Grafton Township Assessments Are Second Most Uniform in County

Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski explained to Lakewood residents how the property tax works.

Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski, who angered the Township Board enough that they cut the office’s salary to $30,000 a year for the current term, came in with the second lowest margin of error in McHenry County for the taxes to be collected this spring.

His Coefficient of Dispersion is 11.83%.

The median average assessment in Grafton Township is 31.69%, with because of a state law saying they must be at 33.3%, means County government will impose a township multiplier to increase all assessments until that 33.3% standard is met.


Grafton Township Assessments Are Second Most Uniform in County — 3 Comments

  1. Man this is so hilarious. The blogger keeps the headlines neutral for other townships, but has to pen a header here in Zielinski’s favor. And sure the Grafton Assessor has the second lowest COD in McHenry, but Grafton township has always had one of the lowest COD for years, long before Zielinski took over. (And you know this. It was pointed out to you with county data.) It’s not just because of the uniformity of housing, but a higher number of home sales to draw data from, in the county’s second most populous township. And the Grafton yearly median sales assessment ratio has been dropping every year he’s been in office.

    Of course, that would require context.

    Complicit seems to be the preferred word here. With an illegally reassessing, double dipping assessor that blocks public data from being released.

    Of course, you aren’t a homeowner that has had to deal with him. (lucky you). And you can editorialize all you want with this guy. I just think it’s funny.

    Better yet, Cal, why not just post all the docs from the County Assessor, and let the public determine for themselves if the assessors are doing their job? #lapdogblogger

  2. More like a #lapcatblogger…stay tuned…tic, tock, tick, tock, tic, tock…

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