’000 in gambling debts and her misappropriation of $30,000 of her husbands money…She says thats between her and her husband and should have no bearing on her use of public funds….. Gotta love this kind of mind set

  26. I believe this blog, on uncovering political shenanigans, is similar to the following:

    According to the Central Intelligence Agency, Paul Revere founded the first patriot intelligence network on record, a Boston-based group known as the “mechanics.” Prior to the American Revolution he had been a member of the Sons of Liberty, a political organization that opposed incendiary tax legislation such as the Stamp Act of 1765 and organized demonstrations against the British. Beginning in 1774, the mechanics, also referred to as the Liberty Boys, spied on British soldiers and met regularly (in the legendary Green Dragon Tavern) to share information.

  27. “as a precinct committeeman you pass petitions that does not mean You endorse anyone it means You are helping them get on the ballot”

    What a crock of shit!

    As a committeeman you are not forced to collect signatures or campaign for any or all candidates.

    As a representative of your precinct, residents of your precinct expect you to research candidates before helping or endorsing them! Precinct Committeemen shape the Party!

  28. Her own words tell it like it is in her affidavit. Now, however, in this newspaper article, she is playing the victim.
    The typical, entitled, lunatic who will not be held accountable. Aren’t we getting rid of the current Clerk with the same views?
    Some of the people that claim to know her in comments under the article are registered, Democrats!!! Sure they’d love her to be the Republican to run against their GeorgiGirl Lingerie salesman goofball Drew Georgi!

  29. There is no way that I could vote for anyone who is so lacking in self control that they would lose $10k that they couldn’t afford to lose to video gaming.

    It is a racket, and anyone with a functioning brain should know it.

    At least when the Outfit ran the illegal machines before the State got involved, the nice Italian gentleman from Cicero would buy the house a round when he collected the money from the machines in the taverns.

  30. Every Janice Jones Dalton knows.
    That the secret to survivin.
    Is knowin what to throw away.
    And knowin what to keep.
    Cause every hands a winner.
    And every hand a loser.
    And the best you can hope for.
    Is to die in your sleep.

  31. What happened to the $32K she took from her estranged husband’s annuity in his name? Doesn’t this smack of theft and forgery?

  32. This is so sickening. Republican Party – look what you have become. Some argue Mary is the flag bearer of the Republicans in McHenry County.

    This really speaks to her decision making process.

    What would make her/anyone think that this is ok?

    Roads in Algonquin Township look great this morning- safe commuting everyone.

    Be Blessed,

  33. Someone who steals money will steal elections.

    And guess who will be counting the votes?

    Look out for this one people!

  34. If Janice the dolt cared about her family she would withdraw her nominating papers and spare us a campaign specifying these details in mailers, newspapers, tabloids, radio and more. The public has no interest in her excuses.

  35. Does this word apply to the post at 05:01 am this morning and several others recently?

    “Digital Word of the Year” for 2017.

    shitpost: Posting of worthless or irrelevant online content intended to derail a conversation or to provoke others.”

    ““Shitposting” is an Internet slang term describing a range of user misbehaviors and rhetoric on forums and message boards that are intended to derail a conversation off-topic, including thread jacking, circlejerking and non-commercial spamming. On 4chan, the byproduct of shitposting is referred to as cancer.”

  36. Observer you are wrong think of the funny mailings and ads await us in the election. But in all seriousness this candidate really should just save herself and her family the indignity that is sure to come and simply get out. If she has kids what are the other kids going to call her own child? It’s clear, she didn’t think anyone would find out.

  37. Thanks Conservative Voter for bringing attention to the fact that Andrew Gasser was up very early this morning getting ready to / or just getting home from, making sure the roads were clear. It was dangerously icy out there. Thank Rd Cmsr Gasser!

  38. It’s clear this Candidate doesn’t care and doesn’t know any better… much like Unethical McClellan, we’ve been reading so much about. It seems anything goes with this woman too, and we’re just supposed to overlook it because she wants to run for office.

    The contrast between Candidates is drastic.

  39. She must not know ‘when to fold ’em’. She’s looking for that big cash payout with no effort and better yet, with someone else’s money. Sounds like the politicians we want to get rid of!

  40. The Primary Petition process is very flawed. More controls are needed. Such as a stated requirement that signers, who are “supposed” to be “voters”, need to show a current voter registration card AND a government issued ID such as a Driver’s license, to the Circulator. (Also, the Circulator must be a registered voter and have an ID.) The Circulator must also be required to match up the name and address that a Voter puts on the petition with same shown on the voter registration card and driver’s license or government ID. Another issue is political party affiliation. How could a circulator confidently ascertain that a “voter” signing a petition is affiliated with a particular party?

  41. To Cal Skinner.

    On some days, not today, I am not able to post a reply. After filling out Name and Email and hitting the “Post Comment” button, I get an error message.

  42. It’s the deep state internet, bred. Can’t blame Cal for that. Even more peculiar things are to come. Been warning of this for a long time. Take it in stride. We are winning our freedoms back. Be patient.

  43. Filing for bankruptcy should be illegal just as these companies that get what you owe the government lowered. You owe it you pay it. They should all be run out of business.

  44. I tried to tell John that he was being led down a path of impropriety. Guess he was over the moon that someone would ask him to run for this. It’s never REALLY flattery when you’re to be a minion for someone else’s agenda. My advice would be: Have a plan, work that plan, don’t take any shortcuts, watch who you surround yourself with and run on your own terms to make a positive difference. At first I sympathized with him, now I’m glad for him that he got this hard, fast education in Politics and a crash coarse on that group of people he was all too willing to surround himself with. My arms are open if he starts taking responsibility for his foolishness. “Lawsuit”, please?! Consider yourself very lucky you’re not the one in legal trouble. Good luck, John. You have a road of introspection to travel. I hope you come out of this a better person. <3

  45. ^ sorry posted under the wrong article. This was meant for John Reinert withdrawing story.

  46. Dolt should take a lesson from Reinart and withdraw and save herself further humiliation.

  47. Clerk Mary has another county-paid-for ad in the Herald today. I would like to know how much she has spent advertising the election using ads with her name prominently displayed at the top of the ad. This woman is a disaster, fraudulently using county funds, lies to federal judges, screws up a national elections and she sleeps with an accused sexual harasser. She wants to be a judge??? She isn’t fit to sweep the courthouse parking lot.

  48. Not that I would not do the same, she has an obligation to tell the voters what is going on for early voting and other changes.

  49. You mean, Disenfranchising voters to leverage the election in her favor all while using the Clerks office (taxpayer funds) to campaign for judges position. It’s the crook county , er, I mean UnEthicalMcClellan way!

  50. You can’t make this stuff up. Are things really that bad in McH?

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