Compensation for Algonquin Township Officials

The compensation resolution passed by the last Algonquin Township Board has been supplied by current Clerk Karen Lukasik.

Algonquin Township Hall

The information I extracted can be found below:

  • Supervisor – $55,000 + $1,000 for being Road District Treasurer
  • Highway Commissioner – $93,204.08
  • Assessor – $87,841.16
  • Clerk – $18,492.88
  • Trustees – $2,466.01

The Supervisor, Road Commissioner and Assessor also receive IMRF pension benefits, plus health, life, dental and vision insurance, but have to pay the same percentage of its cost as other township employees.


Compensation for Algonquin Township Officials — 28 Comments

  1. There was a court hearing Jan 12th about the union.
    Gasser lawyer Hanlon didn’t show.

  2. So the AL township supervisor makes LESS than the Nunda supervisor?

  3. btw: The NWH is reporting that Provenzano has been fired by AL Township following their previous front page story and editorial.

  4. I noticed no admin making $90k+. Nice start! In 3 years that will more than make up for any legal fees caused by her husbands attempt to sabatoge Gasser. Add in her pension and other bennies like airline tix and clothing and it may be even quicker.

  5. Nob your statement that Hanlon didn’t show demonstrates your ignorance. I know for a fact that he appeared in an approved telephonic hearing because the judge moved the location from McHenry to Lake. There is a transcript I’m reading now.

  6. Please! We have no time here for facts and the truth. This sunshine blog is devoted to conspiracy theories nonsense, outright racism, and ridiculous story cats. Sunshine blogger, please discipline the previous poster…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Christopher Robin: yes this is new info.
    What was to out come of the hearing?
    Share the transcript here or a link where it can be read by all.

  8. Not so strange, Alabama. Cal doesn’t read the NWH tabloid.
    He gets his own news.

  9. Wait a minute. So Ryan Provenzini made more as Chuck’s assistant than his own boss?
    Can someone explain?

  10. Wait a minute. So Ryan Provenzini made more as Chuck’s assistant than his own boss?
    Can someone explain?

  11. Supervisor is part time, the people that work for that department are full time.
    The last administration was the same.
    It’s not to uncommon even in the private corps for hourly to make more than salary employees if OT is part of the deal.
    Does Chuck work over 20 hours a week to qualify for IMRF is a better question?

  12. cal is being his typical coward self by ignoring the big story regarding the recent firing of the patronage hire in Algonquin tnshp. such a phony suck up. loser to his own weakness. Nwh took him out.

  13. Maybe Tom can start his own website and blog. That is, if he is smart enough. Then, we can have the views similar to a lot of liberal, left-wing, Democrat biased broadcast so-called news networks and so-called news networks on cable. With those view, we can vomit or throw up daily.

  14. Hey, breadbasket, You can protect cal as you do trumpy with your weak right wing talking points, but cal remains a behind the times old man who still thinks he’s important. Let’s get more signs stories, cat following, and free lunches. I have seen cal “work’, and he is a loser.

  15. WOW, Tom. I certainly hope you arrive at a ripe old age; and that you get every bit as much respect as you give to your elders now.

  16. Sunshine blogger, it is time to change the subject with an undocumented immigrant story; or perhaps a cat story. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  17. How about a picture of an old license plate? Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. Cindy, I was raised to respect those who operate with integrity.
    Gasser ran on a platform of transparency and anti nepotism- he conveniently left patronage out- as did most of the GOP- You know the GOP leadership that lead to Salgado getting a job with the newly elected sheriff right after he was elected…. This kid has NO qualifications. Like most of the elected GOP he has no skills that would command that salary in the free market- I would just once like to see elected officials demonstrate they could make as much in the free market as my tax dollars are paying them. Pretty confident he wasn’t making $59K at Harley.

  19. My journey through compassionate conservative conversion therapy has been shaken by this story of patronage hiring at our Algonquin Township administration. Like a loyal God-fearing, gun clinging, conservative, I will hold on to my family values and wait for voters to elect a real, real, real, conservative, instead of just a real conservative. In the meantime, everybody please wear pink in memory of our Algonquin Township Commissioner and God bless the United Sheishhhh. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. Townships: A license to steal!

    Lutzow, aka Miller’s ‘batboy’ should be ashamed of himself!

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