Compensation of Riley Township Officials

Here are the salaries of Riley Township’s elected officials:

  • Supervisor – $21,000
  • Road Commissioner – $43,200
  • Assessor – $22,500
  • Clerk – $750
  • Trustees – $750, plus $75 per meeting for meetings pre-approved by the Township Board.

The Supervisor, Highway Commissioner and Assessor also receive mileage reimbursement at the rate set by IRS, plus participation in IMRF.


Compensation of Riley Township Officials — 9 Comments

  1. In addition to posting their salaries, stating how much township road mileage they have would be interesting.

  2. This website lists compensation for 4 townships as follows:

    Supervisor – 16000, 21000, 65000, 74000
    Road/Hwy Comm – 43000, 57000, 77000, 93000
    Clerk – 750, 5500, 9000, 11000

    Great variation in compensation. Are there legitimate reasons

    Why one Supervisor gets $16,000 and another gets $74,000?

    Why one Clerk gets $750 and another gets $11,000?

    Does higher compensation mean more hours required to do the
    job, more responsibilities, more authorities, etc?

  3. Bred, it appears township compensation is directly correlated with the amount of that township’s EAV. Higher EAV results in more taxes collected, which drives higher salaries/benefits (and the constant purchase of new, unneeded capital equipment).

  4. Riley Township is an amateur at the whole township thing. First, you spend your whole budget and grow it each year! Second, you buy yourself all the toys you can dream up that you can claim you need. Third, you hire your wife. Fourth you hire your son-in-law. Fifth, you hire all of your other relatives. Fifth, you buy a big tent that you let your political friends have for free. Sixth, you go to Disneyland! COME ON DAVE! Watch and learn!

    If you hit enough mail boxes with the snow plow you can graduate to the big leagues and build a wood working shop! and if you get just a little creative, you too can have a print shop!

    The real trick is to keep the masses quiet make them think your are a nothing function that needs no oversight! Shhhhhhhh!

  5. Nob, Yes.

    There are districts that spend in the $100 million/year range that have substantially higher operating tax rates, more headcount and substantially higher compensation structures than smaller, neighboring districts.

    Until that is fixed, this county will remain near the top of the list with one of the highest property tax rates in the country.

  6. Funny.

    All of these salaries are less than the first patronage salary that 23 year old high school graduate Ryan Provenzano is earning as the whatever for Chuck Slutzow in Algonquin Township. I wonder if you combine his first salary and his second one (oh that’s right he’s hourly now… Convenient) as Andrew “Mr Integrity” Gassbag’s deputy, I wonder if he earns more than all of the elected officials in Riley Township combined?

    What was his resume before becoming a patronage hire in Algonquin?

    It’s funny as hell, for all his spit and vinegar it has taken Gasser less than a year to become what he claimed to detest.

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