Jeanne Ives is Coming to McHenry County — 36 Comments

  1. I’m curious about her position about the protections our undocumented immigrants need. Sunshine blogger, thank you for changing the subject off from patronage hiring…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Well Angela I think we should stay on the subject of patronage hiring since Joe Tirio supports Gasser and his wife Karen Nina aka Tirio or whatever her name is defends patronage hiring of Gasser. So why don’t you outcry Joe Tirio about Gasser and his shenanigans. What deals were made? Cal why is it you don’t cover Gasser and his issues at Algonquin township could it be Gasser and you have a deal

  3. Why would anyone say that Mexico is a sh*t hole ?
    It gave us ARL – MAGA !

  4. This will be a Great Event for McHenry County. I know Jeanne Ives will have my vote. Now Angel before you go tic, tock, on us, we know you will vote for JB Pritzker, the Glutton who will devour the Taxpayer’s in Illinois. No More Big Spenders Please.

  5. Only the stupid and useful idiots who watch main stream media broadcast tv news networks and cable news networks use the term “undocumented immigrants”. Intelligent people know better and realize we are talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” or “ILLEGAL ALIENS” and use that term in all of their communications.

    How dumb and stupid is the term “undocumented immigrants”? Well, the federal bureau, if they were as stupid and dumb as are the mainstream media and Democrats, would refer to a bank robber as making an undocumented withdrawl?

  6. Conservative God bless undocumented immigrants and all nations in the world, especially from Africa and Central America. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. What a contrast between the Ives persona and that of the billionaire Rauner, billionaire Pritzker and the Democrat Kennedy Clan nothing guy. Let’s see now if all of these left wing women wanting women’s rights come out and endorse Ives. Guess what. I am not holding my breath on this. So-called “women’s rights” people and groups are really frauds. They really do not work for women’s rights but do work for left wing and far left wing fanatical causes under the guise of women’s rights. They are a fraud.

  8. Sunshine blogger, do you see how important it is to change the subject in a timely fashion? That stupid story about patronage hiring was hurting the good name of the glorious McHenry county republican party. Now we can all sit back, relax, and continue being entertained by vile attacks against undocumented immigrants and other good old fashioned nonsensical racism. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. It is shameful Andrew Gasser is destroying good people like Joe Tirio and Demetri Tsilimigras. Andrew Gasser should resign. If Andrew Gasser endorsed Jeanne Ives it would only hurt her.

    Just go away Gasser.

  10. Only the corrupt media, most of it, and stupid and unpatriotic citizens use the term “undocumented immigrants” to describe persons who violated U.S. Federal Laws to come into our Nation illegally. Those who came into our Nation illegally are “illegal aliens”, period. Back in the 1990’s, before the Democrat Party completely went nuts, President Clinton in State of the Union Addresses correctly characterized those coming into our Nation as “ILLEGAL ALIENS”. Only the stupid and dumb characterize these illegals as “undocumented immigrants”.

  11. Dear confused compassionate conservative friend: Please make up your mind. Do you love or do you hate the 42nd president of our glorious republic William Jefferson Clinton? Is he a perverted sexual assaulter or a distinguished elder statesman who should be quoted? Sunshine blogger, isn’t this entertaining? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. People here underestimate the value of our Algonquin Township commissioner. Don’t you realize he pinch hits managing this sunshine blog when our sunshine blogger is on duty risking his life during investigative journalism outside McHenry county? Wear pink and support our commissioner. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. bred winner, take your time, go to the Jeanne Ives Event . . . I am impressed. Anyway, while your there listen for any tic, tocks, coming in, and take a picture, nab him.

  14. Here is my play on undocumented Immigrants ..if you’re here illegally I will walk you to the border..but if you want to apply for citizenship and become an American… I will help you all I can….

  15. And compassionate conservatives insist they have a clue about immigration. Weren’t these undocumented immigrant rapists? What happened?
    News for you; undocumented immigrants who apply for citizenship or any kind of regularization under the current system are subject to deportation. Perhaps this fellow want to run for president under this plattform…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock

  16. I will not consider Jeanne Ives a serious candidate until she rides a Harley…like real Americans do…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  17. Tirio is the only sane one of the bunch. Smart as hell and knows how to manipulate the cooky tea partiers.

    Ives candidacy is a joke and she will be crushed by Rauner.

  18. Jeanne Ives wants Illinois to repeal the repugnant sanctuary state law that Rauner just signed, so she could ride around on a Kawasaki moped and still be far more American than Rauner is.

  19. Ives had proposed a bill which requires deferred debt (such as accrued interest obligations) to be considered in the maximum debt ratio calculation for schools.
    (And the true total debt would have to be publicly disclosed in an overt manner.)

  20. I find all of the Gasser comments in this article befuddling. Lets look at what he’s done in the last 8 months.

    Shortly after he took office a bridge that Bob Miller ignored for 24 years washed out. Andrew actually built a real bridge fixing the disaster left by Miller.

    Right now he is constructing another bridge long ignored by Miller.

    Miller laid all sorts of traps for Gasser. Gasser hard to deal with a BS union deal done behind closed doors.

    Miller and his pals had thousands of gallons of paint dumped at the township after securing termination of video system.

    When the main video system was down, we see video surface that has her removing records from the township offices.

    When Andrew splits the work time of the kid, a reasonable thing to do, the sky is falling.

    When Andrew and his lawyer give documents to law enforcement, OMG the sky is falling!

    He’s doing what he promised to do.

  21. I saw Mrs Ives at the Rose Dinner in Chicago and at the march for life. She has stood up for true conservative causes. She deserves our vs support!

  22. Does Lavona represent all those posters who support the murder of innocent life and attempt to overcome their guilt with prolific posting on blogs?

  23. Ives may not have the money Rauner does but she has groundswell support.
    Boots on the ground. Rauner is a traitor to the state’s people. He won’t get in.

  24. I don’t think I can make the meeting but have 2 questions about very important issues. I hope she will answer these questions to our satisfaction.

    1) How does she hope to handle the state’s budget crisis?

    2) How does she hope to minimize Madigan’s control of the Illinois House of Representatives?

  25. She’s seems nice.

    I’ll check with Madigan and Cullerton’s offices to be sure this is all ok with them.

  26. Once again NWH failed to report the real story. Today Karen Lukasik stared in a video and the essence of the NWH slant was she was doing her job. Ha! The story, Eddie, is Lukasik took pictures then lied about taking them in response to a FOIA request.

    Over here Eddie! Snap snap – plenty more coming out for you to miss!

  27. Ives: Yes!
    Llavona: NO!
    Rauner: NO!
    Fatty JB: NO!
    Communista Biss: NO! NO! NO!
    Wilcox: Yes!
    Pam “the Scam” Althoff: No Way!

  28. As I was going to see St. Ives,
    I met a man with seven lies (Reinert)
    Each lie had seven sacks of sh*t,
    Each sack had seven Franks’cats,
    Each cat had seven Althoff kits:
    Kits, cats, sacks, and liess,
    How many were there going to see St. Ives?

  29. And I might add:

    Demetri for Judge-Yes
    Davis for other Judge-Yes
    Re-elect Skillicorn Yes

    For county board:
    Brettman Yes
    Wheeler Yes
    Rein Yes
    Schuster Yes
    Parrish Yes

  30. The latest polling shows our sunshine blogger with a solid and stable 2% right behind Steve Bannon. Sunshine blogger, there is still time to answer the call to patriotic public service. Stay tuned..tic, tock, tic, tock…

  31. Evertsen: Yes
    Tiffany: NO!
    Belmore aka Bill-more: No!
    Llavona: No way Jose!

  32. DJ you realize the last thing we need is ‘nice’! Our next Gov has to fight for IL.
    Pritzker WILL raise our taxes. Any democrat will. I hope Ives has a plan. Right now she’s the better of the Candidates for Gov.

  33. Casey Amos, Jeanne Ives does have a plan and she knows what she is up against. By the way, She is a West Point Graduate. Pull up her FB page.

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