Ersel Schuster Comes to the Defense of Pam Palmer

Former Board Member Ersel Schuster and Republican candidate for County Board District 6 felt the need to defend Pam Palmer after attacks made by commenters on this blog.

Ersel Schuster’s commentary can be read below:

Responding to The Un-Hinged Among Us

Ersel Schuster

Is it my imagination or are we witnessing an unusual number of McHenry County residents going off the rails?

Case in point, note the comments following the 12/8/16 article on this Blog about McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer’s decision to resign her position.

The comments and personal attacks are clearly uncalled for, are filthy, and most disgusting.

The gentle, fair and welcoming residents of McHenry County who made this a great place are now faced with a population of crude and unethical people… how disappointing!

The venom they spew comes easy as they hide behind their pseudonyms.

Having said that, one comment did expose the reason behind this angst.

It was not that long ago that Ms. Palmer refused payment of a bill submitted by the County Clerk’s office.  Seems some fleece jackets, with a County logo, were given to employees of the Clerk’s Office as Christmas presents, from the County Clerk.

This expenditure didn’t fit the criteria for taxpayer funded payment.

In retaliation for not approving these charges, Ms. Palmer’s sister was vindictively fired from the Clerk’s office staff.

Pure and simple… vindictive payback.

To those who do not know Ms. Palmer, and the work she has done on our behalf, understand one point.

This was a County Board District 6 political table from an earlier event. From left to right are Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster, County Auditor Pam Palmer, County Board member Diane Evertsen and Hartland Township Supervisor Ev Evertsen.

She has always performed her duties, even when it was going to result in her being chastised for doing the right thing and enforcing policy.

In other words, she stood up to power and called out wrong-doing.

Case in point above.

I pray to God those of you who have been so vicious toward Ms. Palmer in your response to the original article about her retirement, will never have to experience all the personal issues she and her family are dealing with.

It was not her choice to move her final employment date to Jan. 5th… that date change was out of her control.

This resignation is not what Ms. Palmer planned or wanted.

There are times when life has a way of stepping in and changing direction in a heartbeat.

This is one of those times for Ms. Palmer and her family.

For the residents of McHenry County, we could not have asked for a better public servant.

From past personal experience as a member of the county board and dealing with the Auditor’s office, I can say with authority, this is a position that is critical to every taxpayer in the county.

In the past, there have been those who worked to eliminate this office and it appears that may be occurring again.

Be advised, and question highly, anyone who wants to eliminate the one true check and balance in county government.

Eliminating this office makes it easy for nasty things to happen.

This is a critical position… answerable to us… the taxpayers.

We need to watch closely as the interim appointment is made to the position.

Further, we must work to see that the elected candidate for the position is someone in the image of Ms. Palmer.

More information on Ersel Schuster can be found on her website:


Ersel Schuster Comes to the Defense of Pam Palmer — 31 Comments

  1. Now that you have another yet tidbit relative to the background of McClellan, do you think she should be elected as a judge to dish out HER form of ‘justice’?

  2. Am I the only one that thinks that is a little odd that Pam Palmer would not just hire her sister Linda Gieske in the auditor’s office working with her, instead she gets her a job down the hall with
    Kathy Schultz? HOW IS THIS NOT NEPOTISM! What is Pam Palmers sister doing working for the county is she even qualified for the job? What is her qualifications? Furthermore, what special favors did Kathy Schultz get from the auditor’s office when they reviewed her bills for hiring Pam’s sister? How is it fair to other departments in the county while there are special favors being made between the previous clerk and the auditor. Pam Palmer is no saint and neither is Ersel Shuster you have been belly up to the government trough for a long long time. In fact too long. You and your friend Evertson at the table in the picture have cost McHenry County Taxpayer your pensions through the townships and your continued draining of our tax dollars trying to run for office and get more money. Ersel I hope the voters do again what they did last time and said LOUD and clear drain the swamp and don’t elect Ersel.

  3. Countyemployee—
    Loud and clear? I believe Ersel only lost by 20 or so votes.

  4. Is it my imagination or are we witnessing fallout from the bums posing to be good people sitting at the Losers table in this picture here?
    I pray to God that’s not the Linda Moore bottom left former Grafton township supervisor who ran up huge legal bills at taxpayers expense.
    The same Grafton Township that’s under a grand jury investigation?
    You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep!

  5. No, but I bet your one of these crap cakes sitting at the table in this picture though.

  6. District 6 – vote FOR Ersel. Please! We’ve all had to suffer through Avaang and McCann long enough.
    (And that’s only District 6 disappointments and career political wannabes) Each district has their own bad players.

    ALL county citizens need to support each other and get rid of the puppets, personal agenda pushers and pocket fillers.
    We can only vote for our own district reps, but we count on ALL districts as a collective board.

    Do we always agree with everyone, Ersel included? NO. Are you smarter than voting in the above named disappointments?
    YES! (FYI-all are not up for re-election this round)

    Vote Ersel Schuster.

  7. “Is it my imagination or are we witnessing an unusual number of McHenry County residents going off the rails?” Nope, it’s not her imagination. We have countyemployee to thank for that confirmation. LOL, “crap cakes”. The point has been made many times, that taxpayer’s do not quietly accept paying for any government employee’s wardrobe.

  8. So countyemployee what do you think of Jack Franks Million dollar pension just waiting for him? How about the 2 patronage hires of Jack Franks? How about the Board Members that voted to give Franks his hirings? How about the Republicans that just go along with Jack Franks? If it wasn’t for a select few things would be getting railroaded through like Jack Franks $4 Million remodel that Rein put a stop to and decreased it to $2.8 Million. And now Jack wants to eliminate the position or take away certain control of the Auditors office! Skala bringing forward a review of services from the Auditors office to try and change them. It’s a game Skala and Franks have in the works. And you think Shuster is a problem because of a paycheck? What does that say about every board member? They take a paycheck as well! Don Kopsell took a pension from Township and then collected another government paycheck! Ersel will be a good addition to a board, except for a minority, that just follows Jack Franks!

  9. Maybe it’s time to have real names/real Facebook accounts tied to posts on the blog?

  10. If “real names” needed to comment, then we must also ask our federal government to make rules on free assembly and speech. Such as protesters and demonstrators, such as the antifa mobs, MUST take off their masks, hoodies and identify themselves with valid ID’s which would be logged into a database. In addition, a photo of their face would be taken and put into a data base along with the date and time of the protest, demonstration.

    The above would be no different than a blog requiring the use of real names and not much difference then freedom of speech conducted by newspapers’ “Letters to the Editor”.

    Newspapers readily provide a forum for free speech but with a stipulation that those writing to “Letter to the Editor” provide their name, address, city, state and phone number. Then, after the newspaper verifies the letter writer, the letter is published with the name and address of the letter writer which the public then knows the identity.

    Americans should demand that demonstrators and protesters exercising their free speech on the streets and sometimes destroying property are fully identified.

  11. @Bred – The need to use real names when commenting on a private blog is not a necessary condition for the federal government to make rules on free assembly and speech. Your argument is invalid.

  12. Of course a blog can invoke any rule it chooses for commenters to identify themselves. If a blog wanted to identify commenters by name and city/state, it could do something similar to what newspapers do when persons submit Letters to the Editor.

    But, requiring commenters to fully identify themselves by name/city would probably drastically reduce the amount of comments made. In this day and age, could be that many potential commenters would fear retribution from nutcakes and would choose to merely keep silent. Thoughts and ideas from the public would be greatly diminished, not good.

    Thus, requiring commenter true identity is a silly idea, at best.

  13. Fair Play you are too funny.
    Was your real name mentioned? Someone you “work” for? Why the need to know the names of all who comment or have a certain opinion? Just curious?

    Identity can inhibit conversation, a different view or angle, facts… – out of fear. The NW Herald stifled nearly all conversation. Now there’s fake Facebook identities, which at least allows for any conversation. Admittedly some comments are rude, seem ignorant or just plain dumb, but there’s always the simple solution: don’t read it.

  14. Ersel “Snowflake” Schuster is keen to call out commentors. I am merely suggesting that using real names would solve a lot of the pettiness that makes this blog go from being a news source to tabloid gossip section.

    Also, I think it will elevate the role of the comment section. If people’s names were next to their proposals/comments, then elected officials could be incentivized to reach out.

    Finally, Cindy may never post again and bred may actually substantiate his points with research. I think we would all be better for that.

    And, just to be clear, no one I “work” for was called out. Why did you put work in quotations anyway? You are like Jane Lynch in role models.

  15. Let Fair Play go first on this blog by cancelling his blog name of “Fair Play” and using his real name. Its called, lead by example.

  16. Me using my real name is not a necessary condition for mandatory use of real names on the blog. Your aregyment is invalid.

  17. Ah Fair Play or is it Kevin Craver? If you are going to make the recommendation then do what Bred said and lead by example! Just because you want to see everyone elses name on the blog for your own personal gain. So what in this thread needs to be exposed?

  18. Ersel Shuster and Diane Evertsen have lived off the taxpayers long Enough!
    Enough is Enough!!
    Someone Call the Elderly police to take them back to their homes.

  19. Diane and Edsel have done more to earn there money as public servants than all of the rest of the county board combined . I find it a shame that so many make comments on this blog that are just hateful with out any facts to back them up.this could be a real good place to get information if there wasn’t so much hate and discontent going on.

  20. Fair Play is flailing about. Won’t stand behind what he says. He does not need a mandatory rule to use his real name.

    Kind of reminds me of liberals and Democrats complaining that we should all pay more in federal taxes. These same complainers are free to write an extra check over and above the required amount per IRS rules and send it to the Treasury. There is a procedure for that.

    But, no. They want higher taxes but never want to volunteer to send in more of their own money to the U.S. Treasury. If they were to do that, then they would be putting their money where their mouth is.

  21. Hey Everet or whatever your name is?..
    If you’re going to sling $*it, you better watch out!
    You’re going to get a little on you!
    In other words, if you need it broken down, People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!
    Like was previously stated, They Have Lived off the Taxpayers Long Enough, Thanks for Reminding us!

  22. The states attorney is reviewing the Grafton Township finances for the term of Supervisor Jim Kearns not the term of Supervisor Moore.

  23. @Bred -Umm… What haven’t I stood behind? I’ve been consistent this entire thread. You even agreed with me. You said, “Of course a blog can invoke any rule it chooses for commenters to identify themselves. If a blog wanted to identify commenters by name and city/state, it could do something similar to what newspapers do when persons submit Letters to the Editor.” My point exactly.

    I have continually suggested out that the reasoning for your logic is inherently flawed. Please review the difference between what is necessary vs what is sufficient when making an argument. Frankly, I think you just like to fight for fighting-sake and will disagree with me irrespective of the merits of my argument because I am “the other.” Case in point: “The sky is blue.” Would you care to disagree?

    From the start, I merely suggested that using real names would solve a lot of the pettiness that makes this blog go from being a legit news source to tabloid gossip. Cal, interestingly enough, has been absent in weighing in with a one-line quip. What say you, Cal?

  24. @standfortruth Well just curious why you feel that way? What part of their voting record don’t you like? And how much money are you talking about? If you are going to make a statement such as that please tell us what those dollar amounts are instead of making a stupid comment! I think I would like to compare your figures to say someone you think has done a good job in politics. So if you can answer those questions that way there can be comparisons made.

  25. The position of County Auditor cannot be eliminated as per state statute in counties of over 75,000 population so this is just another headline grab by Franks.

    (55 ILCS 5/3-1001) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-1001)
    Sec. 3-1001. Auditors in counties of 75,000 to 3,000,000. In all counties containing less than 3,000,000 and over 75,000 inhabitants by the last federal census, there is created the office of county auditor, whose term of office shall be 4 years and until his successor is elected and qualified.

    (55 ILCS 5/3-1002) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-1002)
    Sec. 3-1002. Auditors in counties of 75,000 population or less. In counties of 75,000 population or less, as determined by the last federal census preceding the date of appointment, the presiding officer of the county board with the advice and consent of the county board may appoint and employ a county auditor whose term of office shall be 4 years and until a successor is appointed and qualified.

  26. @bred – How do ya u feel about your boy Trump? How bout that amnesty?

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