Jeanne Ives Literature Piece

Many candidates at the Jeanne Ives for Governor event had literature displayed for the taking.

I’ll be posting pictures of those pieces.

First we will start with Jeanne Ives.


Jeanne Ives Literature Piece — 13 Comments

  1. Rauner: biggest disappointment, yet!

    Franks will claim the photo of Rauner with Rahm is anti-Semitic.

  2. Ives is mother of 5, graduate of West Point, Army officer, she has my families vote!

  3. Rino Rauner wishes that he had half her courage,
    but his wife wouldn’t allow it.
    Wearing a P hat would befit Rino Rauner very nicely.

  4. Any vote for Ives is a vote for jb pritzker for governor..
    Ives cannot beat jb pritzker.
    Rauner pulled parts of Chicago and Ives will never do that because Ives is too far Right wing Left.

  5. Re: “Ives cannot beat jb pritzker.”

    Where have I heard that before?

  6. Did Rauner’s vicious harridan of a wife even let him run this time?

    Let Fatty JB be the morbidly obese captain of the Titanic-Illinois when it hits the demographic iceberg!

    Ives all the way! I’m tired of voting for cockroaches instead of rats anyway.

    Here’s a little video, Franks, Rauner, JB Fatso, Raum, Kennedy-Cuck and Biss-Piss won’t like at all!:

  7. Rauner has never been, has continued not to be and likely never will be a “Conservative”.

    At the time of his first run he was a known Democrat with an enormous money bag to self fund a campaign the SRO, HRO and ILGOP were too bankrupt to fund.

    Rauner’s sole position in common with Republicans, which once upon a time would describe him as a “Blue Dog Democrat”, was the message he would impose some kind of fiscal restraint on the dictatorship of Madigan.

    Upon election Rauner, realizing the figurehead impotence of the Office of the Governor in Illinois, set up a SuperPAC with two of his friends to attempt to message around Madigan and make some marginal districts competitive.

    Rauner’s social positions have never changed at all.

    Rauner has spent his entire Governorship messaging Madigan is in total control of Illinois.

    Rauner has failed in his one mission of bringing some small economic relief to Illinois delivering the Citizens from the grips of Madigan.

    The only question about who should inhabit the Governors seat in Illinois is “Who is best suited to stand against Madigan and his minions effectively?”.

    Is there anyone who would be able to wrest control of anything from Madigan to help save the State from the destruction of a True Dictator existing in the boundaries of the United States?


    Now the question should be how do The People elect a Governor who is, at the least, not a corrupt complicit criminal destined to join our other former Governors in prison and who is this magical person?

    Who cares?

    Go work for changes at your school board.

    Those changes CAN happen and have immediate effect.

    To debate the effect of a figurehead and then waste any time or energy on it shows a spectacular disconnection from political reality and zero understanding of political strategy or tactics.

    All war is small actions compounded.

    Vote for Jeanne if she fits your value profile but work on your school boards, municipal government and county politics.

    What would it mean to you and your family if property taxes became 2% of value?

    Fight there.

    The money starvation will take care of the Dictator and his liberal minions.

  8. So I guess that Trump couldn’t win either! When someone says someone can’t win in today’s political climate is just not paying attention! Yes there are some districts that maybe someone doesn’t have a chance however at the higher levels now a days is different! Governor’s, Senators, Reps, and now the President of the U.S. So many people didn’t think Rauner would win! It is very different in the political world! You can buy an election once but it gets tougher each year when you don’t do anything but make the your state a sanctuary state and publicly funded abortion you lost your base as a Republican. Will the moderate Republican’s vote for you probably but that will not be enough when you have Dem’s pulling a ballot for Dem’s this yr.! Good Luck Jeanne Ives!

  9. If the right Republican’s stand behind her “she” will be Governor!

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