Burton Township Assessment Levels and Quality

Burton Township Assessor Jessica Huber has a low margin of error.

Burton Township assessments are a bit lower than the 33.3% three-year average mandated by the state law I apologize for helping craft.

(I wanted to make it a one-year average so people could understand the process better, but the Illinois Farm Bureau argued that because of farm purchases for Galena Territory that using a one-year average would force up farm assessments through Jo Daviess County. Ironically, in a couple of years, the same organization got a law passed that basically ignored market value. Productivity of the land is now used for farm assessments.)

In any event, since Burton homes and businesses are assessed at a three-year average of 31.81%, residents can expect to have them raised by a factor which will bring them up to 33.#% of market value.

The measure of uniformity, the margin of error (Coefficient of Dispersion) in Burton Township is a low 8.62%.


Burton Township Assessment Levels and Quality — 3 Comments

  1. How can Jessica Huber reside in Wisconsin and still be Burton Assessor? That’s my question!

  2. I would bet that she is hired and not elected.there are several twps that hire there assessor,because no one ran for the office

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