Compensation of Richmond Township Officials Shows Trustees Earning Nothing

Continuing to let folks know what township officials earn, McHenry County Blog moves onto Richmond Township.

From reading the salary ordinance, it is clear that Richmond Township’s Board beat McHenry Township’s Board by four years at setting their Trustees’ salaries at zero.

The officials compensation follows:

  • Supervisor – $15,000 + $1,000 for being Road District Treasurer
  • Highway Commissioner – $53,888.70
  • Assessor – $51,001.02
  • Clerk – $4,000
  • Trustees – Zero

The Assessor also receives pension benefits through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Road Commissioner Dave Bockelman could have had IMRF, but, being retired, he opted out of it, according to Supervisor Paul Hain.


Compensation of Richmond Township Officials Shows Trustees Earning Nothing — 15 Comments

  1. Why Does Craig Adams make so much in McHenry Township? Nine times more, not counting all the benefits like his college age kids’ medical insurance?

    Algonquin and Nunda are bad, too!

    Wake up people. His only job is to hand out ‘general assistance’ a holdover from the horse and buggy days before our welfare state wity food stamps, medicaid, section 8 housing vouchers, blah, blah, blah, came into creation after WWII.


  2. Re: “His only job is to hand out ‘general assistance”
    Bob Anderson and Joke Franks would have you believe that eliminating Townships is a ‘no brainer’. Not so much people!!

    Wake up folks! Some Townships have a very supportive following!!

    McHenry Township has a Senior Center. Older people vote!!!

    Here is what those older voters would lose:
    Rummikub: Mondays at 10:00 a.m.—FREE
    Mahjong (and free instruction): Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.—FREE
    Dominoes: Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.—FREE
    Pinochle/Bridge/Hand & Foot: Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m.—FREE
    Bingo: Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m.—9 on 1 card/$1
    Krafty Hookers (knitting/crocheting/crafts group): Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.—FREE

    Note that they are all marked “FREE” They really are not, you the taxpayer fund them.

    In addition the Township offers other “FREE” supportive services:
    They even have a senior center library. Shut down the Township and you would have a senior uprising! First step to get rid of this Township? Transfer the Senior Center to the City of McHenry where it should be – it should not be in the Township building and seniors should have to pay to support these ‘free’ services.

    Next: The Township has parks and athletic fields. Have the municipalities and the school take them over.

    The Township offers recycling and runs a Transit system. Eliminate the Township, who handles that?

    Reick has proposed that a ‘study’ be required prior to any significant change in Township government and I have no problem with that but there must be a penalty for those involved if the study is proven to be a facade and the expected savings are NOT achieved.

    B4 you jump on the bandwagon of eliminating units of government as ballyhooed by the BGA, Joke Franks, Bob Anderson, Illinois Policy Institute, and most media outlets, do your homework.

    The fiscal problem in Illinois is not being caused by too many units of government, it is due to:
    – lack of Right To Work legislation,
    – overly generous public pension plans for firemen, police and other government employees,
    – Prevailing wage laws
    – presence of illegal aliens who are guaranteed a free public education plus other benefits including healthcare
    – other taxpayer funded services (eg. empty buses and taxpayer funded abortions)
    – too many legislators like Pam Althoff working across the aisle for too many years!!

  3. None of those aggregated tasks are statutory!
    You think of new things to tax us on!

    Big Government is Township Govt!

    Seniors are the very ones getting screwed!

  4. I notice you won’t defend Adams’ huge salary for doing N O T H I N G!

  5. Reick is a sick man, morally, physically and psychologically. He doesn’t pay his bills and gets sued. Then avoids the judgements!

  6. I will never vote for Reick, Rauner, or anyone Althoff supports, again!

    Connect the dots is obviously on the township payroll, and feels he must support the unsupportable.

    Just look at what the mope wrote:

    “Next: The Township has parks and athletic fields. Have the municipalities and the school take them over.

    The Township offers recycling and runs a Transit system.”

    Where in state law are townships ever granted such authority to run these costly and stupid programs?
    I’m sick of seeing empty buses!
    I’m sick of Roadway Commissioners filling up with gasoline for their own personal vehicles, courtesy of the taxpayers.

    I’m sick of all the nepotism and always voting themselves a 7% pay hike EACH AND EVERY TERM!
    These people don’t work 40 hrs a week, why are they overpaid?

    What’s next, the township erects a clinic for illegal aliens? A school to teach English to illegals?
    How about a Township Museum to highlight all the corruption of township officials over the years! The building would have to be the size of the Merchandise Mart, however!

    Here’s a question for the township loafers:

    Who the hell authoized the construction of all the million dollar plus buildings in McHenry and Nunda?
    There was no referendum. Township power mad officials just did it, CONTRARY to existing law.

    McSweeney is the best thing that’s ever happened to Illinois regarding the Township vortex of cash and pension-mania!

    Oh, look: More Township crookedness!:

    SYCAMORE – The Kingston Township assessor accused of forging documents to slash the property assessment for one of her sons appeared in court for the first time Wednesday without a lawyer.

    Jennifer D. Cleveland, 49, of the 34700 block of Glidden Road, Kingston, is charged with forgery, official misconduct and failure of a local assessment officer to perform duties. DeKalb County Chief Judge Robbin Stuckert advised Cleveland that if convicted of either forgery or official misconduct, she could face two to five years in prison, and that any prison sentence would be followed by a year of parole.

    “These are serious charges that have potential prison sentences,” Stuckert said. “Do you still wish to represent yourself?”

  7. Re: “Who the hell authoized the construction of all the million dollar plus buildings in McHenry and Nunda?”

    When the voters elected their Township Supervisors and Trustees year after year after year, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO AUTHORIZED THE SPENDING! Last election, McHenry Township had a 20 % voter turnout and Nunda had a 16 % voter turnount.

    The voters are responsible for the change to the Constitution which GUARANTEES public sector pensions; the voters approved the Highway construction lock box; the voters keep electing enough Democrats to guarantee Madigan has a lifelong career as Speaker; the voters approve school bond after school bond.

    You can scream about the elected officials all you want but unless the voters get off their asses, educate themselves relative to the issues and even run for office themselves you will be ranting on this blog for ever.

    The voters elected Joke Franks and ‘work across the aisle’ Althoff who year after year did nothing to stop the creation of Highway Commissioner dictatorships – they did nothing but give lip service to government consolidation – hell ‘the joke’ headed up two commissions on the topic and accomplished nothing but managed to waste our tax dollars in the process.

    And NO, I am not involved in Township goverment but I sure am pissed with my fellow citizens who blindly vote for people like Franks and Althoff and listen to perpetual complainers like Anderson!

    Just what did Reick do to so upset so many people?

  8. Paul Revere? You are too stupid to associate with that revered name. If you like horseback riders, then may I suggest Ichabod Crane?

  9. Re: “You people need to take a Prozac or 3.”

    In other words, we should all become sheep and not vote / participate in what it will take to M.A.G.A.?

    Cindy is correct.

  10. If the Assessor is drawing IMRF Benefits, he/she has to be working less than 22 hrs a week. 51K for a part-time gig is pretty significant. If he/she is working more than 22hrs/week, they are gaming the system and if caught by IMRF,may lose the pension. I think I will ask IMRF to look into this.

  11. Cindy, how about you and your gang of whiners get off your butts and run for some of the elected offices you whine and whine and whine about?

    Sitting in your kitchen typing till the cows come home will not elicit the change you so much want to see happen.

  12. Truth2power or bob Anderson needs to realize the trustees approve spending on said buildings.

  13. machone is a township goon! blogging here on taxpayer time.

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