Musing on Moving Out of Illinois

From a commenter named “Froggy the Taxpayer:”

Drive throughout the county and it is clear 100m can be better spent elsewhere.

Give the trajectory of taxes population and overall negative state of our county we can and must do better.

I’m sending this from income tax free Florida here on a vacation looking at real estate debating here or Tennessee.

Speaking of spent the night outside income tax free Nashville.

The suburban areas of Nashville are booming.

I am lucky enough to be able to live anywhere to work and in a couple of years my youngest will be in college or trade school (out of state naturally as Illinois colleges in state tuition is abysmal for the value).

In my company most of us work from home and I’m the last one still in Illinois.

The rest moved from here to Texas, Tennessee and Florida.

None of them regret it.


Musing on Moving Out of Illinois — 14 Comments

  1. California not good. A state with a high proportion of illegal immigrants to citizens. A State with a nutty Governor and a far left wing state legislature. Also, they have a new attorney general who recently threatened to prosecute any business owner that cooperates with federal ice authorities regarding illegal immigrants.

  2. From the people who never see race…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Bred! You are back! Hey, I never got your hot take on what you think about Trump that he’s for amnesty?! Still MAGAing it up?!

  4. Oh nevermind, I see Trump is at least trying to negotiate with our side of the aisle. We’re not budging. ( cuz we want DACA and chain immigration and amnesty for all!
    At least Donald gave in a little.

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