Compensation for Greenwood Township Officials

Spurred on by the McHenry Township Board’s having dropped Township Trustee salaries to zero starting with those elected in 2021, I have asked for current compensation from other townships.

Here is the information about Greenwood Township:

  • Supervisor – $24,500
  • Road Commissioner – $85,000
  • Assessor – $55,000
  • Clerk – $7,000
  • Trustees – $90 per meeting attended

The Supervisor, Highway Commissioner and Assessor participate in IMRF pension program.

The Road Commissioner and Assessor also have health insurance as a fringe benefit.


Compensation for Greenwood Township Officials — 1 Comment

  1. These township public servants aren’t paid enough!

    Townships are the government closest to the people!

    Cut school districts not Townships, they take almost all your property taxes and put out a near-worthless product!

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