Glenda Miller’s Investing of Fund Reserves Equals Big Gains

At the January 11th Committee of the Whole Meeting, McHenry County Treasurer received accolades for her smart investing and exceptional returns on the County’s reserve funds.

A call to the Treasurer’s Office today resulted in the following information:

McHenry County’s General Fund balance is $43,775,203.52

$8,871,236.62 is the amount of General Funds invested in higher yielding accounts

The remaining cash balance available for use is $35,703,966.90


Valley Hi’s fund balance is $39,705,991.28

$24,554,343.26 is invested in higher yielding accounts

The remaining cash balance available for use is $15,151,648.02


Since first elected to McHenry County Treasurer in 2014, Glenda Miller has increased interest earnings on reserve funds exponentially.

The below charts can be found on Glenda Miller’s campaign website






Glenda Miller’s Investing of Fund Reserves Equals Big Gains — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not diminishing Miller’s good achievement in any way. She’s far better than the stinker and self-dealing insurance racketeer, Mr. ‘LePew,” but should a taxing body have so much in reserve? Especially with Jacko Franks in charge>

  2. Thank you Ricky
    You see the big picture and Step 1 – a stockpile of taxpayers money. Step 2 – eliminating the auditor and/or appointing the replacement, and Step 3 – bring in the County Administrator. Who then will make the decisions on whose bills will get paid? There are no small plans in this Administration to centralize power.

  3. Never much mentioned is Glenda working with and aiding Seniors… which is an area that she is very well liked in…Also never mentioned is that she ran the Treasurers office for years while LeFew sat back and ran his insurance company….

  4. @followthemoney You really can’t be serious right?! Combine the Auditors office for what? So Jack and the self promoting Peter Austin can hide things! The Auditor is the checks and balances of the County! Why is it so popular to try and eliminate the Auditor that Pam Palmer steps down? Again POWER GRAB Jack Franks and Co.! The County has a top notch Auditor dept., one that is looked at by many in the state, and you want to eliminate it. Dumbest post! I am sure you have no idea what they do! Go to the Madigan playbook! The 2 worst people at the County are Jack Franks and the County Administrator and you want to give them more power! Yeah follow the money such as Jack Franks and the MONEY he has got from the UNIONS!

  5. Valley High has always operated as if it is a private corporation entitled to accumulate retained earnings.

  6. Glenda just does her job, doesn’t like all the political stuff that goes with keeping her job, but we are very lucky to have her.

  7. She doesn’t mind the 109K plus either and over 6K stipend and pension with an office that does little during the off times of tax collections.
    unopposed in her re election but yeah the political stuff really sucks, LOL!!

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