Jeanne Ives Event Draws Large Audience

Republican Governor Candidate Jeanne Ives spoke to approximately 200 residents at the McHenry VFW.

The host committee for the event included Gary Rabine, Allen Skillicorn, Joe Ptak, Joe Tirio and Craig Wilcox.

Jeanne Ives & Allen Skillicorn

Here’s what Ms. Ives had to say:

“Like you, I helped elect Bruce Rauner in 2014.

I sent him down there to right the wrongs.

I sent him down there to be the conservative reform governor that he promised.

I sent him down there to take on the political ruling class.

And instead Bruce Rauner joined them.”

“McHenry County’s effective tax rate is over 3 times the national average.

Bruce Rauner’s suggestion was to freeze property taxes.

Freeze property taxes at the highest level?

The aim is not to freeze property taxes at the highest level, it’s to lower property taxes at the highest level.”







“If you are a Republican, this man has betrayed everything that we stand for.

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to vote that man back in office?

He doesn’t really truly understand us and he does not really respect us.

That’s why it made it easy for him to betray us.”

“He’s a big government guy and he proved it by passing an education bill like he did.

He proved it by passing other green bills.

He proved it by not taking on public corruption.

He proved it by not asking for a forensic audit on day one of all the agencies to detect any fraud.

He proved it by allowing a NIU president to receive a $600,000 resignation bonus.

There’s plenty of failures that he could have taken on regardless if Speaker Madigan is in the seat.”

“It’s time to take a stand.

I stand on my record.

Bruce Rauner runs from his record; I run to my record.”

Joe Tirio, Allen Skillicorn and Demetri Tsilimigras watch

“Join us on

There is a movement afoot to take out Bruce Rauner and install real leadership and actually put a clear contrast in November between us and them.

And it is us and them, and that’s if you’re a Democrat or Independent.

It is us or them.

You are either going to stand with taxpayers or you’re going to stand for higher taxes, which is all they are selling on the Democrat side.

Don’t stand with them; you must stand with us.

We must take this state back, we can take this state back.

It is leadership and a backbone that will do it.”


Jeanne Ives Event Draws Large Audience — 38 Comments

  1. Adios Bruce, you’ve cooked your goose.
    Make Illinois Great Again – MIGA – Vote for Ives !

  2. A hundred old cranky people max.

    Ives campaign was over before it started and now she’ll end up more of Parrish in Springfield than she was before.

  3. Wait. What “large crowd”? That looks like a middling gathering for a County Board seat. C’mon Cal, be truthful. Were there even 50 non-electeds in the audience?

  4. That’s all a lovely sentiment, until you get there only to find out Madigan has enough power to control anything you try to do. There are too many people in this state with their hand out, and Madigan stays in power by supporting them. Most of these beggars ignore the fact that this system is unsustainable. People like me are leaving or planning to leave in order to hasten their education.

  5. hey where was Her Royal Majesty, the Duchess of Creepland, Pamela Althoff?

  6. Uh oh, if Glab-the-Crab is actually supporting her, I may have to reconsider!

    Maybe he was there to spy.

  7. According to expert estimates, approximately 50,000 people attended; I’m sorry, that was the combined ages of attendees, not including our sunshine blogger, who would have turned the measurement completely out of the spectrum…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Very impressed with Jeanne, had no idea as to her credentials, aside from being a graduate of West Point, she served as an officer in the Army, is the mother of 5, currently a State Rep from DuPage and former member of the Wheaton City Council, very legitimate candidate who won my support. Very likely that through the evening there were more than 200 that came out.

  9. Sunshine blogger, how was lunch? Doggie bag again? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Looks like she has gravitas. Just like the great President, Ronald Reagan. Or JFK in an earlier era. The fat guy will look like a cartoon character when she debates him before the general election.

  11. She resembles more of a Calvin Coolidge to me, perhaps William Taft…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. McHenry County Maoist gathering, looking on in amazement, as this upstart Capitalist refuses to repent.

  13. I am sure she is a good, true blue, conservative candidate. However, she does not have the money to compete with Rauner’s millions and Rauner in turn cannot compete with Jay Bob’s Billions.

    Plus the conservatives will not vote for Rauner.

    If she, by some miracle, wins the primary, she will be the weaker candidate, again, because… money.

    Politics follow the ‘Golden Rule”.

    Them that’s got the Gold…..Rule.

    Illinois is about to become the first true Shithole state in America.

  14. Jean Ives’ record in Springfield does not distinguish her. Our Republican State Legislators have failed us when they did not support Gov. Rauner in his efforts to pass legislation opposed by Madigan. Let’s get on these legislators and not desert Bruce Rauner. Can Ives pass pension reform and a balanced budget? No. Instead of bailing out on a superbly principled and intelligent Governor (excepting a few single interest issues), we need to stand up, step up, not accept the pattern of rolling over under pressure, and re-elect Bruce Rauner. He is a viable opponent to JB. Offering a “woman” as a candidate is not the key to winning. We need strong, intelligent leadership, not sexism.

    P.S. JB would crush her.

  15. There were different people there at different times. Could easily have been 200 as several stopped in for an hour or less. It went from 6-9. I may have pics when it was more crowded at about 8:00. It was a really large room too. I see only favorable opinions throughout FB and the 2 events I’ve been to. She got all those signatures in a short time. I think people are done with Rauner and no Republican will vote for Pritzker.

  16. We got somebody here who claims that Jeanne’s “record in Springfield does not distinguish her”???? Really? Even if that’s true, what about Barack Obama who famously voted “Present” over 100 times in the Illinois Legislature with no accomplishment of note. He went on to become a US Senator, then President. He was a darling of the mostly left wing media who promoted him to the unwashed masses and of course never vetted him and his past.

    Let’s see if the women of Illinois, including those who wear those silly pink hats, come out in support of a woman candidate for governor. Let’s see if the pink hat women, who espouse greater amount of women in politics, support and vote for Jeanne.

  17. There was a Illinois Governor Primary Debate on channel 5 tonight from 6-7 PM hosted by left wing news reader, Carol Marine. There were 6 candidates. She asked about the pension mess in the State and no one had a good suggestion. One goofball said that the Constitution cannot be violated meaning that ridiculous Colas for retired government workers go on and on and on. Presumably until taxpayers in Illinois are bankrupted to support the lavish retirement of government workers such as teachers, principals, superintendents.

  18. Looks like Democrats in Illinois do not really support women in government. The Democrat Primary Debate for Governor tonight on channel 5 featured 6 men. But there is something else in the roster of 6 candidates.

    Now am only providing this info because Democrats and the mostly left wing media would jump all over this if a Republican debate. Besides there being no Democrat women candidates, there was only one African American. Seems like the Democrat Party is bereft in practicing what they preach.

    Where were women candidates? How come only one African American?

  19. If you’re defending Rauner then you need to pull your head out of your rear end. If he wins the primary, then Conservatives will lose down ballot all across the state.

  20. So Be it, I said I wouldn’t vote for rauner again, but after seeing this bunch of no minds all in one place Jeannie Ives doesn’t have a chance.
    Say Hello to another 4 Years of Bruce Rauner!

  21. “How come only one African American”? Is this about the McHenry county board? Nothing compares to sunshine blog dromedy…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  22. Picture cal and many others with a doggie bag one under each arm on his way out the door from this event.
    All about the Free Stuff..

  23. With the great equalizer of social media and an angry electorate of theft of wealth from one segment of population to support unreasonable demands of another, the amount of money candidates have will not matter. Bruce Rauner is dead politician walking. Ives will obtain the Republican nomination and than it is up to the electorate, does Illinois want the status quo or opportunity for financial reform. I think enough Democrats are going to cross over this election as even they realize, a one political party system in Illinois is unhealthy for everyone.

  24. Birds of a Feather Flock Together, You Scumbags Make Me Sick! No Doubt You are the Enemy of this Community!!

  25. LOL, oh so some of the most conservative leaders in local politics, and local business owners, the Rabine’s, and the few Precinct captains willing to vet candidates are Scumbags? Wow, I guess we know what side of things you’re on. It was a great service to bring this Candidate out here for us to meet and ask tough questions of, and she was great.

  26. Stand4Truth, are you your Lordship Mayor of Woodstock, Brian Sager?

    … the degenerate who put his mama and live-in boyfriend on the municipal payroll?

    This sounds like something you’d write.

  27. I think Sager would have better grammar. It’s been suspected that stand4crap is UnethicalMcClellan. She’s always on the wrong side of things. And she’s running for a judicial spot?!?!? We can’t have that ‘scumbag’ be a judge.

  28. There is about to be a Sea Change in American politics that will percolate down the entire ballot thanks to our President.

    Neither Ives nor Rauner are on the right side of it.

    See if you can buy some watches from Angel.

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