Quality of Assessments in Smaller Townships

In calculating the median average assessment and margins of error, the rules say one must have at least 25 “arms length” sales.

There are six townships not meeting that level of real estate sales activity.

When combined, the smaller townships’ assessment average 32.3%.

So here are the townships that are grouped for statistical purposes:

  • Alden Township
  • Dunham Township
  • Hartland Township
  • Hebron Township
  • Riley Township
  • Seneca Township

Separate margins of error (Coefficient of Dispersion) are still calculated.

The lower the percentage the better the uniformity.

The margin of error for each township is next to its name

  • Alden Township – 19.26%
  • Dunham Township – 19.26%
  • Hartland Township – 19.26%
  • Hebron Township – 19.26%
  • Riley Township – 13.05%
  • Seneca Township – 22.57%


Quality of Assessments in Smaller Townships — 1 Comment

  1. Where’s crooked McHenry & Nunda Townships? They have ‘superb’ assessors, who have reduced their very own tax assessments. Isn’t that sweet?!

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