Home Rule Fight in East Dundee

In 2002 with the help of the Fox Valley Libertarians, Cal Skinner ran for Governor of Illinois on the Libertarian ticket.

Nowadays, the Fox Valley and McHenry County Libertarians are leading a challenge to Home Rule in East Dundee.

According to discussions, Fox Valley Libertarians were crucial in collecting signatures to get the binding referendum on the March 20th ballot.

A former East Dundee Trustee, Allen Skillicorn posted on his website concerning the issue:

Allen Skillicorn


“Over the past decade, spending and debt have both grown exponentially.

Total East Dundee spending in 2007 was $3,961,411 and in 2017, it reached $12,187,614.

That’s a 300% increase in expenditures while inflation only grew 18%.

Likewise, village debt has reached a whopping $33 Million.

Considering population has remained essentially stagnant, this is a gross misuse of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.”

Jim Tobin from Taxpayers United of America is assisting the Libertarians in the fight against East Dundee’s home rule status.

Taxpayers Oppose Three New Home Rule Referendums

Of course the Village of East Dundee will not go down without a fight (fighting with taxpayer dollars, of course) and approved their own biased non-binding referendum which asks:

“Shall the Village of East Dundee, Illinois remain a home rule unit of government in order to 1) pay for the village’s general obligation bonds with home rule revenues and avoid increasing property taxes by $1.94 million (304%; approximately $____/home valued at $185,000) and 2) fulfill the village’s home rule sales tax sharing agreements for planned development projects?”


Libertarian Jim Young stands in front of his party’s display.

On January 24th Fox Valley Libertarians will be holding a meeting at 7:30pm at the Village Squire to plan their efforts to get voters to vote YES to repeal Home Rule. Phone banking and going door to door before the March 20th election are planned


Home Rule Fight in East Dundee — 9 Comments

  1. Will our sunshine blogger run again? I want to be his campaign Latino outreach director; pro bono, of course, in the name of sunshine transparency and accountability…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Easy Angel, the last thing you want is a light shone upon the racket you 9 month a year union folks have going. Meanwhile student preparation for the real world continues to deteriorate. At least you got yours right?

  3. The Libertarians around these parts are a joke. I don’t know why they keep fooling themselves. They should stop wasting their time and energy and just join the Republican party. They are fiscally AND socially conservative. If it looks like a duck, etc. etc.

  4. There is a difference. As Drew Carey once said, a libertarian is a republican that gets high! Now seriously the libertarians today are really closer to the republicans of JFK era while the republicans are like the JFK was and today’s Dems? Communists. JFK would have been run out of today’s Dem party for sure as a right Wing zealot.

  5. BlueLibertarian:
    What specific examples make you believe local Libertarians are right leaning?

    I find the leaders to be party line and unless you cite examples, you seem to be spreading untruths and hate.

  6. Ha! That’s funny. It’s amazing that people fail to recognize the evolution of political parties and their policy positions. Democrats just can’t seem to help their self-destruction by adopting the extreme leftist ideologies.

    It’s been my experience that the “Libertarians” that I have come across around Illinois are more akin to “Tea Party” Republicans.

  7. Paul:

    “In 2002 with the help of the Fox Valley Libertarians, Cal Skinner ran for Governor of Illinois on the Libertarian ticket.”

    The views and articles expressed on this blog are quite socially conservative. Also, many of the Facebook posts that I have seen expressed from various regional LP’s also lead me to my statement.

    Hate, hardly. Just stating what I see. Libertarians are supposed the party of love and acceptance my friend.

  8. Blue Libertarian:
    Please join the McHenry County Libertarians and help us become more blue than red. It’s the only way for it to happen.

    We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

  9. A good picture is worth a thousand words…perhaps a million years. Thank you sunshine blogger for showing us the young, fresh faces of our promising future libertarianism, better known as corporate tyranny. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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