Bob Anderson Moving for Referendum to Transfer McHenry Township Road District Duties to Township Board

Bob Anderson

Should be an interesting meeting at the McHenry Township Hall tonight.

Township Trustee Bob Anderson is going to make a motion to hold a referendum to abolish the McHenry Township Road District.

The referendum would be held along with the November elections, insuring the maximum number of voters will participate in the two -year cycle of elections.

Here is the motion he will make:

“I move that the McHenry Township Board, by resolution, submit to the McHenry County Clerk a proposition to the electors for the November 6, 2018 General Election to abolish the McHenry Township Road District in accordance with the general election law.

“The ballot shall be in the following form: ‘Shall the Road District of the Township of McHenry be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by McHenry Township ‘”

James Condon

A law authorizing such referendums passed the Illinois General Assembly last year and was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner.

In most townships the Road Commissioner is the most popular elected official…at least among those who live in unincorporated areas.

James Condon is the Highway Commissioner in McHenry Township.

If the referendum is passed in November, it would not take effect until after the end of Condon’s term in 2021.


Bob Anderson Moving for Referendum to Transfer McHenry Township Road District Duties to Township Board — 21 Comments

  1. All we ask is prove a savings first then vote on it.
    Dave McSweeney, Bob Anderson, Jack, and Sam can’t seem to understand proof is in the pudding.
    A simple search of Open Book will show that hiring a professional to run the Road wnd of the deal would cost around $100k.

  2. This is a great example of how township government should work. Great job lets see some proof before we put this to an emotional vote!!

  3. Thank you! Voters who don’t understand the consequences of their vote, why pensions can never be diminished for example, will bury us further. Show me the money! Where’s the savings? There is none. This is the strategy to begin total elimination of townships. If you live on a township road you better start caring about voting and getting the facts out there. What a waste of time and energy on an issue that clearly will not save one penny. Teacher pensions and democrat run state are the real problem.

  4. Lets see some proof?
    The County Board failed to provide proof of cost savings in 2015.
    We’re now in 2018 and what research has been done since then?

  5. Thank you Cal for posting salary info.

    To allow a comparison as to levy, population and road miles, I offer the numbers below.

    The numbers below are based on the Levy for 2016 (paid in 2017) and population numbers for 2016 as provided by the US Census. The Road District levy numbers are AFTER deducting what is collected on behalf of municipalities. The table below displays a levy cost per center line road for the Road District and a levy cost per person for the Town Account. Hopefully all are aware that the Board of Trustees set the levy for the Town account but the Highway Commissioner has total control of the Road District levy.

    Per road mile Per pop
    ALDEN $4,719 $85
    ALGONQ. $49,441 $19
    BURTON $9,017 $28
    CHEMUNG $15,175 $21
    CORAL $5,287 $26
    DORR $41,004 $32
    DUNHAM $6,686 $53
    GRAFTON $27,251 $19
    GREENWD $22,494 $33
    HARTLAN $6,092 $84
    HEBRON $5,496 $59
    MARENGO $11,552 $40
    MCHENRY $29,274 $36
    NUNDA $31,338 $26
    RICHMON $15,081 $42
    RILEY $4,865 $67
    SENECA $6,438 $52

  6. The table did not post clearly. The first number after the township name is levy per road mile and the second number is levy per person.

  7. There has been no inclusive reseach done by Bob or Mike Shorten group ever!
    Lots of lip service is all, besides it shouldn’t be up to the county to prove it, the elimination dudes should do the proving.

  8. Reick makes me ill.

    Just another RINO loser and GOP poser.
    I will NEVER vote for that pathetic atheist again!

  9. Jack and Sam are praising RINO Bob Anderson, and we trust those two big gov Dem’s right?
    Steve says where’s the beef, and people are whining about him actually wanting proof of savings?
    What are Republican values these days?

  10. Mr. Condon is an honest public servant.

    This whole blog should be shut down!

  11. Swordfish aka bill Cunningham or bob Anderson has a vendetta against Mr.Condon this is the only way they can fight him because they won’t do it in public or where they have to print their real names bunch of cowards with no proof. Shane on both of them for trying to push the voters to vote on something of this nature without educating them first and showing actual figures

  12. If the horrible proposition of shutting down this blog would ever become a reality (Family-values God forbid), I’ll immediately move to another country; probably in Africa or Central America, to start a similar sunshine blog over there. Sunshine blogger, keep up the good fight…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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